Free Internet Marketing

There are many free Internet marketing strategies available for anyone who is motivated enough to implement them into an advertising plan. It is not always necessary to spend excessively large amounts of money advertising through direct mail, email promotions, media outlets and other sources. Many strategies can be successful if conducted as part of an overall advertising objective. For free marketing plans that can guide a prospective marketer through the process of successful planning and execution of a productive marketing strategy, check out several online sources. Hitting the mark is the main objective in any strategy and planning is the impetus behind any successful execution.

For those who want to take advantage of free marketing plans, there are several to choose from at many online sites. Though they all vary in design and focus, all will have certain fundamental elements in common that can be a helpful guide in developing a workable plan for success. Several elements that are common among plans will be developing the specific goal for business, summarizing the key aspects of commerce, determining the marketing methods, and developing the best method to close the deal with consumers. There are so many things involved in addressing the many aspects of business development that a good plan is very important in laying out an overall strategy. "And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper." (Psalm 1:3)

The specific goal that a business is shooting for must be clearly outlined and strategized no matter which of the plans is used. The number one focus for business is to know and understand the goal. For example, if a business is attempting to sale toothpaste to consumers, that apparently is the general goal. However, targeting which consumers becomes the next concern in free marketing plans. Understanding to which group of consumers to market a product will be critical in successfully selling thousands of units of toothpaste. Are the prospective customers children, teenagers, young adults or senior citizens?

Which groups of consumers becomes very important when determining which of the free Internet marketing strategies will work best. Niche marketing is critical in many businesses that is why many companies not only target a certain consumer group with a particular product, but they development other products that may appeal to another consumer group. Perhaps toothpaste that offers an ingredient for extra teeth brightening is offered to the consumer group of young adults. The marketing methods are all targeted at that youth oriented group. The same product and same marketing methods will not be effective with senior citizens who may be more concerned with sensitive teeth.

For this consumer group, toothpaste can be developed that offers an ingredient that offers a minute coating for teeth that reduces nerve sensitivities. In furthering this example, in order to market a toothpaste product to children, a company may add bubblegum flavoring to its special dinosaur pump package. This strategy will inevitably draw youthful purchases of the product as children persuade their parents to buy that exciting toothpaste. Knowing and understanding the goal is very important in implementing a business plan. After a business plan has been thoroughly worked through from any one of several free marketing plans available, free Internet advertising should be thoroughly examined for its ability to draw in prospective consumers.

While traditional advertising has its advantages, free advertising can be advantageous especially through Internet sources. There are several methods available that are well worth taking note of before executing an advertising campaign. Many of the methods revolve around web content that is informational for consumers. The Internet has accumulated a huge source of information that is accessed by search engines that constantly scan the web landscape for new material. Business web sites that offer fresh, informational content on a regular basis have the ability to draw in new customers by way of search engine popularity. A business can be like cream that rises to the surface, if it is consistent in offering search engine friendly content that makes it easy for consumers to find them.

Avenues such as blogs, articles, RSS feeds and forums have proven to be effective, free Internet tools that anyone can use. Within any of the free marketing plans that are available for use, it is wise to include 'content' as one of the advertising methods best used for free Internet marketing. There are many websites developed that allow experts in any field to submit articles with back links to their sites. When prospective clients or customers find articles, many times they are motivated to continue on to the host site for the product or for more information. A blog that adds new content each day is a natural for reader appeal and many businesses of various types have begun to use this amazing option to generate leads and customers. Content is the most important free Internet marketing tool available today.

Buy Targeted Traffic

The consideration of whether to buy targeted traffic for one's website may be predicated on how other marketing campaigns have gone recently. In some ways, it may feel a little bit odd to pay for people coming to visit one's site, but many who have given in to the temptation to buy targeted traffic visits to their websites have been pleased with their results. There are dozens of online providers of guaranteed traffic to websites, and these companies tout their ability to target, in a highly scientific way using complex algorithms, qualified visitors. Typically a company providing this kind of service will guarantee qualified traffic to the website, and will either refund money for traffic not provided or provide more traffic until the agreement has been satisfied. "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 5:3) Being poor in spirit means that a person has a true evaluation of his condition; seeing oneself as a spiritual beggar before God is the beginning of happiness.

Each provider of focused visitors to a website offers different niche lists from which to choose. These lists run the gamut from everything having to do with autos to everything xylophones (musical instruments). Once the list has been chosen, the provider of this traffic to your website typically begins to flood websites often visited by one's potential customers with banners, pop ups and others types of ads to entice them to the websites. This can have a very negative impact on one's enterprise aspirations, so when contemplating a move to buy targeted traffic, one of the first questions ought to be the method by which the company provides the traffic. More humane ways of getting visitors to visit one's site would be the site visitor providers' buying of expired domain names, misspelled keywords and the use of contextual ads.

A company from which one will buy targeted traffic will often use discarded or no longer used domain names to redirect to one's website. Many companies can offer hundreds of categories of domain names and redirect inquiries to those defunct websites to a customer's site. This method actually takes advantage of former owners' efforts to market their website. Searchers looking for those defunct domains are sent directly to yours. While these are not "gushers" when it comes to providing traffic, this method gives a nice steady stream of visitors, perfect for the small business owner to handle.

Buying popular domain names that are slightly misspelled is another way that suppliers of web visitors are able to send searchers to their clients' websites. For example, a searcher is looking for but types in by mistake. If the providing company has purchased the domain, the searcher will be taken to the client which happens to be a kennel for foxhounds. This is an ethical and savvy way to buy targeted traffic which will not hurt one's business reputation.

Some suppliers of Internet website visitors have contracted with thousands of other sites to place links on their sites that will match the visitor's interests to the customer with the closest matching profile. For example, a person seeking a loan for a new car goes to a participating website sponsored by a lender. Rolling over a keyword phrase in the site, the viewer is taken to a client website touting credit counseling services. This smart Web searcher knows he doesn't need another loan; what he needs is to get rid of the debt he already has and it becomes good news for everybody. Look, we all know it doesn't work out like that too often, but it's good to dream. And if the decision is to buy targeted traffic, the supplier may use contextual ads as another method to get visitors to one's site.

A contextual ad is an ad that appears on a site as the result of a scan of keywords on the site. Once the scan has been made, a new ad may appear that pops up over the ones already in place. This is a sometimes highly controversial practice because sending an ad that overrides another one may smack of unethical business practice. This may make some potential candidates who maybe desirous to buy targeted traffic a bit squeamish and hesitant to go through with the deal. And that is an issue someone will have to work through before buying. Much of the buy or not buy may come down to trusting the potential supplier of this visitor pool and the confidence you will have in their services.

Choosing a supplier of Web traffic can be tricky, because there are plenty of companies online that are willing to provide the service. And while investigating the different companies may prove tedious, there are some issues to remember. First, there are no guarantees about the quality of your visitors and there may be tenuous business situations that arise as a result. Research has not shown that the effort to buy targeted traffic is as effective as search engine optimization and certain traditional methods such as affiliate marketing. Ecommerce is a tough field and experts have tried for years to learn quicker and smarter ways to business, yet the most trusted gurus come back to affiliate marketing, seo, and many are now touting the strength of personal blogs, newsletter and the untapped potential of viral marketing through the use of social networks such as Face book, MySpace and YouTube.

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