Brain Injury Attorney

The brain injury attorney had just come out of his counselor's office and decided to walk back to his brownstone instead of taking a cab. This session had been a watershed occasions for the barrister because there had been one of those epiphany moments in the last part of the session that flooded the man's darkened heart with unbelievable light. The barrister had started seeing a counselor because the man had been entertaining thoughts of quitting the profession in which the law practitioner had for so long been immersed. The serious injury lawyer felt that he had lost touched with an inner focus, and had become only interested in how large a fee could be made in the shortest amount of time, and what next toy could be purchased with the money. It all seemed so empty to a man who was now almost sixty. But something happened today when the counselor took the man back to the early days of law practice, before a tough skin of jadedness had overtaken the barrister's spirit. It happened when the man remembered her.

The woman would now be in the late fifties, but at the time of the accident was only thirty and in the prime of life. The woman's family had just bought the first model of a new sized van, just off the assembly line and into the showroom where the decision was made by husband and wife that the vehicle was perfect for their growing brood. With the van washed by the dealership and a full tank of gas, the family said goodbye to an old station wagon and headed for a week at the beach. All seatbelts were fastened and the baby was in the car seat as the van eased onto the interstate headed for blue skies and warm water. As the brain injury attorney walked along a rainy sidewalk, the memories of the first court victory glowed even brighter. "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled." (Matthew 5:6)

But there was that pothole that hadn't been repaired on that beautiful highway. The husband didn't see it until it was too late, and the van plunged into the four inch hole and a tie rod snapped, and the man lost control and the van veered into the median and headed into an oncoming panel truck filled with plumbing supplies. The new fangled airbag worked for the driver, and all the seatbelts protected the children but...her seatbelt anchor snapped and the mother flew through the front window and ended up on the concrete highway not moving. The serious injury lawyer remembered the woman's mother sobbing as she told the story to a young barrister who began practicing law just to help people and make a difference. Miraculously, the family survived and was taken to a local hospital with scrapes and cuts. The mother was taken by medical helicopter to a large trauma center forty miles away.

Because of massive head trauma, the doctors went in three times to relieve the pressure on her brain, but the woman never came out of her coma. A legal representative of the dealership and the auto maker called the husband within seventy to hours to assure that if the van had a faulty seatbelt anchoring system, but the wise husband, filled with grief and pain, refused to even talk to them and instead called the law firm that employed the young brain injury attorney. The young barrister was anxious to make stop the advantage large corporations had when having the knowledge of making faulty products. Within months of employment, his forte had become serious injuries caused by faulty auto engineering. When the serious injury lawyer sat down with the husband the law practitioner gave the grieving man all the information he needed.

The barrister began by explaining how wrongful death suits unfold. They often take several years or more to litigate, and the insurance companies often try every way possible to delay paying liability claims. There are some important pieces in the suit that must be present. The man explained that he would deal directly with the insurance companies involved. The barrister explained that talks with the automaker, photos of the accident location, and if needed, hiring an accident reconstruction engineer or other professionals wouold be handled by the firm. The barrister would also meet with representatives of the dealership.

The brain injury attorney explained that through the long experience of his law firm, a decision would be made to decide how much of a claim should be made against the person or persons whose actions caused the tragedy to happen. Factors going in to deciding the size of a claim include damage to personal property, payment of all medical bills presently and through the life of the victim as well and pain and suffering compensation and the mother's future earning power. The barrister reminded the father to have a no communication policy with any insurance company or auto representative unless he was present during the conversation. The brain injury attorney also advised the husband that there were no guarantees in terms of outcome of this case or any case so that no false expectations were assumed. The law practitioner also explained that there would be no expense to the family for the attorney's services unless a judgment was won against the store or manufacturer or both. All court costs, including expert witnesses, accident reconstruction and depositions would be paid by the attorney. According to state law and approved by the bar association, the law firm would receive up to a third of the final monetary judgment against the driver.

As the man entered the brownstone the barrister remembered the outcome. A nine and a half million dollar settlement out of court. Almost three million for the law firm and as the husband told him, "The girls will all go to college now." The serious injury lawyer dialed the number. "How old are the girls now?"

Head Injury Attorney

Jennifer searched frantically for a head injury attorney, also looking out for language that stated spinal cord injury attorney. Never before did a situation such as this present itself, and holding it together just to find a phone number was the hardest thing Jennifer ever had to do. When a family member is suddenly injured, emotions run rampant; adrenaline is coursing through the body, the head spins and all the time thoughts range from dread to hope. Just picking up the phone book to search for a head inury attorney phone number was extremely difficult considering the circumstances. Mother lay on the couch moaning and holding a cold cloth over the spot of the injury. The point of impact had grown almost as large as a small grapefruit but looked more hideous than any horror movie. At times incoherent words slipped from Mothers mouth, and Jennifer was torn between trying to assist with the wound and getting the information together as quickly as possible.

Finally a head injury attorney was contacted and an appointment made for early the next day. Relief swelled over the middle-aged daughter as one foot followed another from the phone back to the couch where a light blanket was laid over Mothers legs. Then came a knock at the door just in time too -Mother was losing consciousness. The EMTs came inside. After what seemed like forever, Mother was put onto the gurney and wheeled out of the door and into the ambulance. Jennifer climbed into the ambulance after the house had been locked up. On the way to the hospital calls were made to relatives to let them know the situation and promises were made of updates as soon as a prognosis was provided from the hospital doctor. Anger swooshed over Jennifer as gazing upon the now unconscious woman who was beginning to show signs of bruising on the face. And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8 KJV).

Earlier that day, Jennifers mother was doing some weeding outdoors in the garden next to the street. The flower patch badly needed the attention and Jennifers mother enjoyed helping out in this way. A neighbor was quickly pulling out of the driveway a few houses down, and came too close to the woman stepping about one foot into the street to straddle the flower bed which was close to the road. Leaning over to the right to stretch, the car struck the Mother's head, sending her flying across the bed into the yard. The neighbor had been looking down not paying attention to the road, and when he realized what had happened, stopped the car about 60 feet down the street, got out and came to the assistance of the victim. Immediately he called Jennifer and related what had happened, at which point the daughter raced home from work.

The daughter tried to swallow the sudden anger, realizing this had been an accident, and the neighbor did assist right away. However, a couple of years earlier, this person had a similar incident, only that time the victim had been a stray dog. Again, the neighbor had not been paying attention to the road. He was a business person always in a hurry to get from here to there, and was usually going too fast for the speed limit in the small neighborhood. Jennifer supposed it could happen to anyone, but this time it was mother, and so there was no hesitation in contacting a spinal cord injury attorney. The EMT burst into Jennifer's thoughts stating that there could be some spinal injury and so the neck had to be isolated before transportation was begun. Once arriving at the hospital, there would be x-rays and a CT scan to determine the extent of the injuries. Since incoherent statements were coming from the victim, some brain injury could have occurred, whether bruising or more extensive damage. Jennifer wondered if a spinal cord injury attorney was any different than a head injury attorney.

After arriving at the hospital, Jennifers mother was taken immediately to diagnostics. Jennifer was told to wait in the waiting room and a nurse would be by for an update when mother was taken to the hospital room. While waiting, the head injury attorney called and asked Jennifer the name of the person who had hit mother. The spinal cord injury attorney assured Jennifer that expert testimony would be brought onto the case to ensure all bases were covered and no angle would be left unconsidered. These professionals understand how to analyze cases such as this, and can strengthen the information to the victims advantage. The attorney confirmed the appointment scheduled for the next morning.

After waiting two hours, a nurse came down to tell Jennifer that there was some damage to the spinal cord, that it was inflamed, but it was still too early to tell how bad the damage is until the swelling goes down. In the meantime, pain medicine and anti-inflammatories were administered to the mother. Now it was a waiting game. How would Jennifer pay for the medical care and special equipment that might be needed? It was all too horrific to contemplate right now, so the daughter just prayed and pushed the negative thoughts from the mind. Just before going up to the room to see mother, Jennifer received a call from the neighbor who related that he was very sorry for the accident, and that he would be willing to settle out of court if she would take a $5,000 payment offered through his insurance company. However, all she could do is say how unfortunate the situation was, and that she couldnt talk right now.

The next morning the hospital called and told Jennifer that there was no extensive damage, and that her mother was expected to recover fully. Relief swept over her, then tears as she realized how blessed she, and her mother were at the outcome. Gods hand was certainly upon them.

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