Marketing Sales Leads

Marketing sales leads are the lifeblood of any business and generating them on an ongoing basis is crucial for that business to stay ahead of the curve. Many surveys of small business owners rank the generating of sales leads as the biggest and sometimes most worrisome aspect of building a business venture. Because the world is changing so much right in front of all our eyes, the generating of leads is becoming an ever changing swirl of high tech marketing sales leads techniques and some old fashioned never die methods. Regardless of the types of methods, it comes down to the never ending hunt. Here are some of the timed tested low tech ways.

Two that come to mind are trade exhibitions and the use of the telephone. Trade exhibitions, in terms of both b2b and customer leads become a real fountain of lead possibilities when the hunters and the hunted all come together under the same roof, ready and eager to do the dance of the buyer and seller. Few opportunities are as concentrated into a few days as the trade show exhibition and it becomes imperative the salesperson or the small business owner have a planned marketing assault ready when the doors are opened. But the buying of a vetted and screened targeted phone list is also a powerful tool in gaining new customers. With the sometimes over emphasis with online solutions, the personal contact of a phone call can still beat the impersonal email campaign hands down. But unless young salespeople or even non-trained business owners have their phone skills honed, this method for finding marketing sales leads will not prove to be successful.

On the Internet side of things, where most of the commerce growth seems to have been happening lately, there are a number of things that a small business owner can do to find new customer candidates. The most obvious one is to have a powerful and compelling website that will draw in customers. The site must be powerful in the sense that all the answers that a customer might have about the subject material are presented, or sites where they can be found are offered. The website must also be compelling, meaning that the copy must be fresh and interesting, without a lot of flash and glitter. After all, time is still the major currency for most busy people and in order to compel the surfer to remain on the site, there had better be a reason and it better be found quickly. The best companion for finding marketing sales leads along with the website is the use of affiliate marketing with that site. Finding a like-minded network of other companies and placing one another's ads on proprietary sites can enormously improve the footprint of one's own company.

One of the great advantages to the Internet is access to nearly a thousand million web surfers. This almost inexhaustible resource of names can be, like the phone lists, screened heavily for whom just the sort of customer the salesperson is looking. Age, occupation, geographic location, income and other search criteria can be built into the list and some lists that companies offer can be refined to much more explicit detail. This enables a very effective marketing sales leads email campaign to be conducted. Many wonder if America is in her last decade of greatness, following a sharp decline in morality and interest in having God as a partner in schools and acknowledged in government. "Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain." (Psalm 127:1)

One of the newer methods of generating marketing sales leads is to use the power of podcasts. Essentially a home grown radio program over the Internet, it gives the small business owner the chance to interview other customers, staff persons and share one's own passion and excitement in a way with which people can really hear and identify. With just a few hundred dollars, a business owner can offer this sort of truly personalized communication device to reach the millions of Internet users. This method of generating marketing sales leads is not a gimmick, but rather one of the many components going into the hunt for new customers.

Maybe the most important part of any hunt for the elusive customer is the development of two things: a newsletter and a blog. In the case of the newsletter, a small business owner may not have time to put together a nice format of photos, new product updates, intros to staff persons and other ever changing information, but often the franchise or an association of like-minded producers or manufacturers can produce one that is usable. A subscription to the online newsletter makes a perfect free gift offer in that email campaign. The up and coming way of really getting new marketing sales leads is the use of a personal blog because the small business owner and salesperson has an expertise that others are seeking. Writing a weekly or monthly blog or lens enables the person hunting for leads to attract those looking for answers to questions and places the writer squarely in the position of being remembered when the need for a product or service arises. The blog is not a place to dump a wagon load of sales on the reader, but rather it gives chance to provide much needed answers to questions, and a place to provide a link to your website.

Online Marketing Company

An online marketing company can take a brand new business owner who is a neophyte in terms of the Internet and turn him into the owner of a powerful website of his dreams. From start to finish if a business owner desires, an online marketing company can completely manage the entire creation and marketing of his Internet web presence. In the 21st century a company's silhouette on the Internet can make all the difference between whole business success and failure. There are after all, an estimated five billion pages on the World Wide Web and the number is growing exponentially. And because the Internet has become the most cost effective way of reaching the masses, every aspect of a business's Web presence must be fully realized.

When a customer comes to a credible Internet marketing firm for its help and guidance in putting together a full packaged program, the firm should first sit down with the owner and get to both him and the business in which he is engaged. If the web firm knows nothing about that business, it will do enough research on its own to become at least capable of speaking to the owner's basic needs and goals. An online marketing company, having done its due diligence ahead of time, will be able to identify target demographics, potential customer needs and ways to reach those hot button issues. Making the owner comfortable with its approach is the first step in the advertising company's strategy. The second step is the creation of a website.

There are plenty of free templates online to create one's own website without ever using a professional design company. There are also software packages that can be purchased to design a site also. But an advertising firm can help with a custom logo design, graphics that didn't look like they came out of a box and website that both is attractive but also has ease of use. The design pros will understand that unless the company is a fireworks company or a high fashion design company, too much flash and glitter in a website can actually send business visitors away. The website will be designed by the online marketing company to quickly help speed the visitor to the information needed for quick appraisal. God's appraisal of us is the result of His knowing every detail of our lives. "If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold thou art there and if I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there shall thy hand lead me and they right hand shall hold me." (Psalm 139:8-10)

Search engine optimization will be the supreme goal of the web designers of a company's site. Every company that owns a site has the goal of getting on the first page of the major search engines' results pages. That is a lofty goal, but one very much sought for because more than 60% of all customers go no further than the first results page when choosing a website of interest. Making sure that a search engine's robots find enough evidence of an inquirer's keyword search on the pages of the website can be, if not science, than at least an art form, so the online marketing company and those tasked with design and copywriting are key to the website's success. But that is only the beginning of the web company's responsibilities in this total package project.

The idea will be to get the website in front of as many people as possible, and that will begin with an affiliate marketing network. Affiliate advertising is the Internet equivalent of the billboards along the interstates inviting travelers to get off and visit their respective businesses. The actual application is hundreds or perhaps thousands of related websites join together in agreement to sponsor portal links to other websites in exchange for payment of an eventual sale is made. Getting into a network of related websites is the key to highly successful affiliate marketing. And while the business owner can get his website into these networks himself, the online marketing company can easily accomplish this as part of its total package service.

Because the Internet is the easiest, quickest and most cost effective way to reach potentially millions of customers, a targeted email blitz campaign will be the first aggressive marketing tactic that the online marketing company will employ to get its client on the map, so to speak. There are countless online companies ready to sell or provide customers with millions of email addresses that can be the recipients of a company's email advertising campaign. The problem arises however that in 99% of the cases the message will be viewed as spam and either blocked by the computer's security or deleted immediately by the recipient. A targeted email campaign with opt in recipients is the answer to a successful Internet mail project. There is another service the marketing firm can provide that is viral in nature.

The online marketing company can provide a viral marketing approach to the email and website tools with strategies aimed at getting viewers to pass along the website to others in their social network. Posting a creative message on YouTube and other social networking sites can encourage viewers to pass along the message to friends and colleagues. Encouragements and incentives in the email campaign to pass along the email message to others can also quickly get a company in front of thousands of unimagined viewers. Too much is often at stake in today's business world to trust marketing to someone your cousin knows. Professional assistance and guidance can quickly pay off the expense of employing people who know what they are doing.

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