Nursing Degrees

1. With a nursing degree you learn to diagnose and treat individuals.

A nursing education will provide you with the skills needed to diagnose and treat individuals' health problems and promote well being. It is a great career for both men and women. Graduates are highly sought after and are in high demand. Most states offer loan forgiveness or grants for those interested in entering the field since there is an additional shortage of nurses that is only expected to worsen in America.

2. Those with nursing education work in a hospital.

A nursing degree opens the door to a world of opportunity. A nurse can go to work in a hospital, but there are many other available options. Home health care, administration, teaching, public health and hospital care are just a few of the many options that the field can provide. Talk with a college advisor about what courses would best meet your career interests.

3. A nursing degree can help you possess the personality needed to become a nurse.

The concern for others is a quality that you should already possess if you are considering a nursing education. However, college courses can help you to possess the skills needed for the career. A good program helps you to gain the knowledge and skills needed to become successful in the health care industry. In addition, internships and assistantships give you the life experience needed to both handle emergencies and show compassion.

4. There are several nursing education programs offered.

You career can start with a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science, Graduate Certificates or a Doctor of Philosophy. You can take some of your courses online. You must also complete a lab and participate in a clinical in order to complete your degree requirements. There are also state certification and registration requirements.

5. A nursing degree is a way to honor God by caring for those who are too weak or sick to care for themselves.

Psalm 37:11 - But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

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