Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is a popular technique used in transferring images for smaller, commercial specifications and in the reproduction of artistic pieces. The most popular uses for this type of print methods are in placing graphics and wording on clothing, glass, ceramics, some papers, and even metals and woods. Originally introduced in America in the 1930s, this type of printing has become diversified and more popular over the years. When considering this silkscreening technology for print needs, those having a project produced may want to first learn more about the process and also learn more about how to select silkscreen printing services to ensure the best possible outcome overall. The artistry behind silkscreening has evolved and today's services offer a variety of techniques and finishes that are sure to meet the needs of any company wanting to produce a quality product.

Silkscreening is a process of print methods that uses porous materials, such as silk, to transfer images onto a medium. With silk screen printing, the porous material is stretched over a frame and the negative stencil of the image that is to be transferred is block off with materials that can not be permeated. The frame is then placed over the paper or fabric receiving the image and with the use of a rubber blade, ink is then passed along the screen and frame, with the positive form of the image being printed onto the medium. In today's silkscreen printing processes, both nylon and polyester are used as screens, as well as the artistic and popular silk materials. This entire process was first used by the Japanese, but was soon being utilized to create artistic posters and signs in Europe in the early 1900s. Introduced to Americans as a viable form of printing in the 30s, silk screen printing made major headway in the 1960s when pop art and wearing symbolism reached a new pinnacle in the culture.

When considering this type of process for meeting specific needs, making a few determinations before hiring a service can be helpful. Business needs will need to be defined. What product is the silk screen printing being used for? How many items will need to be printed? How many colors should be used and how dramatic an effect is desired? These are good questions that can help choose the best printer and price ranges. Cheap T-shirts that are being used for one occasion, such a family reunion, can use a printer service that is a lot less expensive than a service that uses sophisticated techniques. It may be a good idea to first find a sample or example of the work that is to be accomplished, giving printers a good idea of how to quote and what expectations are. When new to this type of printing and services, and without an example of what is wanted, one can begin by asking several silkscreen printing services for different examples of work.

Pricing structures will depend largely, like most things, on the quality and quantity of work needed. Silk screen printing is not the cheapest mode of transferring an image to a T-shirt, such as iron-on transfers, but it is the most long-lasting and favorable. A negative film must be shot of the image and each color requires a different screen. Degree of difficulty can, of course, affect the price and the cost of photography work, materials, and time are considered when quotes are given. Darker mediums will require more ink and this can also affect the price. Without taking a lot of a printer's time, it may be wise to first get the job put into details and specifics, then ask for quotes from several different services.

There are many different types of printers and printing processes on the markets today, and, with the introduction of digital photography, many can accomplish their print needs right at home with desk top publishing programs. But, when needing professional quality work, it may be best to first gather information about the many different options available on the market today. The Bible speaks of getting advice before making important decisions. And, of course, if it comes from the Word of God, it is not only practical for everyday living, but it is an exercise in spiritual growth, as well. "He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth int he Lord, happy is he." (Proverbs 16:20)

Not only are there many different types of printing processes, but there are several different methods used in silkscreen printing, as well. There are simple spot methods, complex spot techniques, and multi-color print options along with other sophisticated methods that are used by professionals. To get a quick educations about all the print options available today, the Internet offers a wealth of information, helping seekers to determine which process will work for a specific job and budget.

T-Shirt Printing

T-shirt printing is available on the Internet for companies interested in promotional items offering screen printing, embroidery design, and provide free quotes. Some companies offer high density, glitter and gel, and customized features that make tshirt screen printing attractive. Additional items can be purchased as well, including jackets, caps, bags, and polo shirts. Fun stuff offered for promotions include mugs, cups, water bottles, mouse pads, pens, outerwear, and stuffed animals. Design ideas are available to give a company unique products for fundraising efforts, giveaways, and awards. Awareness and branding offer a unique way to advertise a company or a cause, especially when it is offered to prospects through a gift that can be worn or used over and over.

Heavyweight cotton, in short or long sleeves, in up to 50 different colors, is available on the Internet, when looking for t-shirt printing. Some retailers advertise no setup or screen charge fees with rush shipping when needed. The capability of designing t-shirts through a web browser is possible through some sites. Look at pictures of various kinds of apparel and choose type, color, and other details and then choose the quantity. It is possible to upload a design or graphic to be included on an order and sites offer ways to add notes or additional customizable options. Many Christian organizations use apparel items in a fundraising effort and include their organization name along with a Bible scripture. "If ye love me, keep my commandments" (John 14:15). Don't underestimate the power of one scripture especially when reaching out to those in need.

Embroidery services are available through tshirt screen printing companies online. Embroidered garments are very attractive and a company logo can be converted onto any type of apparel, caps, jackets, and promotional items. It is possible to have brochures, newsletters, and even a magazine published through the same companies that offer t-shirt printing. Many publishing companies online offer offset printing solutions and have a variety of styles, fonts, and colors transferable on heavy card stock, poster paper, or regular copy paper. Solutions include many different types of services including signs, banners, and outdoor advertising as well as web design services and direct mail marketing options.

Perhaps the idea of owning a t-shirt printing business is appealing but it is hard to know how to get started. Well, there are businesses online that offer an individual or business a way to get set up with all the equipment needed to make this type of venture a reality. Some packages include a heat press for flat items, a mug press, and a printer for other types of bulk printing jobs. Basic tools that will add to this business venture include a computer, graphics program, inkjet printer, heat transfer papers, and a color laser copier. One easy way to accomplish the process is to transfer images through a heat press while using special paper. This is a process that is quite popular and an inexpensive startup for a new business. Many companies order these types of items periodically to boost sales or for employee appreciation.

Uniforms are used by many companies to portray a professional image and brand recognition. T-shirt printing can provide a business with an inexpensive way to furnish uniforms to their employees. Consider putting a logo, along with company name and maybe a short slogan that describes something unique about the company, and even consider putting some contact information, such as a phone number or web address. Many companies online offer discounts for bulk orders on these types of items. Consider sizes and colors when ordering, as well as the type of font, color, and style of letters and numbers. Get some advice from businesses that offer this service and look for samples or pictures located on their site.

Artistic design is an important concept associated with tshirt screen printing services. Some companies employ artistically minded individuals that can give a customer something uniquely designed just for them. New businesses starting out may need this type of service when wanting to come up with a logo. Choosing the right logo can be very important with brand recognition even in designing a website or company stationary and business cards. Look at the competition and find out what works for them. Hiring a company to help with branding recognition is also possible by doing a search on the Internet.

Budget constraints may limit a business on what can be done with advertising and marketing endeavors. This is why many startup companies begin with tshirt screen printing and other types of inexpensive advertising methods. Begin reaching out to other local businesses and get name awareness out in the community. Have a sale or function that gets the attention of other businesses and possible prospects within the community and hand out printed apparel and various items. Some other inexpensive items to use might include key chains, pens, calculators, bookmarks, magnets, and many others.

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