Designer Eye Glasses

Before buying expensive designer eye glasses, there are a few helpful terms and definitions a person should know. First, buying fancy name brand glasses is about the same as buying less expensive corrective eyewear. Materials, standards, and technology are basically the same. The only difference is that a person is paying a premium for the name on the frame. This isn't a bad thing if the proper perspective is kept. For the most part, Christians try not to be showy pretentious people. Trendy clothes, cars, and designer eye glasses may indicate a person's love or desire for insignificant material possessions and appearances. Most Christians want to be respected for who they are and their faithful life in service to God, not for how their appearance, looks, or possessions. Remember what Christ told the Pharisees in the Parable of the Shrewd Manager. "No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. And the Pharisees also, who were covetous, heard all these things: and they derided him. And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God." (Luke 16:13-15) With that said, remaining modest and conservative when choosing designer eye glasses could prevent a person from seeming pretentious and showy.

An online search indicates that industry standards and workmanship don't differ much between designer eye glasses bought online or in a trendy upscale shop than from their discount store counterparts. Buying designer eyewear online could save a person a significant amount of money. In fact, one online distributor listed frames discounted from $264.00 down to $167.00. That is a 37 percent savings. In addition to having a bevy of popular designer names to choose from, a person also has a number of frame styles and material types to decide upon. Keep in mind, the goal here is not just to look fashionable but to see clearly in a number of conditions and situations. Of course the frame price doesn't include the cost of the lens, which are largely dependent upon what type of material is used to construct the lens. So, after finding a suitable and attractive frame, a person will need to decide on the lens material. And there are plenty of lens types and materials to choose from. Some are very specialized. For example, there is a ballistics lens or a lens that will transition behind the windshield of a car to reduce glare.

Despite what many people might say, choosing the right lens is more important than the frame of the designer eye glasses. Frames are simply a matter of appearance and taste. Some people claim that the frame is an expression of one's personality. That's great. But, as mentioned earlier in the article, seeing clearly is the primary goal of wearing glasses. And the type and quality of the lens will determine the visual clarity of the person's prescription. For the person who is budget minded, plastic lenses are the least expensive. A plastic lens can be made into almost any prescription strength. According to online sources, plastic lenses are easily tinted. Therefore, plastic lenses are an excellent choice for sunglasses, too. Unfortunately, regular uncoated plastic lenses don't allow all the available light to reach the eye. About nine percent is lost to surface reflections. Perhaps one the plastic lenses greatest asset is their weight. In fact, plastic lenses are generally about half the weight of glass lenses.

Glass lenses are still a great choice for designer eye glasses because they have great optical quality and are highly scratch resistant and can be easily tinted. However, the downside is that glass is heavier. One of the most versatile lens materials available is called polycarbonate. Polycarbonate lenses are highly impact resistant. In addition to their resiliency, polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and some have built in ultraviolet protection. Most people have heard about the dangers of ultraviolet radiation. UV is invisible and excessive exposure may damage the eyes. Used in designer eye glasses, polycarbonate lenses are very versatile and are suitable for children and sports. According to some online retailers, polycarbonate lenses are suitable for rimless frames, too. There are other types of specialized lenses, also: transition, photochromic, and polarized.

Once the lenses for the designer eye glasses have been chosen, a person will have a number of coatings to choose from: anti-reflective, back-side, lens colors and tints, scratch resistant, mirrored, and UV filter. Anti-reflective coatings reduce reflections. And, according to some people, makes the lenses more attractive. Backside coating is used on some lenses that are thinner and have flatter curves. A backside coating protects the lens from scratching. Since designer glasses are intended to be fashionable, tints in a wide range of colors are available to protect light-sensitive eyes. A mirrored coating makes the lens appear darker and offers glare protection. Scratch resistant coating makes the lenses less susceptible to scratching. A UV filter is a lens coating that filters ultraviolet radiation. Getting the right lenses coupled with the proper coatings increases the value of eyewear: reduces glare, reduces eye strain, and even improves night vision. Combining the costs of lenses, frames, and coatings will make the price of designer eyewear climb rapidly. Therefore, spending several hundred dollars just to look fashionable is a real possibility.

Mail Order Contact Lenses

Mail order contact lenses may be a bargain at times, but don't automatically assume they are the best deal around. Purchasing them from a traditional retail outlet can also save money. Buying contacts through the mail or from online sources can save from 40 to 70 percent off regular retail. Keep in mind large savings can be found through optical chains and mass retailers, too. Shopping online or through the mail can give buyers the added convenience of browsing extensive selections in the comfort of his or her home. Then the order is delivered directly to their door or mailbox. That saves time and energy. Regular contacts are available online or through the mail, but people who wish to enhance their natural eye tones or dramatically alter the appearance of their eyes will find mail order services especially helpful. Regardless of where a person decides to purchase contacts, he or she should first check to see if their vision coverage will cover the expense of mail order contact lenses. Then they should evaluate all possible sources for the best deals, which involves a variety of factors: price, convenience, customer service, and return policy.

There are some helpful tips available online that may help people save money, time, and headache. Prices vary wildly, even within a particular distributor's inventory. So check the prices on different brands or types of lenses. Rebates may also save money. Manufacturers as well as sellers offer rebates. First-time wearers are occasionally offered rebates. And rebates are sometimes offered in conjunction with a doctor's exam. Just because a lens is priced cheaper through sellers who offer mail order services doesn't mean that after all is said and done the lens will be a bargain by the time it arrives at the front door or mailbox. And mail order contact lenses can be less convenient for some people. Once ordered the product will probably spend several days in transition. For a premium charge they can be delivered overnight. Expedited service is expensive. On the subject of delivery, shipping and handling charges can deceptively push the price well over what would be paid at a traditional retailer. But these charges can be reduced by ordering in larger quantities and ordering before the situation gets desperate and expensive. "The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; but of every one that is hasty only to want." (Proverbs 21: 5)

Law requires distributers of contacts to sell the exact lens and specifications prescribed by an eye care practitioner. However, some manufacturers sell a specific type of lens under several brand names. So do the research and know what is available before buying. Although most people will use contact lenses simply to improve their vision, products are available to change or enhance eye color. Costume lenses are available for purchase, too. Basically, there are two main types of mail order contact lenses available for color enhancement. Each type of lens has a very distinct purpose. The first type is called an enhancement hint contact. These types of optical devices do just as their name implies. Enhancing will serve to enrich a person's natural eye tones without dramatically changing the facial appearance. However, optical devises designed to enhance the natural colors work best on lighter hued eyes because the lens will shade and deepen the tones. According to an online distributor of mail order contact lenses, special lenses are available that can even make a person's eyes appear larger than they really are.

There are several benefits to buying mail order contact lenses. First, they are a fairly inexpensive form of vision correction. Some online retailers offer coupons that lower the price even further. Once a prescription has been written, the lenses are easy to obtain and to care for and maintain. One manufacturer even offers a disposable contact that is worn for one day and then tossed into the trash. Most contacts are worn for a week or two and then thrown away. The longer wear optical devises require cleaning and storing solutions as well as a case. But those items are inexpensive, too. For people who want to have a little bit of fun and dress up for special occasions or parties, costume optical devises are available in a variety of styles. For example, some of the contacts can give a person the appearance of having cat eyes. Other styles are available. But, like so many other good things, mail order contact lenses do have downsides that potential buyers should be made aware. Most of the risks involve hidden costs.

Design, purpose, and construction of both enhancement and tinting lenses necessitates that the center of the lens be clear so that a person can see properly. Unfortunately, if the lens moves even slightly the tinted part of the lens could partially cover the pupil of the eye. As a result of the overlap, the person's vision could decrease temporarily. The same result could occur when the pupil dilates in the darkness to let in more light. Fortunately, the decreased vision is only temporary until the contact is repositioned. If a person wishes to buy mail order contact lenses that only enhance their natural eye color, he or she will want to carefully match the lenses to their own shade. But color tint lenses are available in a variety or shades. Adventurous types could even buy different shades and mix and match. Simple comparison shopping can save money. Don't eliminate any source before comparing all options.

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