Legit Work At Home Jobs

Most individuals engaged in legit work at home jobs don't earn thousands of dollars just for stuffing envelopes. As a matter of fact, the odds are that no legitimate home-based businesses will pay off that kind of cash for stuffing envelopes, turkeys, or any other such thing. When it comes to finding lucrative stay-at-home careers, it is best to remember that old axiom: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." If thousands could be made from stuffing envelopes, surely there would be thousands of individuals clamoring to get in on the most lucrative venture ever offered. While enterprising individuals can earn good wages through self-employment, fantastic claims rarely pay off and many unsuspecting consumers get ripped off chasing a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It's best to focus on companies which offer a median income and reasonable expectations, rather than being duped into paying good money for unsubstantiated claims of potential success. The Bible warns against believing false prophets, or those who espouse fraudulent claims. "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:" (I John 4:1).

Internet advertising has probably spawned just as many illegitimate business ventures as authentic ones. Con artists post dummy sites to draw cash-strapped and desperate browsers into buying e-books, tapes, and CDs on how to get rich quick with little or no effort. Most of them promise "instant success" on a shoestring investment of less than the price of a cup of coffee a day. Many sites finagle a $29.95 one-time fee from consumers for signing up for the world's "best kept secret to financial success." Cyberspace consumers, eagerly anticipating a well written manual on how to build successful money making web- or home-based enterprises, are saddened to find hype-filled pages of examples of legit work at home jobs that almost anyone could have compiled with a PC and a laser printer.

What makes legit work at home jobs different from those that promise instant, no-money-down success is that there will generally be contact with a real live company representative who can be dialed via a toll-free telephone number or email address. Legitimate offers for home-based self-employment with bona fide companies will also provide participants with forms for filing taxes on earned income, usually a W-9 for independent contractors. A reputable firm is also just as interested in screening individuals who respond to their advertising as the individuals are in screening them. Company representatives offering legit work at home jobs will often take applicants through a two- to three-day process of verifying skills and experience, providing online or telecommunications training sessions, and scheduling informative conference calls to give serious applicants the tools and skills they need to succeed.

Companies that offer legit work at home jobs can easily be verified through the Better Business Bureau or office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Individuals interested in seeking employment can investigate the legitimacy of businesses offering home-based employment by doing an online search. Search engines may reveal links to articles or plaintiffs who had negative experiences seeking bona fide home-based business opportunities through unscrupulous enterprises which take advantage of unemployed and desperate consumers. Most reputable firms will have contact information for chief executive officers, managerial staff, and human resources directors, along with positive feedback.

Fake testimonials are also a ploy fraudulent home-based business purveyors employ. But testimonials furnished by corporations and organizations which provide legit work at home jobs and money making opportunities will have verifiable sources of success stories. Company reps may schedule a teleconference with successful program participants to verbally confirm and attest to the effectiveness of program offerings. Some companies also partner applicants with seasoned self-employed entrepreneurs who have learned the ropes of the program and can mentor new converts as they discover the benefits of working a home-based enterprise.

Individuals interested in pursuing offers for legit work at home jobs should also be aware that many companies will ask for medium to large cash investments. Before spending large sums of money on inventory, training, and products, applicants should conduct background checks and visit the company website to investigate corporate heads and policies. The Better Business Bureau, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Secretary of State should all have information about a reputable company, including its date of incorporation, number of years in business, location of home offices, and a record of complaints, litigation, or pending arbitration with dissatisfied customers.

Legit work at home jobs can run the gamut from stuffing envelopes, billing medical services, providing virtual assistant services, researching and writing educational or scientific journals and papers, ghostwriting fiction novels, designing web sites, editing and proofreading original works, and even clipping coupons. The key to finding the right home-based business is to search the Internet for reputable and knowledgeable websites which offer reliable and credible information about long-term enterprises. Individuals should be sure to read the fine print before committing to working for fraudulent companies, especially to ensure that part or all of an initial investment can be refunded within a certain timeframe if the venture fails to deliver as promised. In the meantime, there are good firms and organizations geared toward helping home-bound individuals, retirees, and stay-at-home moms and dads make the best of their time, talent and abilities to earn a second income or build a formidable enterprise with ample monetary compensation.

Work At Home Job Opportunities

Work at home job opportunities are numerous and can be a good choice for parents who want to be at home with their children or for someone who just wants to supplement income. Some work at home job opportunities include home-based daycare, pet sitting, medical transcriptionist, loan processor, travel agent, phone sales, writer, and survey taker. These are just a few of the opportunities that can be found online. People decide to take on more responsibility to make money for different reasons and many want to have their own business. Anyone who has some spare time can choose to do something profitable especially with access to the Internet but being online is not a necessary requirement with many choices. "Also unto thee, O Lord, belongeth mercy: for Thou renders to every man according to his work" (Psalm 62:12).

A survey taker does not have to have previous technical or computer skills to do the job well. There are no products to sell or inventory to keep track of and no business overhead. Many companies are willing to pay for a consumer's opinion on products and services. Work at home job opportunities such as a survey taker can be accomplished in a person's free time. A person does not have to meet a certain quota in a specific amount of time. The money made is usually by survey completed. This is a good opportunity for someone who needs a little extra money to get by or who wants to take a trip or pay down debts faster. Sites online for survey takers will often ask for money upfront before a person can start. A person would be wise to check out all offers carefully before sending in money to avoid scams.

A medical transcriptionist types up patient files for professionals such as doctors. They have to know a lot of medical and technical terms and must have some previous training or education to do the job properly. Some schools offer the capability of studying online to receive a diploma. Work at home job opportunities for a medical transcriptionist can be very promising once the education or training is accomplished. Studies include learning about medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, laws, ethics in medicine, and computer applications. Schools that offer the program may help the student to develop a resume to use to apply for jobs as well as giving tips on interviewing and how to prepare a cover sheet.

Becoming a writer online is possible as many companies want to have quality content on their websites to attract business. The sites that have the most success are the ones that offer a variety of information on many subjects. Work at home job opportunities that advertise for writers may advertise for editors as well. To become a writer online the person will need to have some writing samples and successfully complete a writing test administered by the employer. Writers are often employed as freelance or independent contractors and make their money based upon the word count of completed articles. Companies are usually concerned about keywords and keyword phrases within an article. These help the site receive better search engine optimization. As the Internet continues to expand the opportunities for writers will become more numerous.

Home-based daycare centers can provide unique work at home job opportunities ideal for the person who loves to work with children. To do this successfully within a home the caregiver needs to do a lot of research including creating a business plan, operating policies, becoming compliant with state regulations, and employing detailed record-keeping. A written contract with the parents is a must as they understand what you will provide while keeping their children and what they must provide including payment, picking up a child on time, and any late fees that will apply for being late. Also, the caregiver needs to have a policy handbook that is signed off by the parents. Liability protection is a must in case a child becomes injured. In addition, a home-based daycare center should be licensed to operate by the state in which it resides.

Many loan processors choose to work at home but some do work out of mortgage offices. Becoming a loan processor can be done through training. Among work at home job opportunities this would be ideal for someone who does not mind research and putting files together to help individuals to be approved for a home loan. This includes working closely with loan officers who usually work out of a mortgage office. Loan processors and officers often send files back and forth. An officer will usually have the loan processor do most of the leg work when it comes to gathering information for a prospects file. After the file is complete then the officer checks it over for completion.

Working as a travel agent may be considered among the most enjoyable work at home job opportunities especially for the person who loves to travel. A travel agent works with clients to get the best products and services for the best price. They also provide advice to clients about different locations and variations in packages when traveling. Agents normally make a commission off of bookings for clients. Home based Internet businesses usually promote a large variety of travel packages including ones with cruise lines. They can offer a lot to those who want to make extensive travel plans to various locations. Choosing to work at home instead of having to pay expenses with maintaining a physical location will provide more profit for the person who seeks to be a travel agent.

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