Business Tax Attorney

Companies often hire a business tax attorney to take care of the finances and to make sure that affairs are settled with the Internal Revenue Service at the end of each year. These lawyers that specialize in taxation can be the first defense for a business when it comes to navigating the tricky and intricate taxation laws. They can help a business make sure that an adequate amount of money is being paid each year to the government. Also, should any kind of legal action be taken by the government for money owed, a business tax attorney can go to court on behalf of the company. He can represent a case in court, should the need arise, can negotiate with the IRS, and can help the business owner devise a method of organizing finances in such a way that taxes are handled with knowledge and efficiency.

Just as any wise business owner would hire individuals with certain talents and qualifications who could do specific jobs, such as hiring a person with sales experience to sell the company's products, so should he consider thoughtfully hiring a business tax attorney in order to make sure that very important aspect of the company is not overlooked or neglected. Some, however, are hesitant to expend some of the company's budget on hiring a business tax attorney to help handle the corporation's finances. They mistakenly believe that they can handle the various nuances of tax law without having to enlist the aid of a professional. Or they seek accountants to handle all the work, believing that the expense of hiring a lawyer would be too great. While wanting to be conservative with the business' money is commendable, what many may not realize is that refusing to expend the cash initially may cost the company much more in the future.

Sometimes, people make the mistake of thinking that any attorney, regardless of the type of law he usually practices, can handle their tax issues. This could not be further from the truth. There are so many specialized fields of study in law that any other type of lawyer would not have the depth of knowledge required to adequately represent the company. A business tax attorney has to complete specialized courses in tax law; his studies primarily center around relationships between companies, the government, and finances. And while it is not a stretch to assume that all lawyers will at least be acquainted with the fundamentals of taxation law, considering the complexity of the field, a successful attorney will need to have more of an in-depth knowledge.

One of the most important things a person needs to consider when reviewing candidates and looking to hire a business tax attorney is the education of each of the lawyers. Obviously, a person's educational background matters, especially when that person is going to be fighting to keep the company out of financial and legal trouble. A business owner would be wise to hire a lawyer from a well regarded law school. Admittedly, if a lawyer did not attend a prestigious university, it does not mean that the individual is not adept at his job or fully capable of representing the company's interests. But choosing a lawyer who received his degree from a well known law school is the best way to hire someone who has trained under some of the brightest legal minds in the country and who obviously possesses a great deal of intelligence, which is of course a prerequisite to gaining admission to a high profile university.

Often, companies do not see the need for a business tax attorney until they are already in trouble with the government. If taxes are not paid on time, or are not paid fully, the owner of the company can stand to lose everything: his business, his assets, and sometimes even his freedom. When faced with the severe consequences that come after not having paid one's taxes, the best line of defense is to hire a capable, reputable lawyer to represent the case and the help prepare for what lies ahead. Even if the government is just auditing a person's company, having a lawyer can help in gathering paperwork and determining what needs to be done. Since these types of lawyers handle problems everyday in their chosen career, they are also best suited to helping navigate the obligations a company has to federal and state governments and resolving any issues that may arise. While having a lawyer does not necessarily mean that should a legal battle ensue between the owner of a company and the government that the owner will win, it does improve the chances of negotiation and reaching a settlement.

For a company, few things are more important than making sure that an organized finance department exists that can efficiently handle the distribution and payment of taxes. There are also few areas that are more complex and require more attention and fact-checking. Having to pay the government for any money received is unavoidable and is the responsibility of every American. "Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour" (Romans 13:7). And not taking the obligation seriously can cause a host of problems for an entrepreneur. Often, people find that hiring a business tax attorney is the best way to protect themselves from making grave financial mistakes and to defend themselves against often hefty consequences should accidental errors occur.

IRS Tax Lawyer

An IRS tax lawyer can be an incredible source of knowledge, legal assistance and reassurance for the taxpayer feeling the enormous shadow and pressure the government can place on recalcitrant citizens. No doubt an IRS tax lawyer would be the first to oppose the push to make tax (or tariff) returns as simple and as small as a post card, and may also oppose the idea of a flat tariff, after all there's big dollars in those thousands of pages of unreadable tax code. But in the here and now, someone who has had extensive experience in workings of the Internal Revenue Service as well as formal collegiate training in the intricacies of the monstrous US tariff code. There are dozens on attorneys online as well as hundreds more in the phonebooks of cities all across the country. All are ready to help for the right price.

If one looks online for a tax lawyer, many individual practices and firms will pop up to help someone with corporate taxes, estate tariffs and the normal demands the government makes on every person's wallet. But when the IRS is added to the keyword phrase, a new dimension comes into view, and that is help in dealing with that arm of the government that can put people in jail for fraud and evasion. But perhaps criminal intent is never the motive but rather simple failure to pay back taxes. And most have heard of horror stories regarding the lack of heart, patience and empathy that the IRS for US citizens when things aren't done their way. So in steps the IRS tax lawyer to help. While it's important to have representation before the Internal Revenue Service, who will represent us before Almighty God? "My little children, these things I write unto you that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous." (I John 2:1)

Many attorneys that work for clients in Internal Revenue matters have also had experience working for the IRS in the past. While this may not be the most important criteria in the search for one's own representation, the fact that a former Internal Revenue employee is now working against the agency on your behalf can be quite comforting. There is a culture within the Service that when understood can help in defending against its charges. When it comes to having one's bank account levied or a paycheck being garnished, things can seem quite hopeless. It is at a time like that when an IRS tax lawyer can go to work and help resolve the situation. However, bringing a tariff pro in before the situation ever gets to that point is the wisest decision.

An IRS tax lawyer can accompany a client to an audit of past returns if needed. Before going, the attorney and client can go over various issues that might be topics of interest to the government. Since the tariff expert knows how the Internal Revenue Service thinks, solutions may already be crystallized and then presented to government agents as possible answers to the client's situation. Issues like filing back taxes, tax audit protection, planning to mitigate future problems are all part of what an IRS tax lawyer can do. And when things have gotten so bad and there is no other option, the IRS tax lawyer can also help and with guidance through the bankruptcy maze. And while bankruptcy doesn't get wash away tax liability, the attorney can help lower them.

One of the most powerful tools a person has when the tariff debt is large and cannot be repaid is the Offer in Compromise option that the Internal Revenue offers to taxpayers. This is an agreement between the government and citizen that can lower the original liability quite dramatically. The Service does have the authority to make deals with taxpayers, but only under certain conditions. An IRS tax attorney can quickly navigate through all the red tape and be able to present a compromise to which the government is more likely agree. Taxpayers without knowledge of the system can often craft an Offer in Compromise that is declined by the Service. That can be disconcerting when the IRS sometimes accepts five cents on the dollar for an agreed OIC.

When a taxpayer ignores the warnings of the Service and basically attempts to play the "don't ask don't tell" game, the anecdotal stories of harassment, garnishment and levies will most certainly begin. And if that occurs, the taxpayer will no doubt run to the nearest website and hire an expert of some kind. And many online tariff services offer unbelievable results from their efforts and advocacy, but many are of the type that the IRS warns taxpayers to avoid. Despite the fact that the government did launch a few years ago a new program of tax settlement, many taxpayers believed it was actually an opportunity to have all liability wiped clean, but of course this was a false assumption. The Service may be trying to clean up its act regarding ruthless tactics and unsympathetic stances, but has not abdicated its duty to be a tax collector. So if the reader is in a tough way with the Service and the handwriting is on the wall, choose wisely when hiring an IRS tax lawyer. His or her service may cost as much as twenty five hundred dollars so it needs to be a decision that one will look back and be pleased to have made.

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