Lemon Laws

1. Lemon laws protect consumers who may have purchased a faulty motor vehicle otherwise known as a "lemon."

The laws exist to help any consumer whose vehicle is in the shop more than it is on the road. Each state has its own rules, so be sure to find out the requirements in your particular state before pursuing a refund from the dealer or automaker. These rules were put in place to protect you, the consumer from manufacturer defects in automobiles.

2. Most people who choose arbitration under a lemon law are adequately prepared for the proceedings.

The problems with your "lemon" vehicle must be well documented. An outline of the problems by component will assist the arbitrator in sorting through your car's repair work and confirming that laws have been violated. A lemon law attorney is helpful in confirming that all requirements, such as notifying the manufacturer or dealer of all repair work, have been followed. Following the rules and being properly prepared are very important in winning a case.

3. You can discontinue your car loan payments should you pursue a refund under your state's lemon law.

You should continue your car loan payments until arbitration is complete. Most state's provide for a complete reimbursement for loan payments plus interest if you win at arbitration. A lemon law attorney in your state can advise you of your state's rules and regulations. As always, knowing and following your state's rules can make the difference of winning or losing in a court.

4. It is not required that you obtain a lemon law attorney in order to pursue arbitration.

While a lemon law attorney who is more familiar with your state's regulations can assist you with arbitration, it is not entirely necessary to obtain one. In many states, arbitration requires that you present your case to an arbitration board in person, by telephone, or letter. The automaker or dealer will have the chance to present their side as well. Should you prove your case, that your car is in fact a damaged goods, the arbitration board can force the automaker to purchase the car from you.

5. When pursuing arbitration or retribution, always seek more money than you paid for the automobile.

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