Instant Loans

1. An instant loan is a short term loan used for any purpose.

This type of financing can be obtained quickly when a borrower needs fast cash before payday. Unlike most loans, an instant fund is considered short term. It can be used for emergencies, car repairs, vacations or any other purpose. There are maximum amount restrictions with this type of loan which will limit the type of purchases that can be made.

2. You must have good credit to get an instant loan.

An applicant does not have to have stellar credit. Those with bad credit are often approved. Most funding companies do not even perform a credit check before approving the borrower. Since the funding is considered short term, and the loan amounts are not high, the lender takes the risk with bad credit applicants because they charge very high interest rates.

3. Instant loan lenders allow free extensions and low interest rates.

These lending companies allow extensions for an additional fee. The loans are short term and do not offer low interest rates. Some can have interest rates as high as 500%. It is wise for a potential borrower to prioritize their financial emergency logically before applying for a quick funding source. Chances are, if they need the money so badly that they will pay 500%, they can't afford the 500% to begin with.

4. You can get an instant loan online.

They can be processed electronically by an online personal loan service. They can also be deposited directly into the applicant's checking account. Once the application is approved, it is usually deposited into an account by the next business day.

5. It is good to research instant loan options before getting one.

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