Car Accident Attorney

After a collision, an auto accident lawyer can be a useful ally for the consumer seeking justice. For the client who was injured in an accident, or who has found themselves in the position of loosing time on the job, legal representation can make all the difference in the financial welfare of the client and their family. Individuals who feel that they were wrongly assigned fault in a traffic mishap could also benefit from the help offered by a car accident attorney. Even when no injuries have occurred, the possible need for legal representation still exists. Uninsured drivers who are found at fault in a collision often end up in need of legal counsel. A legal professional with expertise in these areas can offer a wide range of services to the driver and non driver alike. Pedestrians who received injury at the hands of a negligent driver or consumers who purchased defective vehicles are two examples of clients who could benefit from the skill and knowledge of a competent attorney.

The first question that a consumer might ask themselves is when is an auto accident lawyer really necessary? The most pressing needs are created when serious or permanent injury or even death as the result of an automobile crash occur. Another pressing justification for legal counsel happens when those involved in the mishap are at odds as to who is at fault or if there is believed to be some discrepancies within the police report. If a client who has been found to be at fault and has low insurance liability or no insurance at all, or if a client's insurance company claims that premiums were not paid, he should retain legal representation as soon as possible. Obviously, if a client discovers that his insurance company has retained counsel, he should do likewise. Some less pressing reasons to consult a car accident attorney might include confusion over the details and terms of an insurance policy, fear that an insurer is not looking out for the best interests of the client, disagreement over a claim settlement, or confusion over insurance paperwork.

There are many things that someone who has just been involved in a collision can do to help the car accident attorney do their job or to aide in preventing confusion that could lead to legal trouble. An uninjured driver should take note of several things immediately following an automobile accident. Obviously, those involved in the incident should call 911 and make a report right away. Important things to write down after an accident include; names, driver's license numbers, the contact and insurance information of all involved, the date, time and location of the incident, any appearance of intoxication on the part of a driver, any witnesses to the mishap, names and contact information of any passengers, witnesses, or pedestrians involved, any suspicious or telling statements that might be overheard such as "I was looking the other way" or "I feel fine, I'm not hurt', a detailed description of what happened while it is still fresh in the mind, any contributing factors to the collision such as improperly functioning headlights or low quality tires, and the names and contact information of any police officials at the scene.

When serious injuries have occurred, a personal injury claim may be the only way to preserve a family's financial well being. An auto accident lawyer can help the client file a claim in the unfortunate event that a loved one is killed, or the client sustains serious injuries such as a serious spinal or brain injury, permanent disfigurement, the loss of a limb, blindness or hearing loss, or fractured bones. When this is the case, advice from a skilled car accident attorney should be sought as quickly as possible since filing deadlines often loom in these cases. Proving who is at fault in the event of an accident can be difficult, especially when neither party will admit responsibility. This is one area where legal representation can prove to be invaluable. A legal professional who specializes in this area of law can help a client pull together the facts of the incident and prove that the client has been wronged and therefore deserves compensation. Experiencing a serious automobile crash can be emotionally as well as physically devastating. Having a skilled professional fighting on an injured client's behalf can make a life changing difference in a difficult situation. The Bible frequently expresses compassion for hurting individuals. "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." (1 Peter 5:8)

Financial concerns can sometimes prevent a client from approaching an auto accident lawyer for help. Many law firms offer a free initial consultation to discuss the details of a particular case. Some legal professionals work on a contingency fee. This means that they only accept payment from clients who win a settlement, charging them nothing if they do not win. If another driver has been negligent and that negligence has resulted in harm and injury to a client, the services of an auto accident lawyer can help a client recover damages. If a product has been found to be defective and that product was a contributing factor in a collision, there may also be grounds for a claim. Anyone involved in an automobile mishap, particularly one that has resulted in injuries, would be wise not to talk to the insurance company representing the party who was found to be at fault. A qualified legal professional will represent the client in all dealings with the other driver's insurance company.

Traffic Accident Lawyer

The young girl looked at the traffic ticket attorney and with pleading eyes asked him to somehow get her the lesser penalty. She had passed a school bus while it was loading because the young lady was late for high school that day and could not afford another tardy slip. The state in which this violation occurred enforced a mandatory one thousand dollar fine plus court costs, and an optional six month suspension of the offender's driver's license. The money was one thing, for the young lady had been a hard worker and a frugal saver, but losing the driver's license would be a blow to the ability to keep working at the mall store where she had shown great promise as a junior manager. The barrister knew it would be a tough sell to the juvenile judge hearing the case.

As many as five hundred thousand people are injured in motor vehicle accidents each year, and more than forty thousand are killed in auto related tragedies. Families often call upon a traffic accident lawyer to either defend a driver who has been charged with causing injury or death to others because of poor driving judgment, or to represent families seeking wrongful death or severe injury suits against other drivers whose poor skills behind the wheel brought about pain and suffering to loved ones. This kind of specialized law practice insures that the barrister representing the family knows the state motor vehicle with aplomb. Consider the case of a forty year old father of three who pulled into an intersection during a green light and was slammed broadside by a semi driver who had fallen asleep after seventeen hours on the road and ran the red light in his lane. The father survived the accident, but would be left in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

In this particular case, a traffic ticket attorney whose specialty would be knowing all the laws and the punishments for various motor vehicle violations might be called upon the represent the truck driver, but a traffic accident lawyer whose expertise is in wrongful injury suits might be called upon to represent the father. Each practice has a specialty in a specific motor vehicle area, and can provide superb representation at crisis times in a driver's life. The traffic ticket attorney knew the ins and outs of the juvenile traffic court system in the county where the barrister lived. The attorney was also very much aware of the hot buttons that pushed the particular judge hearing the case to make certain decisions. The long years of experience in working strictly with motor vehicle violations that had resulted in citations had paid off for thousands of her clients.

The barrister knew that the judge had a real contempt for this particular violation because a cousin had been killed years earlier by a teenager that failed to stop for a school bus that was picking up children on a rural country road. But this traffic ticket attorney had studied long and hard in college to several professors that taught the skill of business negotiation, and applied the knowledge gained from those classes to skillfully approach the judge in chambers in a non-emotionally charged climate. She might be able to negotiate a compromise on the six month suspension because the young lady the attorney represented had a sterling driving record before this incident.
In the other case, a traffic accident lawyer that has specialized expertise wrongful death and injury lawsuits, has certain knowledge that makes his/her representation invaluable to a client. The traffic accident attorney began by explaining how wrongful injury suits unfold. They often take several years or more to litigate, and the insurance companies often try every way possible to delay paying liability claims. There are some important pieces in the suit that must be present.

He explained that he would deal directly with the insurance companies involved. The barrister explained that he would talk to witnesses, take important photos of the auto wreckage and accident locations, and if needed, would hire an accident reconstruction engineer or other professionals as needed. The traffic accident lawyer explained that through his long experience he would decide how much of a claim should be made against the person who caused the accident to occur. "Blessed be the Lord, because he hath heard to voice of my supplications." (Psalm 28:6) Factors going in to deciding the size of a claim include damage to personal property, payment of all medical bills now and in the future, property loss as well and pain and suffering compensation and future earnings by the father.

The barrister also advised the husband and family that there were no guarantees in terms of outcome of their case or any case so that no false expectations were assumed. In the case of the traffic ticket lawyers, shoe charged a flat fee to represent the young lady. In the case of the traffic accident attorney, the man explained to the husband and family that no legal costs would come to them, but all courts costs and expert witness fees would be paid by the attorney. In exchange, the barrister would receive a percentage of the final judgment against the truck driver's insurance company, often amounting to thirty five percent. In each of these cases, hiring either a traffic accident lawyer or a traffic ticket attorney made the difference between six months of license suspension and two weeks of traffic school and almost a million dollars in extra settlement money.

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