Work From Home Companies

Many people dream of finding work from home companies that allows the flexibility of setting personal hours and avoiding the dreaded morning and afternoon commutes. Certainly, with high gas prices, employees have traded highly desired positions for jobs closer to their residence to save money and free up time better spent with family. Those fortunate enough to work from home are able to utilize additional tax advantages on office equipment as well as a portion of mortgage and utilities. But the advantages don't stop with employees. Employers also have found that hiring individuals or allowing current employees to work some or all of their hours at home saves costs incurred for electricity, rent, and office supplies as well. Plus, some work from home companies have even reported that productivity has increased, turnover decreased, and they have greater access to qualified applicants who would not have otherwise applied for the position.

New technology has redefined the walls of the workplace. With the expansion of wireless broadband internet, the capability to do business from anywhere - airports, overseas, and even homes - has increased exponentially. It enables people to keep business flowing even weather may prevent them from traveling to a traditional office. People with disabilities who are able find employment from work from home companies can support themselves while staying in a safe and easier environment. Corporations offering this "homesourcing" to employees are increasing about 20% each year. Most of these jobs are not advertised, but given as an option when potential candidates are interviewing for the position or those who have worked in the office for enough time to prove trustworthiness with the opportunity.

Individuals thinking about applying for positions or requesting the option from an employer must make sure they are prepared. Home offices need to be equipped with the same machines and materials as a conventional office, a cost that most employers will not pick up. Employees must own or purchase an up-to-date computer system, software, printer, fax machine, copier, and any other basic office necessities. Internet accessibility separate from a phone line is a must. Since most work from home companies handle incoming or outgoing phone calls, employers require headsets with noise reduction microphones. "Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field; and afterwards build thine house." (Proverbs 24:27)

But people looking for jobs at work from home companies may not find it so easy. Very few are legitimate. Job seekers should be flexible and consider all options. Most positions are freelance or contract positions, not full time jobs with benefits. Individuals may have to combine several part-time positions to get the salary they desire. Corporations that do hire full-time commuter positions usually need someone to cover a specific territory or spend at least some time in a traditional office. Positions are generally with insurance companies or with call centers, but opportunities are expanding into sales, scheduling, telemarketing, and design. The best way to find these jobs are through networking. Ask around. Post resumes on the Internet. Use job search engines and read job search forums.

With the large number of work from home companies that are nothing more than scams, job seekers should be especially diligent. Most classic scams are in the fields of medical billing, envelop stuffing and assembly work that seem to be ideal for people who lack basic office skills. Unsolicited emails or companies promise instant wealth are usually not legitimate. Research the company, the position and others who work for the company thoroughly before applying. Get references, and only deal with companies that have a proven track record. Legitimate businesses will be completely upfront about the product being sold, supplies needed, and payment expectations in writing. Check to see if any complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau. Find out if the company hires regular staff or prefers to deal with freelancers and contractors. Some work from home companies will pay on a commission only basis while others agree to pay one lump sum for the entire completed project. Most of the time, compensation depends on what product or service is being sold. Finally, find out if the state has any legal requirements for home offices or requires licensing or a certification process. Individuals can contact the State Attorney's office, local zoning board or the nearest U.S. Department of Labor office to find out if any of these items are needed.

Making the decision to take a position with work from home companies is not an easy one to make. Working in a home office requires discipline. Employees have less supervision and accountability in completing daily tasks. They must be task-oriented self-starters who are willing to get the job done no matter how long it takes. This can mean working late hours or over the weekend to make sure that a project is completed in a timely manner. People who watch the clock, counting the minutes until quitting time, are probably not the best qualified to work offsite. Work time and family time are separated by a very hazy line. Time with children can quickly be interrupted by a phone call or task that requires a mental shift, and vice versa. Office hours can be interrupted by the needs of children who may not understand the difference between a home office and the rest of the house. Lastly, working from home does not mean a free ride. Employees must do the job with excellence and accuracy. That takes time, effort and concentration that may not always be available.

Work From Home Employment

There are many benefits to work from home employment; both for the employee and the employer. As an employee, there is a comfortable environment without the trappings and distractions of other employees, water cooler news, and the hounding of a supervisor. This type of employment allows for more freedom of expression and flexibility as to how a project is approached. Further, a person with a family can spend more quality time doing things with the family such as going to games, recitals, and ceremonies. For the employer, it lowers the costs of doing business. By allowing a person to do their work at home and then turn in that work by going into the office periodically, through an intranet system or, via the internet, an employer can save on the basic expenses of running an office.

The internet allows the transmission of all types of information in a variety of formats; which means that work from home employment is accessible to many more industries. Word processing, which includes any type of typing, transcribing, or writing that can be done on a project basis, is a very good fit for this type of job. Basically anything to do with the preparation of documents is a good fit for a home-based office. Frankly, the ability to transmit a typed document anywhere in the world has made it easy for a person to do word processing at home, at the public library, and even on vacation. Not only can word processing be done, but number crunching and putting together client information files as well. "And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made." (Genesis 2:2)

Accountants can take a client's information to an office that is based out of their house then transmit it to the corporate office or directly to the client. Attorneys can meet with clients over coffee and then return to the room in the house that they have set up with all the comforts of office to then prepare legal briefs, forms, and court filings. Mortgage Brokers can call clients from the comfort of a living room, hop on the computer to get a credit report, prepare loan packages, and even send closing documents to escrow companies. Teachers can post assignments online and allow students to send completed assignments back over the internet.

Companies can offer work from home employment via an intranet to their current employees. The world wide web allows individual companies to set up intranets. An intranet has proprietary and company-specific information that can be shared world wide. An intranet is like an internet (that is specific to a company). Only the designated people in that company have passwords to get to the information. An intranet may be used to log into company files from home, to supply information that has been gathered in the field to corporate headquarters, or to give or take bid information in a purchasing department of a company. Because of a company's intranet, work from home employment is not only possible, but can also be quite cost effective. In fact, intranets make it plausible to employ people virtually and still be able to supervise them effectively. Computer technologist can make programs to track and validate activity and transmit information back and forth from the employee's computer to the company's system.

Sales of both tangible and non-tangible goods as well as information products are ripe for the work from home employment arena. Since sales have always been a somewhat independent endeavor, working from home is a natural fit. Most sales jobs include contacting people, following up and then closing the sale. In some cases, telephone contact will suffice at all three stages of the sale. Sometimes the internet alone will do. But, even when face to face contact is necessary to complete the sale, making all of the arrangements and preparation for meeting the client or customer can be done from a home-based office.

Categories for work from home employment have been expanding as technology becomes more flexible and accessible. The real key here is to be able to pay a person for an outcome rather than time spent. This flexibility allows for people to do their job when it is most convenient for them. If a person chooses to work from midnight until 8:00 a.m., it's okay as long as the end result is provided within the appropriate timeframe for the employer. Telecommuting, which is another name for work from home employment, is also very suitable for a person doing piece work. As an example, an individual could string beads, paint picture frames or make candles. The employer would pay for all the supplies and shipping. The worker would ship the finished pieces and be paid according to how many are completed.

Although most people can find some type of job they can do out of their house, not all are well suited to work from home employment. Distractions abound for people who are in this employment situation. Everything becomes a distraction. There are the other people that live with you and around you who do not understand how important it is to leave you alone while you are working. There is the television, the internet, and let's not forget the refrigerator. So, being able to focus on the task at hand and manage your time well is critical in this type of work environment. The bottom line is that not only must the job be a suitable match for you, but you must be an appropriate candidate in order to pull off this type of employment.

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