Personal Injury Law Firm

Turning to a personal injury law firm can be the best alternative for individuals who have suffered harm or trauma due to the actions or negligence of others. There are a number of different types of damages that could be sighted in this type of lawsuit. Not only physical harm can be grounds for a suit, but other types of loss as well. Damage to property, individual rights or even personal reputation can sometimes result in being taken to court by the injured party. Contributing factors in these lawsuits could include unsafe working conditions, improperly performed repairs, automobile accidents that occurred as a result of another driver's carelessness or negligence, a poorly made or dangerous product, unsafe conditions in a public place or at someone's home that resulted in injury or a number of other factors. Medical malpractice is another reason that clients turn to a personal injury law firm. Both physical and mental pain that is caused by someone else's negligence can be grounds for filing suit against another individual or organization. There have been many frivolous lawsuits through the years that have given personal injury lawsuits something of a bad name. Additionally, there have been many greedy clients and legal professionals who pursue court cases for less than honorable reasons. Yet at the same time there can be legitimate reasons to file such suits. For some, covering staggering medical bills is the main motivating factor.

In many cases, a potential client may wonder whether or not they should look into the services of a personal injury law firm. Most legal professionals will allow potential clients to meet for a free consultation. In this consultation, the injured party can gain insight as to the legitimacy of their lawsuit and whether or not it would be wise to move forward. Since most states impose a statute of limitations on these kinds of suits, consulting an attorney in a timely manner is a good idea. Attorneys who specialize in this area of the law can explain to a client about the kinds of damages that can be claimed. Such damages could include lost wages, medical bills, any expenses that were incurred as a result of emergency treatment, rehabilitation expenses, any wages that are likely to be lost in the future, medications and medical supplies, the projected cost of any future medical treatment, and a number of other expenses. A seriously injured client will not be pursuing a lawsuit simply as part of some kind of get rich quick scheme. The cost of medical treatment is quite high and seeking to have these expenses paid for can mean the difference between solvency and bankruptcy. More importantly, recovering such expenses may mean the difference in receiving quality medical care and going without. A personal injury law firm can help a deserving client receive the funds that are coming to them. Reputable legal professionals should also be willing to advise a client if the potential lawsuit is frivolous or excessive.

When the unthinkable happens, a personal injury law firm can help surviving families file wrongful death lawsuits. When the negligence or malice of another individual results in the tragic death of a loved one, survivors may be entitled to damages. This is particularly true when families suffer financially because of the loss of the victim. Emotional pain can be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit as well. Of course, there must be adequate proof that the defendant is at least partially to blame for the death of the beloved victim. Laws have changed in this area. At one time, only the victim could bring suit, leaving the survivors no options for recovery of damages. In each state there are differing laws that will pertain to survivor's rights and entitlements. If it can be proven that the defendant was completely or partially to blame for the victim's death, there are other criteria that must be met as well. It must be proven that the defendant was negligent or in some other way responsible. Specific economic disadvantages to survivors as a result of the victim's untimely death must be clearly demonstrated. Such economic concerns could include the cost of medical care, funeral expenses, and the forfeiture of the victim's potential lifetime earnings. These earnings could also include pensions, retirement benefits, insurance, and other financial factors. A personal injury law firm will be able to help families understand all of their options in these cases.

Individuals may have concerns as to how they will pay for the services of a personal injury law firm. Most firms will allow clients to pay only when the suit results in a monetary settlement. This type of payment arrangement can be very beneficial for clients who are already financially stressed due to hefty medical bills. The Bible give clear instructions on the attitude of compassion that believers are to extend toward those who are suffering. Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep. (Romans 12:15)

Not all cases are clear cut, leaving potential clients unsure about whether or not they need the services of a personal injury law firm. A reputable attorney should be able to advise a client on the validity of a specific case. Clients will need to provide clear and verifiable facts to their legal representation. Honesty and full cooperation between lawyer and client is essential. Whatever options a client might choose, the services of these firms can often make a huge difference in the life of a plaintiff.

Personal Injury Defense

Mounting a personal injury defense cannot be successfully accomplished alone by the average defendant in a lawsuit. This situation is not the time to experiment using one's amateur status as a legal buff to try and stave off what usually amounts to a pretty aggressive attack by a heat seeking plaintiff. Animal bites, motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall injuries, premises violations and wrongful death are all part of the legal arena calling for a personal injury defense in many cases. While a majority of all civil lawsuits are dismissed as frivolous or without merit, the remaining ones can be financially devastating to the plaintiff without a strong defense and insurance protection. Choosing an attorney for such a circumstance may not be as easy as opening up a phonebook, closing one's eyes and pointing.

In most PI cases, the issues come down to negligence and whether or not it existed at the time of the injury. For example, in the case of what are called slip and fall cases, the question of whether or the plaintiff knew about the injury causing condition for a period of time and failed to take action must be proven. When a person hires a personal injury defense lawyer, the expense she must often incur as a result of her investigation of the facts can often be quite expensive. Whether or not one's indemnity insurance from homeowner's insurance will cover these expenses is something that can be explored with an insurance agent. Limits of a homeowner's insurance policy may force someone to buy an extra indemnity policy.

Animal bite lawsuits are routinely filed and are also the interest of a PI attorney. Most homeowner's insurance will cover some liability in regards to dog bites but may not cover pet snake bites or other unusual pet attacks. Certain breeds of dogs may not be covered under regular homeowner's insurance and may not pay for a personal injury defense attorney in a civil lawsuit. Care must be taken to understand whether or not actual court costs and attorney fees are covered under a person's homeowner policy or just the judgment costs. These are issues to be explored with one's insurance agent. While most suits of this sort usually end up in pre-trial settlements, there are expenses from the attorney that may have to be paid out of pocket and not from insurance coverage. Check with your agent on coverage limitations.

Most states require that drivers carry at least a minimum amount of personal injury liability insurance. This gives some medical coverage to those passengers riding in the car with the driver as well as those in other cars that also may have been involved in the accident. In the event that a driver is sued for damages not covered by insurance or is criminally prosecuted for traffic violations bringing about injury or death, a personal injury defense attorney will be required. In this particular case, the lawyer used should have extensive experience in the area of motor vehicle law. In many cases, extra expense will be incurred by the plaintiff for expert witnesses and perhaps professionally constructed models to explain and recreate the accident scene. These expenses may or not be covered by one's auto insurance and if a person is a bit queasy about all of this expense, an insurance agent should be contracted to explore additional coverage.
But personal injury does not just describe an injury to the body. Mental anguish and suffering brought on by slander, false arrest and invasion of privacy also comes under the interest of the personal injury defense attorney. Depending on the circumstances, a shopper falsely arrested for lifting merchandise and detained by security guards might have some grounds for suit. A PI lawyer would need to be contacted to see if any recourse exists for the accused. Magazines divulging private information about a person that could be slanderous may be sued by a plaintiff using a PI attorney. God does not help those who help themselves, but rather defends those who cannot defend themselves. God if the defender of those who seek Him as the psalmist writes: "He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved." (Psalm 62:2)

Unlike criminal law where a person who is accused of a crime is provided a free defense attorney if none can be afforded, civil law forces a person to either defend himself or hire an attorney. If a person must seek help in the form of a personal injury defense lawyer the costs could be quite high. Before ever making the decision of who to hire, some important questions should be asked of the attorney candidate, and answers should satisfy the client totally and completely. To begin, the issue of the attorney costs must be addressed; the barrister ought to reveal at least a ballpark idea of what the costs will be, including expenses and should discuss whether or not there is a way to pay in an installment plan. The attorney's philosophy for similar cases should also be revealed; usually it is a "go for broke" mentality or a "looking for a compromise" mindset. A good personal injury defense attorney will discuss the pitfalls and obstacles that lay along the path to being vindicated or experiencing a favorable judgment. Finally, a client should trust his attorney and if there is some semblance of uneasiness with the relationship, a client has every right to ask for a change if a legal firm is involved.

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