Tax Audit Lawyer

A tax litigation lawyer is sometimes needed to sort out the often complicated maze of legal problems that can mount as a result of unresolved tax issues. Whether for business or personal interests, lawyers can be extremely helpful and necessary in dealing with concerns such as audits or back taxes. When the IRS or a local state gets involved in business or personal finances, most individuals alone neither have the knowledge or the will to handle the possible interrogation and subsequent fines or judgments that can come against them. Laws, codes and requirements change frequently which can make even the most careful business or personal disclosure come up short in an audit. Make sure that the best advice from a reputable tax audit lawyer is available for any prospective complications that can arise during tax assessments.

Attorneys that specialize in matters that relate to income taxes for both personal and business interests can provide strategies and resolutions based on years of experience and education. Dealing with the IRS can be very "taxing" for most people as well as leave them in trouble with unresolved income disclosure concerns. A good tax litigation lawyer can properly assess the situation and propose a resolution that may be agreeable to both client and federal or state interests. Many businesses or individuals do not know their rights under the law and may be easily manipulated or ignorantly coerced by professionals whose job it is to crack down on criminal or negligent activities.

Many citizens may not know codes or laws and when confronted with many issues relating to taxes, are not able to properly defend themselves or their assets. Not all IRS problems are the result of malicious or premeditated evasion tactics by US citizens. Sometimes problems are caused by an improper understanding of laws or a change in individual or business status. There are many different codes that relate to individual standing that includes issues such as family dependents, real estate, savings, capital gains and other investments. Marriage or dependant status that changes can be a problem in some instances and may need the assistance of a good tax audit lawyer.

Business taxes are another concern for many owners of small or large companies. Smaller businesses may succumb to the temptation to handle taxes without a tax litigation lawyer on retainer. This can prove to be a serious mistake as continual changes in Internal Revenue requirements occur almost yearly. Before a small business even gets started, it is wise to choose a good tax litigation lawyer who understands all the business concerns that relate to taxes. Checking with qualified attorneys throughout the year will insure that taxes are safely remitted and all assets are completely accounted for during year end submissions.

Nothing can be worse for a small business to find that there has been some mishandling of finances that requires an audit from the IRS. Planning ahead with the help of a qualified tax audit lawyer can provide reasonable assurance of nothing occurring that will blindside an owner or sink a small company. "Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord...But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Romans 12:11, Matthew 6:33) Large companies obviously have much bigger concerns that relate to the IRS including employee taxes, profit and asset accountability. Audits are common in large companies and most will need the services of an attorney who will walk the company through an audit and its subsequent concerns.

When an individual or business needs to hire an attorney, there are several things to consider before choosing any one person or firm. Always look for attorneys that offer a legal specialty that relates to the issue at hand. For audits, a tax audit lawyer is the best choice since he or she will be up to speed on the newest laws and legal strategies that are relevant for cases involving taxes. A personal, family attorney that handles general legal matters may not be the best choice, although he or she may be able to recommend a good tax attorney. At the time of audit, a taxpayer or business owner wants the most experienced tax litigation lawyer they can find.

Always look for an attorney that has had successful experience in resolving audits and serious cases involving the IRS. Experience is a major consideration for audits since no one wants a novice dealing with the livelihood of any family or business. Word of mouth from friends or family members who have received satisfactory results is a good indicator of an experienced tax audit lawyer. It can be expensive to hire an experienced attorney who specializes in audits and taxes. However, the money that is saved in fines and fees may prove to be well worth the investment in a good attorney.

Tax Debt Attorney

Hiring a tax debt attorney was the last thing Mr. Stumblebum wanted to do. He had completed his personal income return himself using something from a box purchased at a local office supply house, but apparently the software didn't cover some issues the man had with foreign investments in Borneo. The man had wanted to start a much needed vacation with the family to a dude ranch in Wyoming, and instead the IRS was ready to put a lien on the house in three days if there was not an acceptable response from Stumblebum. The man was facing some serious issues, and now the man's back was in the corner. But a tax relief attorney was not in the picture until now.

Stumblebum looked through the phone book and came up with the name of a barrister that advertised the specialty of dealing with the IRS. The copy in the ad stated that in addition to his credentials, the attorney had staff people who were former IRS agents, and knew the system and the exise law inside out. The barrister agreed to come out himself and visit the poor guy and that afternoon Stumblebum began to realize the gravity of his situation. The lawyer began by reminding Stumblebum of three mistakes that many exise payers make. The first mistake the tax relief attorney reminded the guy of is procrastination. Stumblebum admitted that right away because this levy problem first surfaced two years ago, and when the guy got the notice, burying it in a bottom desk drawer was the action taken. "The firing pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the Lord trieth the hearts." (Proverbs 17:3)

The second mistake the guy was reminded of was the mistake to try and represent himself to the government. Stumblebum had numerous contacts with the IRS when the letters kept coming like never ending missiles to the house, but had found the IRS a rather stoic and unsympathetic group of people to work with. Trying to keep the correspondence from a spouse can be wearisome, as the husband soon found out, but to his credit, the man wanted to keep worry from the family. The whole process became so tedious that Stumblebum finally gave up one day and spilled the whole story to the lady of the house and she had the good sense to advise getting a tax debt attorney. Making this whole thing go away became an obsession for the man, and now the importance of the vacation faded quickly.

The seasoned tax debt attorney began to show the poor guy the only IRS approved to get exise relief. The first way is to come up with an installment agreement approved by the IRS. The attorney told the man that this could actually be done himself by applying for an installment payment paid by at the same day each month. The exise payer can actually apply for a monthly payment that is agreeable to the taxpayer's household budget, but the IRS must agree to the amount. In this case, the tax relief attorney would not be needed if Stumblebum was willing to take on all the paperwork himself. The second way to have levy relief is to have a seasoned tax professional negotiate a partial payment of the entire amount owed the government, and then set up a repayment schedule of the agreed on amount. This method of debt relief allows the balance of the taxes to be dropped after partial payment is made and the partial payment plan is much easier to secure than the third method of exise debt relief.

The third way the helpful tax debt attorney told our man that relief could be found is through offering a compromise to the IRS. This method succeeds only sixteen percent of the time, and it is absolutely essential to have a tax professional such as a tax relief attorney represent the client in this process, which usually takes about twenty four months to complete. An attorney assisting in such an appeal will charge, in many cases, at least three thousand dollars and possibly quite a bit more, and the outcome is always in doubt. Stumblebum realized that this attorney seemed to be honest and trustworthy, not pulling any punches, and as a result thought that if this is the direction he would go, the process could be more tolerable with this attorney at the helm. One of the other pieces of advice from this professional was that Stumblebum should have a backup plan ready to go if the offer is refused by the IRS.

The final way that the tax attorney said our guy could have tax relief was to file bankruptcy and petition to have the levies dissolved with the other debt relief. While this particular solution was not the forte of this tax debt attorney, the information given was very helpful. Stumblebum could only ask for relief through bankruptcy if the levy filing was at least three years old, the return was filed at least two years ago, the assessment was at least two hundred and forty days old, the tax return was not found to be fraudulent and there was no evidence that exise evasion on the part of the filer. As the sun set in the western sky that evening, the man with his back against the wall and the seasoned tax professional were still trying to hash out a plan that would be beneficial for the man and his family.

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