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Make money web hosting by offering superlative support, plenty of storage space and flexible hosting options to the growing number of clients worldwide that are looking for economical, yet quality service. An ever increasing number of entrepreneurs are jumping into the hosting game by purchasing reseller server space in order to offer their own piece of the virtual world to new clients. As the Internet boom continues, the demand for this type of service continues to expand and smart business people can build a business from scratch with a lot of hard work and determination combined with expansive information and professional expertise.

In order to make money web hosting, an entrepreneur must build and effectively maintain an Internet host business over the long haul. Misplaced enthusiasm and uninformed decisions can bring a fledgling business to a halt within months while ending a well intentioned idea to make money hosting web site clients who require a quality product. For those who are interested in starting their own business providing server space and service for the expanding online market, there are several things to keep in mind. One of the first considerations when building an Internet host business is to check out several resellers that offer varying amounts of space and storage. Resellers offer space on servers that are shared, which is obviously limited at some point of usage. Many resellers tout their services as unlimited, but experienced entrepreneurs caution that the reality of the fact is that shared space are just that...shared. The more clients that use a server, the slower it runs and the more likely downtimes will occur.

Experts also suggest that cheap is not always best and aspiring business owners will most likely get what they pay for in a cheap hosting company. It is far better to find a company that offers extensive space and storage for a reasonable price that includes ironclad uptime agreements as well as plenty of speed for customer data transfers. In order to make money web hosting, an entrepreneur must be able to assure prospective clients that there will be plenty of space and speed to accommodate their needs no matter what. The only way to provide this guarantee is to find a quality web host business that insures their servers on all points. Another necessary issue that will spell success or failure for anyone that wants to make money hosting web site packages is a professional, timely support system. In the infant stages of any hosting company, an entrepreneur may be able to handle most tickets, emails, phone calls and other contacts by new customers.

Up to about 30 clients, most experienced host entrepreneurs can handle the required support requests themselves. When a business grows to 50 or more clients, it gets harder and harder to meet all the informational and service needs of the customer base. Some business owners have sited exhaustion and inability to attend to their growing client list. At this point, some owners outsource their support needs to a professional company in order to continue offering the best service that they can to a growing company. It costs money to make money web hosting and paying a reasonable fee each month to a reputable support company can be the best move any new Internet business can make. Some outsourcers offer support packages that include a certain number of clients with 24/7 support at a certain rate per month.

The package number can be increased as the Internet host business increases and most outsource options offer relatively cheap rates in relation to the support they provide. Professional IT experts that specialize in server support are best equipped to quickly troubleshoot for any business that wants to make money hosting web site packages, but also needs more time for building the business rather than concentrating on the support end of the business. This is the single most important function that any aspiring host company can offer its clients, therefore offering complete, experienced services will make or break a new business. "For there is a man whose labour is wisdom, and in knowledge, and in equity..." (Ecclesiastes 2:21a) Another consideration in building a successful business is a billing system for receiving orders, payments and financial processing.

There are many types of systems available that can keep track of new clients, billing, support contacts and other important contact features. A good billing package can be purchased for as low as $12 to $25 a month, depending on the needs of a particular business. Some systems offer a huge variety of features and a wise owner will carefully analyze his or her business needs before buying too many or too little features. Investing wisely is necessary for those who want to make money web hosting, since every added feature can run a package price up to astronomical proportions. Targeted advertising is another key element in developing a good business. Online traffic must be drawn to a website through many marketing methods such as email campaigns, forums, banner ads and even direct mail methods. Starting a business to make money hosting web site packages can cause continually increased earnings for any dedicated entrepreneur that takes a few risks, analyzes the options and implements the best methods for success.

Money Making Websites

Money making websites are a niche business that few people understand in terms of their profit producing power. Some websites are producing more than a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month, providing their owners with breathtaking income. Other are making six thousand dollars a month, still providing more income than most middle class households. There is gold in them thar hills when it comes to money making websites, but the little secret is that most websites don't make much money and only a few make over five hundred dollars a month. Finding out how to build these high profit making sites is the secret ingredient.

When talking about profit producing websites, the subject may turn quickly to retail websites where something is sold. Of course, some of the sites do provide retailers high profit potential. In this day and age, few people have not bought something seen on line using a credit card or Pay Pal. But the subject for this article is a website where content alone provides income for its owner. Jesus always taught that not listening and obeying His words would lead to a life filled with peril and heart break. "But he that heareth and doeth not is like a man that without a foundation built a house upon the earth; against which the stream did beat vehemently and immediately it fell; and the ruin of that house was great." (Mark 6:49)

Since blogs are some of the highest performing websites in terms of profit making, they are a good place to start the discussion regarding money making websites. The blog mania in America is fueled by the simple fact that any subject can be commented on and so the Internet becomes a community bulletin board where anyone can express an opinion and can be viewed from Rwanda to Russia to Rhode Island. And since many blogs are simply the extension of one's own passion about a subject, they are a natural springboard for profit generation. In other words, what could be more unpretentious and effortless than producing information about the subject a person is so wrapped up in? Making an income while doing what one immensely loves is nothing short of an example of life's great joys.

A blog can be about anything but there are certain subjects that are the most popular. Blogs that are humor driven or tech centered are the most heavily visited. No matter what the subject is of the blog, the principles of marketing still are in effect. And the adage that says the more customers an entrepreneur has through the front door the more money will be made is still true for Internet marketing as well. The old adage says scratch an itch and people will respond is certainly borne out on the Internet. People need humor and they need information and the money making websites that do one or the other or both will be the ones that make the money.

Now the money that is made on these blogs is made through affiliate marketing on those sites. Let's say for example that a person absolutely loves the TV show Boston Legal and starts a blog about the show. Every possible fact about every actor, every piece of news about each star, every tidbit of information about new plots, possible story endings and discussions about each episode are a part of this website. If the author of the website is a good writer and communicator and keeps the blog current every few days with news about the show, a niche audience can be developed over time. Once the audience has really been developed, this is about to become one of those money making websites because the author can now go to large advertisers and invite them to post ads on his Boston Legal blog. Within weeks forty ads are found on the BL website inviting people to link to another address on the World Wide Web. And every time someone visiting the BL site does that very thing, the cash register of the BL website goes cha ching.

Look, someone can have one of the small income money making websites selling knick knacks and paddy whacks and use the affiliate marketing paradigm just described, but if someone really is tepid about paddy whacks, is that really going to be much fun? The idea is to do something someone really truly enjoys. Any career counselor will give the same exact advice and when followed can keep down blood pressure, fight depression and perhaps add years to one's life. But of course there are already designed programs that can provide an Internet source of income. Consider some of these ideas:

There are money making websites that will pay people to watch ads for thirty seconds at a time at the astounding rate of one cent. If a person can also then convince twenty friends to watch the same ads, the earnings are a nickel and if you can keep it up for thirty straight days the earnings can be thirty three dollars for the month. On the other hand, creating one's own money making websites is not difficult with affiliate networking. Similar to the blog idea described earlier, one can build a website about any subject and post Google's Ad Sense ads or offer free things online such as tickets, games and other items of interest. Then when one gets affiliate websites to advertise on one's own site, the money will start coming in through a pay pr click or pay per action agreement.

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