Cost Of Lasik Eye Surgery

The cost of lasik eye surgery has become more affordable in recent years because of the well-known economics principle of supply and demand. As more people were willing to pay for improved vision, more surgeons became trained in the procedures. The increased number of surgeons meant more competition between doctors for potential patients. Additionally, improved technologies and techniques affect the prices that are charged. Surgeons in large metropolitan areas, who have more competition, often feel pressured to purchase the latest equipment and must charge higher prices to make a profit on their investments. On the other end of the spectrum are discount centers that use aggressive marketing techniques to attract customers. Their cheaper prices may be possible because older equipment is used in their offices. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but is an example of why the cost of lasik eye surgery at a particular clinic should not be the only deciding factor. Prospective customers need to look at other criteria, too, when making such an important decision as where they will go to have their vision surgically corrected.

Lasik surgery is one type of procedure that is used to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Generally speaking, the surgeon folds back a sliver of the cornea and uses a laser to remove corneal tissue. The folded-back sliver is then replaced. A computer adjusts the laser so that the shape of the cornea is changed depending on the particular vision problem. The actual procedure takes very little time and is performed on an outpatient basis. Other types of procedures may be recommended for some people. Going to a reputable and experienced surgeon may increase the cost of lasik eye surgery, but that expertise is invaluable. At the initial, or pre-op, evaluation, the surgeon examines the patient's eye structure and shape, vision prescription, and medical history. Getting a second opinion is often recommended as it is for most medical issues and surgeries. Prospective patients will want to carefully choose their surgeon by researching her credentials and, perhaps, seeking word-of-mouth recommendations from family members and friends who have had the procedure.

A surgeon's reputation, experience, and expertise may be reflected in the cost of lasik eye surgery since the skill of a highly competent physician has more value than that of the doctor who is just starting out in a practice. This younger doctor may also be quite skilled, but will need time to build up his reputation for competency and expertise. King Solomon wrote: "All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits. Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established" (Proverbs 16:2-3). The best business plan for success is to commit that plan to God for His divine blessing. As the new surgeon increases in skill and knowledge, his surgical expertise will gain in value. However, a less experienced surgeon in a metropolitan area may still charge higher prices than a highly experienced competitor from a different region of the country. The cost of lasik eye surgery may not always reflect the level of surgical expertise. Again, this is why it's so important to research a particular surgeon's credentials before making a pre-op appointment.

As stated, location, experience, and updated equipment can all factor into the pricing thresholds set by surgical clinics. Another factor is the individual patient's vision what the professionals call the degree of refractive error. This has to do with the shape of the cornea and whether the person is nearsighted or farsighted. Medications, such as eye drops and pain medicines, that may be needed both before, during, and after the procedure can also affect the cost of lasik eye surgery for a particular patient. The pre-op and post-op evaluations are usually included in the price, but prospective patients will want to read their contracts carefully to find out how much post-op care is provided before additional charges will incur. Taking all these factors into consideration, it's easy to see why a prospective patient should beware of too quickly equating price with service or success. When it comes to a person's sight, there is little room for error and most people have heard at least one lasik surgery horror story. Again, shopping around and seeking trusted recommendations are important first steps when choosing a surgeon or clinic.

Though the cost of lasik eye surgery has become more affordable in recent years, the procedure is considered voluntary and seldom covered by health insurance policies. Individuals may wish to go to a pre-op appointment to get the financial details so that the needed funds can be placed in a flexible spending account (FSA) or health spending account (HSA). Some financial institutions offer payment plans that are marketed for lasik eye patients, but in reality these are nothing more than unsecured loans. Consumers should shop around for favorable interest rates if they plan to borrow money for the procedure. Some lenders offer short-term, no-interest loans to borrowers with good credit histories. Here again, consumers need to read the fine print before signing the loan documents and watch out for any prepayment penalties or excessive interest charges for late payments. There are many people with improved vision who believe the cost of lasik eye surgery was worth every penny of the price. By carefully researching both the surgeon and available payment options, a prospective patient will hopefully have a similar, positive experience.

Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery

The cost of laser eye surgery can range from reasonable to outrageous, depending on a variety of factors. One very important aspect of the cost is the physical location of the office or practice of the doctor. The cost of lasik eye surgery will also depend on the doctor and the experience that he or she has in performing the surgical procedure. Another factor that can make the cost of lasik vary quite a bit is the type of procedure that is required. There are difference procedures that can be done, depending on the severity of the condition of the individuals vision problems. Unlike the previous monetary cost factors, there can be a negative cost of lasik eye surgery. This cost can be physical problems or conditions that arise after the procedure is performed. There can be complications during or after the procedure that lead to serious effects including infections or loss of eyesight.

The cost of eye surgery can greatly depend on the location of the clinic where the procedure is being performed. This cost effect is relative to the idea of supply and demand on many other products and services. In a city where many individuals are available to provide the surgical procedure, the procedure may be slightly lower priced because of competitive reasons. With few doctors available to perform the procedure, clinics have more opportunities to charge higher prices because most individuals will pay no matter what.

The experience factor of the doctor is a major part of the surgery's cost. A doctor that is still in the trial process or learning phase will generally charge less than an experienced doctor. Many people are much more willing to go to an experienced physician and pay extra because of the fact that the doctor has performed the surgery on numerous occasions. Choosing a doctor for this type of surgical procedure is important and should be done on the basis of quality, not price.

One of the most important ideas about the cost of lasik eye surgery is the type of procedure that is being performed. Many people have very different eye problems that call for the need for more specialized procedures. The average cost of lasik eye surgery will be somewhere between $1500 and $2000, depending on the doctor and location. This is the price for the basic surgery that is less specialized for the patient's particular needs. Custom lasik surgery can run much higher. Most physicians charge around $500 more per eye for this procedure. With this procedure, a 3-dimensional map is made of the eye so doctors can view every irregularity before and during the procedure. With the cost of nearly $1000 more, a custom lasik procedure will cost around $2500 or $3000. It is very important to understand also that most insurance companies do not provide any coverage for the procedures. Before going through with the surgery, individuals must call his or her insurance company to verify if the procedure can be covered or if the cost of laser eye surgery must come out of pocket for the individual.

While the previous monetary costs are known prior to surgery, a physical cost of lasik eye surgery may not be known until after the procedure has been performed. This cost includes any complications that may arise either during or after the procedure. With any surgical procedure there are risks involved that can lead to serious complications. During lasik procedures, equipment can fail, causing the procedure to be incomplete or unsuccessful. Also, infections can occur if the environment is not sterile or for many other reasons. Blindness or loss of vision can also be a cost if certain problems arise that harms the eye or eyes. Not only must be worry with the monetary cost, but the physical problems that can be suffered from an unsuccessful procedure should be considered.

The price for the procedure will often depend on a many factors. The actual location of the clinic or practice of the physician will be a determinant factor in the price that you pay. An area that has many doctors performing the surgery will usually have lower prices for competitive reasons. Also, the skill level or experience of the physician can cause the amount charged to vary considerable. Most individuals would be willing to pay more for the experienced hands of a physician. The actual procedure is another way that the cost of laser eye surgery will vary. There are different procedures that can be performed for the individual, depending on the condition of the eyes. Unlike these monetary costs, there can be a physical cost of lasik surgery. One of the worst of these costs to face would be blindness or loss of vision from a procedure that was unsuccessful or damaging to the eye. Laser eye surgery can be a very positive experience if the many factors are thoroughly researched, understood and considered before the procedure takes place.

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