Printer Toner Cartridges

Printer toner cartridges for laser printers are by far the most expensive features associated with high quality, laser productions. Most laser systems use four colors of toner, with each color designated inside a cartridge for ease of use and specific functionality. There are also laser printers that only use one color and are called monochrome printers. Laser printers operate in the same manner as copy machines, in that a laser beam is used to create an electrical charge on a drum that is passed through a toner color. The color that is picked up in the process is then rolled onto paper creating heat set color applications. Laser productions are known for their quality and slick appearance free from the more porous look of inkjet printing.

Laser printers are more expensive than the typical inkjet printer used in most households or small offices. A variety of laser systems can be purchased that easily print thousands of copies of paper within a few minutes while providing beautiful clarity of color and finish to appropriately selected paper products. These units can also produce beautiful graphics and photos with a sharper image than the typical inkjet system because of the various resolutions that are available in different models. Many small companies, schools and organizations purchase laser printers that include four color printer toner cartridges so that they can produce their own paper products such as flyers, brochures, postcards and programs. Most printers last approximately 5 years with some lasting much longer if serviced carefully.

While printers can be very expensive depending on required specifications, it is a known fact that over the span of a normal equipment usage of 5 years, toner replacements will end up costing much more than the original piece of equipment. That is why some businesses, that see no need for full color features, choose monochrome printers that use only one printer toner for their most basic printing projects. Plain business cards, letterheads, brochures, mailers and other business paper products can be nicely printed in a single color if carefully designed. Monochrome printers are certainly a money saving alternative to equipment that requires four color units. Monochrome systems are hovering around $600 in price with variations for discount and refurbished models.

Full color models can cost $2,000 or more depending on the features that are required and what type of use the model will sustain. For heavy duty usage, larger businesses can expect to pay upwards of several thousand for a full featured laser system that uses four color printer toner cartridges. High quality printers have generally been the exclusive use of large corporations and businesses that could afford the purchase price and expensive replacement accessories such as printer toner units and drums. Recently, manufacturers have produced more reasonably priced models that offer advanced features, high quality printing and user friendly programming. Individual consumers, small businesses and other organizations are financially able to enjoy the quality of laser printed products offered through less pricey models.

The replacement accessories are still expensive for any printer and many consumers are looking for ways to save money on the necessary accessories. There are several ways to purchase less expensive printer toner replacements through generic products, remanufactured print toners and a refill kit. Rather than purchase a printer toner through the original manufacturer, check out other companies that offer toners fitting certain laser printers even though they are not original toners. Remanufactured replacements for toners, that have been emptied, can be purchased, refilled and reprocessed to insure quality color. These are much less expensive than retail priced replacements. And of course, a refill kit offers to option of refilling toners up to three times before they will need to be totally replaced with new ones.

Other ways of saving money on production projects is through using a different toner for draft purposes than for the final production. It can be surprising how much can be saved by simply saving the best printer toner cartridges for the final draft on any printing project. When purchasing lasers printers, most specs will specify how many cents each paper production will cost as it passes through the color process. This certainly implies there is a significant cost associated with each print job so saving money on something as simple as the early print drafts through the right printer toner can be very helpful to the office budget. "The rich and poor meet together: the Lord is the maker of them all." (Proverbs 22:2)

Further money can be saved by carefully shopping around and comparing prices company to company. Comparative shopping can yield some real savings especially when discount stores are involved. Also, keep in mind that replacements are generally cheaper when purchased in bulk. Allowing for a larger budget in regards to replacements can save money in the long run when they are purchased only a few times a year in bulk rather than very often in separate lots. Always deal with a reputable company that provides a money back guarantee for their products since printer toner cartridges can be a significant expense whether for home or business office.

Color Laser Printers

Color laser printers have many advantages of the simple ink jet printers that were initially the only reasonable option for personal users. But, as technology continually increases in areas of electronics, the high-tech print methods using a beam of light are now available at a pricing scale that allows those wanting quality printing in the home or small office and at their fingertips to have it. This once advanced method of printing was reserved for large businesses with enormous printing needs and now, anyone can enjoy the artistic caliber of a laser printer, making all publications look like professional quality. The entire method of producing this top quality is fascinating. When shopping for affordable laser printers, one might start by browsing the Internet to discover the many makes and models that are available on the market today. The Internet also provides a good place to price compare, comparing apples to apples, so to speak.

Quality, speed, and price are what have made these types of printers so popular and sought after. Color laser printers are quicker than the ink jet option because the laser beam of light can move swiftly with precise accuracy, improving quality, as well. There are no messy ink spills or smears when using this type of technology in printing needs. And, today the once expensive laser printers are now in a price range that is much more affordable, costing only a little more than the ink jet. They also come in models that are scaled for desk top and home use. Typically, the laser printing will cost less over the long-term, though the initial investment may be more than the inkjet. The toner for this type of printing is typically cheaper and these machines use less, saving the owner in toner purchases.

Understanding the basics of how these printing machines work and accomplish the desired efficiency and precision may help when shopping for a printer. Color laser printers actually use electrical charges to produce the quality of printing that is evident. Light photons discharge onto the material that makes up a photoreceptor, or the drum. As an intense beam of light, which is the laser, shines across the drum, images or letters sent from the computer are embedded onto the drum as electrical charges. The drum is then coated with an electrically charged toner that has positive charges. This toner does not coat the charges or images that were written by the beam of light. The printer paper is then negatively charged by an electrical wire as it passes through the system and as the paper rolls across the drum, the positively charged image is transferred to the paper. The entire theory is based on static electricity and is technically referred to as electrostatic printing. Experts in the field promise that the technology is just beginning to be realized and that fantastic options using electrostatic printing will be available in the very new future.

The Internet is a great place to begin researching the different types of printing machines that use this simple, yet fascinating technology. Laser printers can often be found at discounted prices online were there are more competitors vying for customers. Because these machines can cost from just under one hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, it will be a good idea to spend some time investigating the ins and outs of laser printing and finding the machine that can handle the amount of work intended, without overspending on a larger model. There are web sites online that review and rate the different models available. Also, checking with specific manufactures who specialize in color laser printers will give those searching a better idea of what the latest technology is offering.

When comparison shopping for laser printers and other technology, be sure and prayerfully consider ever single purchasing and business decision. Most people never understand that the Lord wants to be involved in our daily lives, moment by moment, with us recognizing his sovereignty. Though neglecting His ever-presence is not as much of a position of disrespect on our part and more of an attitude of not wanting to bother Him with the smallest of life's issues, His Word indicates that He is far more interested in us than we will ever conceive in this life on earth. In the book of Job, the writer records Job as recognizing the sovereignty of God. "I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be witholden from thee. Who is he that hideth counsel without knowledge? Therefore have I uttered that I understood not; things too wonderful for me, which I knew not." (Job 42:2-3)

Shoppers may want to consider a few out-of-the-ordinary ideas for finding the best price for a printer. Try contacting manufactures and asking about overstocked or last year's models. Also, online auction sites often have used, but perfectly good and in working order color laser printers. And, retail stores will sometimes have floor or display models at reduced prices. These amazing printing machines can now be found in a variety of locations and there is one that will fit every specific job or business.

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