Marketing Lead Generation

A marketing lead generation campaign must be an ongoing war fought every business day of the year from small business to mega corporations. It is the Christmas wish for salesperson, their managers and the owners of the smallest enterprises. Finding leads to new customers especially during down economic times becomes a life and death struggle for many, and when the old ways for getting leads don't work as well any more, new ways must be found and used. Well, some of the old ways don't work anymore. The good old networking sessions where people got together and exchanged business cards worked until it became clear that the same people were coming to every network session without much new blood being pumped in to the gatherings. The jury is still out on cold calling, because that has been the life source of the salesperson for over a hundred years. Those who believe in this method seem to be able to make it work for part of the marketing lead generation hunt strategy.

But experts are still pretty high on the trade show exhibitions that are regularly held across the country. Seen as a pretty fair developer of marketing lead generation, those spending the money and time to go better have a real game plan when the doors open up. For the very large exhibitions, there is often not enough time to cover all the territory and mine all the resources. There are over 2500 trade shows each year in the United States, making this a real time hotbed for finding new customers. To make it clear as to how much God knows each of our life situations and values us, Jesus said, "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? (One quarter of one cent) And one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are numbered." (Matthew 10:29-30)

Today, the world has been overtaken with the monstrous shadow of the Internet. As such, it is the new frontier for marketing lead generation. And any small business owner, salesperson or manager tasked with hunting down and capturing new customers has better understand what's hot and what's not. No doubt the rules will change again in a few years. To start, one's website had better be search engine optimized. Search engines send out robots to crawl all over websites to find key words and phrases related to a person's online search for information. A business website must come up as much as possible on the first page of most search engines' results pages so that attention is captured. Sixty percent of all searchers never go to the second page of a results search, so the optimization need is real.

Secondly, the website needs to be a part of one or more affiliate networks for maximum Net exposure. Apart from the chance to make money, affiliate networking allows a website to be advertised on hundreds if not thousands of websites. Links on websites across the galaxy of the Internet's five billion pages give a company the chance to rein in marketing lead generation results as never before. While many follow the often strident rule of only networking with kindred companies who have the same demographic or interest surfers, all rules can be broken and experimentation will have to be done until results occur at the level expected. But there are other ways to get new leads.

Companies offer lead lists for various industries. Depending on the searches people make online, companies capture these responses and place them in either phone or email list form. They can be purchased in bundles and some bought one at a time. These leads, depending on how hot they are and how exclusive they may be, can cost from a few dollars to almost a hundred, depending on the industry and the number of people who will have access to them. If the hunter of marketing lead generation results is a super salesperson, then these may be of high value and a good investment.

But the hottest method on the market today seems to be in the sphere of blogging. People love to read the thoughts of others, and especially experts in all areas. Salespersons and small business owners are real experts in their fields and can create truly helpful blog or lens that will answer people's questions. A blog is not a sales field, but a place where knowledge is dispensed, surrounded by billboard and advertisements to go and visit that all important website. Blogging doesn't even have to be about business. The weekly or monthly posting can truly be one's passion, but still surrounded with links to visit that website the blog becomes a marketing lead generation firecracker.

And when linked to a targeted email campaign, the blog and perhaps a company newsletter can be very powerful tools to gain the upper hand in that perpetual marketing lead generation safari. When a targeted email campaign is undertaken, email addresses used should have been screened and vetted, with all recipients having agreed to receiving email regarding a particular subject so that massive deletions don't occur. An email introducing a company or product can include an invitation to subscribe to an online newsletter that of course will have links to the website, but they can also have links to that blog, which will also have links to the website. Imagine the power of having fifty or a hundred blogs with all kinds of social networking possibilities traveling all over the world with links right back to your website.

Targeted Lead Generation

Targeted lead generation is the most effective way to use any of the marketing tools at the disposal of the small business owner or marketer. Targeted or specific marketing is much like using the garden hose on a hot summer to quench one's thirst. Getting a drink when the nozzle is set to a fine mist can be quite unsatisfying, although it can make your head and face feel wonderful. But placed on the deluge setting, the thirst can be slaked with no effort. A business owner may feel quite powerful sending out fifty million emails in a bulk mailing, but when all those spam blockers have kicked in, there aren't as many respondents to that ginormous mailing as there were rescuers for George Custer at Little Big Horn. But ten thousand emails sent to recent inquirers about credit counseling may prove quite tasty for the loan consolidation broker looking for new customers. There are some specific things a person seeking targeted lead generation can use to help accomplish the goal of finding new customers.

A targeted phone lead list may be helpful to the business person or salesman that can make the telephone hum with success. There are a number companies that can offer telephone leads for varying prices, usually dependent upon how many others also see the number and how recent the prospect popped up on the companies' radar screen. Make sure you know the difference between phone lists and phone leads. A phone list may provide you names to everyone who is a Republican when you are looking for everyone who is a Democrat, or vice versa which can make a large phone list quite low. targeted lead generation phone lists that real estate driven are very short, maybe 25 to bundle and they are quite legit and very expensive. Since they have been thoroughly vetted and pre screened and if no other person sees the name, each name in a 25 bundle pack may cost as much as 80 or 90 dollars each. Should other lead seekers be exposed to the same number, the price may drop as low as 25 or 30 dollars.

If making the plunge into the purchase of phone leads, make sure one's phone skills are superb and that the percentage of your phone closings are pretty high. Buying targeted lead generation phone numbers doesn't guarantee by any means that a sale can be made. If on the other hand and agent could make two sales out of twenty five calls, costing two thousand dollars, but making ten thousand in commissions, then the investment in the high priced leads will have been worth the cost. More and more, followers of Jesus Christ are being persecuted and killed overseas and mocked in America through the media. Jesus once declared that anyone following Him must consider the price of doing so: "So likewise whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath cannot be my disciple." (Luke 14:33)

Another tool that is in the targeted lead generation hunt arsenal is targeted email lists. Within these scrubbed and vetted lists are very specific kinds of parameters that can be customized for a customer. Dynamics such as specific ages, occupations, hobbies, income level and geographical area can be plotted into the mix. In most cases, companies that handle large email mailings can be employed to do the legwork, and the customer can often check on responses in almost real time to see the results of the campaign. But targeted lead generation emails must have some pretty compelling reasons why the recipient shouldn't delete the message right away. And that is where a third piece of the puzzle falls into place.

Today when just cold calling isn't as effective and handing out business cards may be okay for some sales applications but not all, the Internet must be used to its fullest capacity. In this targeted lead generation application, a very compelling strategy needs to be employed using invitations within the email to receive a newsletter that speaks directly to the known interests of the recipient and to visit a blog that can be filled with help for some issue the email recipient may be facing. For example, sports memorabilia company sends out ten thousand targeted emails to NASCAR fans over the age of forty and with incomes above fifty thousand dollars. In that email is an invitation to receive a free subscription to an online newsletter filled with current NASCAR stuff that also has links inviting visits to the company's website and a blog. The blog discusses one person's love for the sport, and is changed quite often, but also includes links to the website, links to receive the free newsletter, and to also post one's own thoughts on that blog.

Nothing is more powerful than scratching someone right where the itch is located. Using the phone, emails, newsletters, blogs and other medium can certainly help in the hunt and capture of targeted lead generation results. But the cold calling still works often, as does the trip to various trade exhibitions throughout the year. Networking meetings are not as productive as they used to be because the same people usually show up for each event. Getting leads has never been so easy through savvy use of Internet, and never so hard, because of all the work to get the Internet thing to, well, work.

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