Wholesale Full Color Printing

Wholesale full color printing companies offer products to graphic designers and online suppliers at a lower than retail price while still providing quality services and profitable sales. Wholesale printing is usually more advantageous in bulk orders since volume allows production companies to offer products at less price per item than when purchased in small lots. Design, lay out and the initial production of any product is always the most costly for any company to produce which makes it common for wholesale businesses to typically operate in large volume lots. Computer based printing has opened up another arena for low cost options which has also influenced the growth of many types of companies around the country.

There are many opportunities for online print businesses, offline printers and graphic designers to take advantage of the growing need for printed products. Many wholesale four color printing sources offer resell options for their printed goods and services that operate somewhat on a business affiliate basis. Some wholesale printing sources do not require a purchase price nor do they charge a monthly merchant's fee to offer their services through a moderately customized web site that they host and maintain. Each source has its own policies and stipulations, but many offer a wide array of services, business options and money making capabilities through their own network of options. "Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established." (Proverbs 16:3)

Brochures, business cards, letterheads, flyers, calendars, newsletters and many other printed products can be serviced through a central company that produces, processes and provides profits for an online business. Wholesale full color printing prices are dramatically lower than four color options used to be when printed offline at a typical print press operation. The introduction of several print methods, various four color applications and creative lay out capabilities has made it even easier to find low cost options from a variety of suppliers. The basic types available today are desktop and commercial methods that are used separately or together depending on the companies requirements.

Desktop applications can be used at home, at the office or at a large commercial firm that has added its ease of use for lower end productions. Digital productions can be processed through inkjet or laser printers that have been fine tuned over the years to produce very impressive quality and volume. General desktop methods require a computer, appropriate software, and a quality equipment. The lay out and design for products produced through desktop methods are not as time consuming, do not use the extensive amount of human resources as commercial productions and can be produced much cheaper as a result. Many consumers can hardly tell the difference in some high quality desktop publishing products produced by wholesale printing services.

Even though desktop methods have propelled the online print industry almost over the shoulders of traditional, commercial services because of price, speed of production and acceptable quality, commercial methods are still generally the highest quality products available. Some wholesale full color printing sources use printing press specifications to get the most out of their products. The big differences between desktop and commercial methods are the way ink is processed on paper products, the colors of ink and the types of equipment that is used to produce printed products. Offset printing or lithographic offset methods use four, basic colors to produce products as does desktop produced products through inkjet printers. The four colors are blue, red, yellow and black which are applied on one pass through an inkjet printer.

Offset methods require several passes of the particular item in order to apply the different color assignments. Wholesale printing may use inkjet or laser printers that can produce high quality goods while avoiding the time consuming method of the offset solution. Lithography uses plates to apply the various colors and then transfers the ink from the plates to the paper creating a finished product in a four color design. Many wholesale full color printing services use this method because of the guaranteed high quality that is possible. The online market for printed products has opened a whole new business field for offline artists, designers and print companies.

This has made it possible for online wholesale production sources to offer affiliate programs and ecommerce opportunities to those who up until now had no way of profiting from the online market. A variety of sources offer ecommerce web sites with wholesale prices, shipping, customer support, owner support and profit margins for anyone who would like to jump on board their extensive business operations. Many wholesale printing opportunities offer these services to those who are already in the offline print world but want to have a piece of the pie in the virtual business world. Check out the various wholesale full color printing opportunities available online today.

Spiral Bound Catalog Printing

Many businesses can benefit from full color catalog printing to market products and gain exposure among customers and clients. A professional, attractive-looking catalog can make a retail store or dealer and its products look appealing and reputable. On the other hand, a cheap, flimsy booklet can make a business lose all credibility. "Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it." (Proverbs 3:27) This is why it is so important to choose a printer that is known for printing with quality paper, ink, and binding. This may be exactly the part that business owners are unsure of. How can anyone tell if paper, ink, and binding are of high quality? There are ways to know. With some tips and time to investigate, anyone can choose a printer that offers only the best in spiral bound catalog printing.

Finding different printing companies is as easy as hopping on an Internet search engine and typing in keywords. However, it may be wiser to begin with recommendations for certain full color catalog printing services as a way to start the search on solid ground. Other businesses locally can make suggestions of good printing companies to work with. Large franchises may not be able to offer suggestions unless the business owner happens to need extremely large quantities of catalogs. Major franchises normally put out catalogs nationally which can reach into the hundreds of thousands. Business owners will want to seek recommendations from businesses who have an equally sized marketing area. After getting these recommendations, request to see a recent catalog that the printer completed for the business. Viewing samples is a very important part of the printer selection process. In fact, there is no sure way to choose a printer without looking at samples.

With or without a list of recommended spiral bound catalog printing services, the customer will need to request samples. Most websites for national printers will offer samples for free. Typically, the link for the request is posted right on the homepage. Customers just need to fill in contact information and an address where the samples need to be shipped to. Business owners should give themselves enough time to receive and browse through samples before ordering printing services. A month will be sufficient time to get recommendations, comparisons, samples, and quotes to make an informed decision. Samples will usually include different types of paper, varying sizes, and binding choices that the printer offers. For catalogs, many printers will give the customer a choice between spiral bound (or wire-o binding) or saddle-stitched. Other companies will only offer saddle-stitched. When looking at full color catalog printing samples, business owners should know that good paper is sturdy and water-resistant. Ink should not run when wet. The binding needs to be flexible yet strong. Most companies will mail these catalogs out, so they need to be able to withstand sorting machines and the usual wear and tear that comes with mail delivery. Otherwise, by the time they reach the customer, they will look tattered and cheap.

Most printers will give the customer several choices for customizing spiral bound catalog printing. The standard catalog size choices are typically 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 5.5. Other catalogs will offer 12 x 12 or specially cut catalogs to match a theme. Business owners should expect to pay extra for specially cut catalogs. Even 12 x 12 can be more expensive than the standard sizes. The size really depends on what needs to fit. The same can be said for the amount of pages. Naturally, the greater the number of pages, the more expensive the printing will be. Depending on the printer, some can print the booklet with as few as eight pages and as many as 96 pages. As for paper choices for full color, these are usually limited to matte or gloss with weight choices usually between 80lb. or 100lb. 100lb is thicker than 80lb which has the thickness of a light magazine cover. Binding choices are usually limited to saddle-stitched (similar to stapling lengthwise along the edge), spiral binding with wire or plastic, or either choice. In most cases, spiral binding costs more than saddle-stitched. The more high-end printers will offer specialty binding like twine, yarn, or some other theme-based style for a high price.

Small businesses may not have a lot of money to invest in full color catalog printing, but they do want to make their presence and products to be known in the marketplace. The good news is that there are many choices of printers out there, meaning the cost is significantly cheaper than it once was. Quantity will have probably the greatest impact on overall cost. A small business that needs 250 catalogs may get a better deal per catalog if the owner orders 500. Plus, if the small business doesn't date the catalogs, extras can be redistributed or sent to a new customer base in a few months. Since every catalog order is unique, the average cost of printing is very broad, from a few hundred for a small order to tens of thousands of dollars for orders in quantities over 10,000. Businesses might be able to save money and stress by using a combination print and graphic design service locally. This takes the pressure off of the business owner to work with two different companies or to attempt to design the layout himself. Putting out a catalog is possibly one of the most effective marketing tools out there. Businesses need to be sure that the spiral bound catalog printing process goes smoothly, leading to a product that looks fantastic.

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