Post Menopause

Pre menopause conditions can be the beginnings of difficult times in a woman's life as she struggles with not only the physical changes happening to her body, but with the emotional challenges that she must now face as she enters a new phase of life. Symptoms associated with menopause can disrupt daily routines and leave a woman feeling depleted and emotionally spent. Thankfully, there are several different methods that can be utilized in combating these adverse symptoms and women can continue to live a healthy and normal life style. There are health concerns that need to be addressed as a woman enters into perimenopause and beyond. The menopausal period of time in life can vary from one woman to the next, but generally once a woman has stopped having her period for a time span of twelve months, she enters into the post menopause state, which can be a much easier time of life.

Women can begin the process referred to as the change of life at different ages. Most commonly, menopause symptoms begin to appear between the ages of forty-five and sixty. It is not uncommon for women to demonstrate pre menopause symptoms in their forties. There is also a condition known as early menopause and this refers to women in their early to mid thirties. The early signs of perimenopause are generally irregular monthly cycles. Often, a woman will skip a period or two then become regular again. This cycle of irregularity can last for several years but in most cases women will experience skipping periods for less than 18 months. During this time known as menopause, the woman can also experience difficult side-effects due to hormone reductions. Pre menopause side effects can include hot flashes throughout the day, night sweats, leg cramping, discomforts during a period, and emotional difficulties. This can be very trying for the women who experiences the change of life over extended periods of time. There are remedies that can be utilized to help ease the severity of these symptoms which tend to ease up once the post menopause era begins.

Because there is no pre-set time for the body to completely stop menstruating, most processes are as individual as the women are. It is difficult to know at what point a woman is officially through with menopause and into the post menopause time. Most use the measurement of time to determine that the process is complete. If a woman has not had a period for twelve months, then she is considered to be in the post menopause stage of life. Many of the symptoms that made life rough during the process have now subsided, but there are still side effects to deal with. The loss of hormones presents an ever-present danger and women will need to seriously consider taking some type of hormone replacement therapy or natural supplement. Health risks include osteoporosis and Alzheimer's Disease. There are some doctors who will prescribe hormone therapy during the pre menopause time and continue to treat women with the therapy through the entire process. Some studies are indicating that there are risks also involved with long term usage of hormone replacement therapies. Women will need to seriously consider every treatment option before agreeing to one specific course of action.

Natural supplements have been very successful in the field of women's medications and thousands of women choose to treat their pre menopause symptoms with natural herbs and vitamin supplements. There are women who also take this approach once the process is over and they enter into the post menopause phase. It will be important to speak with a doctor before engaging in any long-term therapy program because some man-made chemicals do not interact well with natural substances. And, some natural herbs can be toxic when taking too much. Research will be very important in determining what is the healthiest and best possible solution to the new physical challenges.

Getting older is a fact of life. Though the menopausal experience can present a difficult time in life, women can embrace their golden years with hope for the future. God promises that He has purpose in every life and this promise includes beyond the child bearing ages. His Word tell us that when we seek His direction for our lives, He is faithful to guide our steps. "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you." (Jeremiah 29:11) Women can and should look forward to this phase of life with an anticipation of being used by God. Throughout history, God has continued to effectively use men and women of all ages to accomplish His works for His glory. Pray and seek what comes next in this new chapter of life.

Herbal Menopause Remedies

Herbal menopause remedies are gaining notoriety as a viable alternative to hormone replacement therapy in treating adverse symptoms associated with the change of life. Conflicting research and media reports have many women confused about which synthetic hormone replacements are actually safe, if any, and how long a woman can safely use these treatments. It is no wonder that thousands of women have reached for natural methods of treating the discomforts that accompany the time of life when their bodies begin to change. Natural herbs and supplements represent a multi-million dollar industry, which indicates that people with all types of ailments are serious about natural methods. God created mankind and the nutrition needed to sustain him or her, and most feel that the ingredients needed for better health can be found growing naturally on planet earth.

Before making a trip to the local health food store or vitamin retailer, it may be a good idea to learn as much about both herbal menopause treatment plans and traditional hormone replacement therapies. Taking synthetic progestin and estrogen, which are hormones that play important roles in many parts of a woman's body, can help women with many of the side effects that make going through the change of life so physically and emotionally uncomfortable. A woman' body needs certain amount of both substances to battle crippling osteoporosis, diabetes, or Alzheimer's Disease. Hormones play key roles in calcium productions, moods, and brain activities. There is no question of the importance of getting some type of substance into a woman's body to replace the depleting hormones during the change of life. But whether synthetic drugs or herbal menopause remedies are best will largely depend upon individual cases.

Because there are some risks involved with synthetic hormone replacement therapy treatment plans, women who are placed in specific categories may want to investigate herbal menopause treatment. Stroke, heart disease, and breast cancer have all been linked to synthetic hormone consumption. If a woman's personal or family history includes any of the above illnesses, she should speak with her doctor about the possibility of supplementing with natural products. There has been research that opposes the initial risk findings with synthetic hormones, but solid information that points in one direction or another is not being publicized. Until this information is readily available to all women, herbal menopause remedies will be the best method for protecting against future disease and alleviating adverse symptoms.

Natural hormonal replacement plans can involve eating foods that contain certain vitamins and minerals, taking a dietary supplement, or using creams and gels that have natural hormones in them. Soy milk and flaxseed are known to reduce hot flashes. Eggs and leafy greens that contain vitamin B are helpful in fighting depression. Bananas, cucumbers, and rice contain agents that help with sleep. Many of the vitamins found in natural foods can also be taken orally in pill form. Some of the popular herbs used in combating menopause symptoms, such as black cohosh, are available in pill form or in herbal teas. There are also creams that can be used and there are doctors who cite that creams are more quickly absorbed into the blood stream, making this methods of herbal menopause remedies the most effective.

There are many more products that can help with easing menopause symptoms. Though this time of life is a natural process, the discomforts associated with hormonal imbalance or reduction can make life hard to deal with. Monthly cycles can fluctuate, but bleeding can become so heavy, a woman may not be able to function outside of the home for several days. Sleep disturbances due to night sweats, leg cramps, and hot flashes can keep a woman from feeling good and emotionally stable. Irritability becomes a way of life and hot flashes are constant companions. There are herbs that address every one of these symptoms, and those considering herbal menopause treatment plans should research the different agents used in addressing each.

Using natural remedies is not necessarily for everyone. There can be problems associated with toxic levels of minerals found in the bloodstream. God did create all natural substances, but He also gave doctors the wisdom to develop medications that will help ailing bodies. When seeking the best treatment for individual cases, praying will help. Turning to God, who is the creator of your body, will help guide those seeking Him in how to take care of the physical body. The Bible teaches that our bodies are the very temple in which He now resides. Praying and asking for His wisdom can help determine whether herbal menopause remedies are the right choice.

There is more information available online about the various studies that involved synthetic hormone and natural hormonal replacement therapies. Women should speak with their doctors and conduct their own research on the subject before taking a herbal menopause treatment course. We are ultimately responsible for taking care of this miraculous body, so gathering as much information about the body will be beneficial when planning to consumer one type of product or another.

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