Special Effect Contact Lenses

Special effect contact lenses are not just for the movies anymore. Almost anybody can wear these fun and wild lenses. Keep in mind, the devices are fun and entertaining but are not without risk. A person not used to wearing glasses or contacts may have problems at first. First-time wearers often experience discomfort and vision problems until their eyes adjust. Illusion eye devices are made in both prescription and non-prescription strength. Now party goers are able to add a little pizzazz to their Halloween costume. For example, it's now possible to make the eyes match the vampire suit. Turn eyes angelic, satanic, or obtain the psychotic look of a serial killer. Smiley faces, targets, swirls, stripes, solid colors, flames, or teeth contacts are available for purchase. For those people heading to the big game, special effect contact lenses are made in the shape and colors of team logos. In fact, it may be possible to buy illusion type lenses in any shape, color and design a person desires. Imitation and illusions are fun, but Christians might want to pause and consider for a moment the image being portrayed when wearing some of these illusion designs. Blood red, wild, or sinister illusions might be attractive but may not be presenting an image Christians want to display. "Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God." (3 John 11)

The lenses were originally designed for movies and television. Some people might remember the 1970s television version of The Incredible Hulk. When the main character morphed into his alter ego, after becoming angry, the camera focused briefly on the creature's eyes, which were green. By using special effect contact lenses, makeup artists were able to alter the shape and color of the eyes. Now, manufacturing methods and designs allow almost any person to deepen the color of their eyes, change the color completely, or transform into a cat, vampire, or dragon. Colors are sandwiched in between the lens to create the image. Although special effect contact lenses can be worn by a person who does or does not wear glasses or contacts, the devices must still be fitted properly. Novelty devices can be fun and a party hit, but they are still being put in direct contact with the eye. As a result, serious medical conditions can develop if abused.

Even non-prescription strength special effect contact lenses require a prescription written by an eye care practitioner to purchase. Also, the lenses must not be worn by more than one person. Transferring eye fluids can cause infection and other serious problems. Proper cleaning and disinfecting are required, too. Mishandling and improper use could lead to blindness. Again, illusion, coloring, or tinting lenses are considered medical devices. And most medical devices are regulated by law. This means that they can't be bought legally from just anywhere. So following the rules is important not only in use but also in purchase. Yard sale or flea market prices might be tempting, but avoid the temptation for inexpensive fun. The deal might impress a few people for a little while, but the risks and consequences could be long term. Like most contacts, special effect contact lenses cannot be worn overnight. Talk to an eye care practitioner for use and care instructions.

The design, purpose, and construction of illusion type contact lenses necessitates that the center of the lens be clear so that a person can see clearly. Obviously, having unobstructed vision is a good thing to have. Unfortunately, if the lens moves even slightly, the colored part of the lens could partially cover the pupil of the eye. As a result of the overlap, the person's vision could decrease temporarily. The same result could occur when the pupil dilates in the darkness to let in more light. Fortunately, the decreased vision is only temporary until the contact is repositioned. Special effect contact lenses can be bought from a variety of different sources. Once the prescription has been written, the lenses can be bought online or from many brick and mortar establishments that sell traditional optical devices. And they can be bought inexpensively.

Purchasing special effect contact lenses from a traditional retail outlet can save money, if done right. But buying lenses through the mail or from online sources can save from 40 to 70 percent off regular retail. Although, savings can be found through optical chains and mass retailers, shopping online or through the mail can give buyers the added convenience of browsing extensive selections in the comfort their home. Then the order is delivered directly to their door or mailbox. That saves time and energy. Regular contacts are available online or through the mail, but people who wish to enhance their natural eye tones or dramatically alter the appearance of their eyes or give a character illusion will find mail order services especially helpful. Evaluate all possible sources for the best deals, which involve a variety of factors: price, convenience, customer service, and return policy. But buying through the mail or online can be less convenient for some people. Once ordered, the product will probably spend several days in transition. For a premium charge they can be delivered overnight. Expedited service is expensive. On the subject of delivery, shipping and handling charges can deceptively push the price well over what would be paid at a traditional retailer. So pay attention to all costs and fees and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Theatrical Contact Lenses

Theatrical contact lenses are available online, however a prescription is required even if eyesight problems do not exist. Careful measurement of the eye is important in order to maintain proper eye health even if the contacts are only worn for a short time. Many different styles are accessible through online sources with a current prescription. Most states require a new prescription every year, though some only require it every two years. Understanding state requirements creates a flawless ordering procedure. Some doctors offices offer computer programs or a sliding chart, which enables a patient to more accurately decide the type of contacts to order. Finding a reputable company to supply special effect contact lenses is imperative to ensure the quality of product and service. If the product delivered is not what was ordered, then the company should be available and willing to replace the product.

Depending on the type of dramatic presentation a person is involved with will determine the best choice of eyewear. Some online companies offer discounts and packages in order to allow people to purchase multiple types of theatrical contact lenses. The type of set up for the performance will determine the type of lens a person should order. If the audience is far away, then more dramatic special effect contact lenses may be required for optimal effect. A person with dark brown eyes will not be able to effectively wear contacts that are light blue with stars. Likewise, a person with light blue eyes may not effectively display some types. Find out what the company's policy is for customer satisfaction in order to ensure confidence in ordering eccentric special effect contact lenses. Even though a new prescription is only required every one to two years a person may wish to be examined more often if eyesight is an issue or if the contacts don't seem to fit right. If contacts are not the right size or shape for the eye, then serious damage to the cornea or retina could occur. In most cases this is permanent, but sometimes can be repairable. The bottom line is to get theatrical contact lenses that fit the eye correctly. Even when the contacts are the right size, proper daily care is very important for the continued health of the eye. Depending on the disposability of the contacts a person may have additional monthly or bi-weekly care to perform. "O remember that my life is wind: mine eye shall no more see good." (Job 7:7)

In some cases insurance companies will cover the cost of at least the examination, if not the contacts themselves. If a good enough reason can be made for why the contacts are needed simply the cost of the examination is worth getting covered by insurance, especially if the examination needs to be done every year. Checking the policies of the insurance company before making an appointment for examination will ensure the best possibly coverage. Most insurance companies will not reimburse for actions made before contacting them. Likewise, if the insurance company is willing to cover it themselves a certain company or a certain brand may have to be used. After gathering this information a person can determine the choices within these parameters. These choices may include which online company to order the special effect contact lenses from as well as who to get an examination from. The company ordered from should offer great customer service, quality product, and reasonable shipping costs. Sometimes it makes better sense to pay more for contacts ordered from the doctors office when shipping costs are added in. If the prices are comparable consider the ease of simply going to the doctors office to return, exchange, or adjust the device. All these factors affect the way a person will order even if they are only used for theatrical performances. Likewise the cost of washing solution and other costs need to be considered. Though these costs are small, they add up quickly if not considered. Likewise, consider the time needed to apply and removal in a proper manner. Even though this is usually only a matter of minutes hurried application can lead to torn or broken contacts resulting in added cost for replacement.

If a person is unfamiliar with the choices available with contacts in general then he or she should speak with friends who wear them. In some instances hard special effect contact lenses are better than soft contacts and long term is better than disposable even though soft disposable are advertised everywhere. The lifestyle of the person wearing the theatrical contact lenses as well as the medical needs such as the diagnosis of astigmatism may eliminate some choices altogether. Depending on the degree of effect the specific contacts offer, only very limited use be recommended in order to decrease the onset or worsening of eyesight problems. Even if the product is not purchased for others to see, certain types are available in order for a person to see certain objects better. Athletes, nighttime drivers, and people with unique eyesight problems may seek alternative vision through special contact lenses. These may enable the person to see a specific object such as a tennis ball more clearly or be able to identify objects in the dark in order to decrease the probability of an accident. Charts, computer programs, and special lights aid choosing any type of theatrical contact lenses. A person can decide if a specific look is accomplished with the lenses as well as what type of eyesight can be expected during wear.

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