Raise Testosterone Levels Naturally

Raise testosterone levels naturally through eating foods high in protein, low in fat, and by exercising regularly. Losing weight can help to raise hormone levels. Studies have shown that being overweight can increase a man's chances of becoming depleted. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is beneficial as well as eating peanuts. Exercise will naturally raise the levels of hormones especially when doing strength training exercises. Limiting alcohol consumption and getting enough sleep are important when trying to keep hormone levels up. Natural testosterone supplements can be purchased over-the-counter at some health food stores. The side effects associated with hormone therapy are acne, aggressive behavior, and an increased risk of developing prostrate cancer. Before self-treatment a man should see a physician for evaluation, diagnosis, and recommended treatment.

Men who are experiencing symptoms associated with low hormone levels may choose to talk to their doctor about trying hormone therapy as a short-term solution. Some of these symptoms may include fatigue, depression, low sex drive, osteoporosis, and extreme mood changes. Men with low hormone levels are at an increased risk for impaired cognition and of developing dementia. Natural testosterone supplements are one alternative; another alternative is prescription hormones and the use of a hormone patch that is absorbed into the skin. Men who are suffering with symptoms can benefit from having fellowship and prayer with other Christians. A support group can help a great deal with these types of struggles and God can give a person strength and peace in the midst of troubling circumstances. "And they came to Him, and awoke Him, saying, Master, master, we perish. Then He arose, and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water: and they ceased, and there was calm" (Luke 8:24). When the disciples were experiencing fear because of the storm, the Lord did not help them until they asked Him to. When a person seeks the Lord and puts Him as his or her source of help then He will provide the peace and the strength to make it through the storm.

Suffering with low levels of the hormone testosterone can cause depression. Depression is not just a disease that affects women; it can also affect men. Most men do not seek treatment for depression; some because they do not like to talk about their feelings; and some because they do not like to admit feeling vulnerable or weak. Society teaches men that they have to always be strong, tough, and that to admit to suffering would be showing weakness. Taking anti-depressants that help the symptoms of depression may help to raise testosterone levels naturally. Although this has not been proven in men, studies have shown that some women who suffer from menopause have greatly benefited from taking anti-depressants, that the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, insomnia, and depression, were diminished and in some instances non-existent after being on anti-depressants.

Bio-identical hormones made from plant sources may be an alternative treatment for synthetic hormones. Since these types of hormones are identical to natural sources found in the human body, many people believe that they are completely safe; however, there is no long-term research to support this belief. Men who suffer with decreased levels of testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and human growth hormone may find some answers online. Some sites on the Internet that offer natural testosterone supplements through bio-identical sources suggest the importance of watching their patients closely to prevent any possible ill effects. A man who is thinking about bio-identical therapy should talk to his or her physician before doing so. There may be other health considerations that only a doctor may think of.

Prolonged use of testosterone increases a man's risk of hair loss, can destroy brain cells, and can cause a man to develop sleep apnea. Aging causes a decline in the hormone which can result in a loss of muscle and an increase in fat stores. One of the best ways for a male to naturally sustain hormone levels is by staying as physically active as possible. Research has indicated that exercise training that includes endurance and strength training can help to raise testosterone levels naturally. Endurance and strength training includes running, cycling, competing in sports, weight lifting, and even swimming.

Different methods of hormone replacement therapy include giving the patient an injection or by using a cream. Any doctor that suggests the need for a man to receive this type of therapy to raise testosterone levels naturally should be insisting that the patient be checked frequently and periodically throughout the entirety of the therapy. Treatment should also include some lifestyle changes such as eating healthy and exercise. Exercise benefits the body in many ways such as helping to lower blood pressure, balance out hormone levels, lower blood sugar, lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.

Hormone replacement therapy is usually recommended for men who have problems due to disease or abnormalities and not to the healthy male who is just suffering from a decline in hormones due to aging. Another problem that can inhibit hormones in men can be linked to stress. However, even men who are in a stressful situation are not normally prescribed natural testosterone supplements. If there are other problems such as depression or prolonged chronic stress a doctor will usually recommend treatment. The treatment may be taking anti-depressants and learning stress management techniques before considering hormone replacement therapy. In addition, most physicians will recommend lifestyle changes that promote healthy living.

Natural Testosterone Booster

As men age, the need for a natural testosterone booster to help to fend off a number of troubling issues including a decrease in libido and an imbalance of key hormones can seem pressing to many men. With each decade that passes, men tend to loose a percentage of the testosterone that they had in their youth. With this decrease will also come an increase in the female hormone estrogen. While no two men will respond the same way to the process of aging, many men feel a desire to seek out products that can help them turn back the clock. Hormones can be a very potent factor in how the body functions. For this reason, seeking out products that can mimic the role that hormones play should be done with care and research. The advice of a trusted physician is important as well. Lowered male hormones can impact a number of areas. Bone density may decrease and body fat may increase. Some men may experience balding and, as with their female counterparts, may feel changes in mood and added irritability as hormones levels shift. While a natural testosterone booster can go a long way toward alleviating many of these issues, there are other things that men can do to deal with hormonal imbalances. Regular physical exercise can be very effective in keeping things on a more even keel. A diet that is both nutritious and healthy can help to reduce stress and keep disease at bay.

As male hormones decrease there may be a number of indicators that lead men to seek out a natural testosterone booster. Generally, men under the age of thirty five will not experience any of these symptoms. Men over thirty five who are dealing with lowered testosterone levels may notice a decline in overall muscle tone. Many individuals may notice a marked increase in weight, particularly around the midsection. Those who participate in regular exercise may notice that it takes longer to recover from physical activity. A feeling of weakness and fatigue may also be noted. Irritability, depression or a lack of motivation may also be present. Sleep disturbances can accompany lowered levels in male hormones as well. Smoking cigarettes can contribute to negative symptoms as can an over indulgence in alcohol. A decrease in sex drive will most likely be present. Memory lapses and an inability to concentrate can present additional problems. This combination of factors motivates many men to seek out an effective natural testosterone booster. As with hormonal shifts in women, the simplest answer might seem to be to administer synthetic hormones to replace the hormones that are decreasing with age. But, as with women, this solution can cause a number of other problems that are much more serious than the issues that were originally targeted.

In addition to the many pros of considering a natural testosterone booster, there are a number of cons. Benign growths in the prostrate may occur as a result of using these products. If a man already has prostate cancer, some products of this nature may stimulate tumor growth. The boosters may also cause an enlargement of any tumors of the breasts that are already present. Testicular atrophy can be another negative side effect. In addition, a lower sperm count or even infertility can be a result of a regular regimen of a natural testosterone booster. Other negative side effects may include fluid retention, reactions of the skin, and baldness. The production of excess blood may also be stimulated, which can lead to an increased risk of stroke. Some men report outbreaks of acne. Sleep apnea is another potential side effect. With such a discouraging list of possible negative factors, careful consideration and consultation with a medical professional would be wise before taking these boosters. Many medical professionals believe that the gradually lowering of testosterone levels is not a medical problem, but simply a natural process of aging. The Bible guides believers to God as a source of trust and hope. "Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is." (Jeremiah 17:7)

In addition to injections and oral supplements, it is possible to obtain a natural testosterone booster that comes in the form of a topical medication. These can be effective for men who do not have a significant drop in testosterone levels. These men may not be good candidates for any kind of replacement therapy, but they may still benefit from a less potent form of treatment. One of the benefits of these topical treatments is that since they are not meant to replace the male hormone they will also not be responsible for driving testosterone levels too high. Proponents of this approach belief that many of the benefits of other approaches can be gained without the associated dangers.

Beyond just administering a natural testosterone booster as directed, there are a number of other steps that can be taken to deal with male hormonal imbalances. Obviously, regular physical exercise and a balanced diet is beneficial in all areas of health and well being. Dealing with the stresses of life is important as well. Limiting alcohol use can be very beneficial. Carrying extra body weight can also cause an increase in female hormones and a decrease in the production of male hormones. As with any kind of health issue, professional medical guidance is very important for anyone who is considering using one of these products.

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