Internet Marketing Professionals

In a global community, Internet marketing professionals are integral to the success or failure of an online business. Selling to a worldwide audience requires ecommerce enterprises to explore all avenues of reaching domestic and foreign consumers in cyberspace. Owners may feel that all they need do is post a website and wait for consumers to log on. But there is more to marketing online than meets the eye. Advertising is much like playing chess: marketers have to think several steps ahead in order to check the competition. But anticipating consumer preferences and buying trends is not an easy task. In order to avoid a marketing stalemate, ecommerce entrepreneurs should consult with an experienced advertising expert who knows all the rules of the game. Hiring experienced Internet marketing professionals to develop and implement a strategic plan to drive traffic, promote a corporate brand, and create a demand for products or services is the best move advertisers can make. "Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counselors they are established" (Proverbs 15:22).

The first rule of the game of marketing is to identify your customer. Internet marketing professionals are adept at helping business owners target specific niche markets, narrowing down the number of potential customers according to age, income, ethnicity, or product preferences. By targeting audiences, entrepreneurs and marketers can eliminate excessive and expensive promotions which may be too broad to be effective. Marketers utilize several web-based tools to hone in on a target-specific consumer. One of the most important marketing strategies is to design a user-friendly, easily navigable site which appeals to the target group. Internet marketing professionals that specialize in buying targeted traffic are indispensable in getting consumers to browse advertiser sites and boost hits. Targeted traffic packages ensure a certain amount of visits for a low rate, typically under $3 per 1,000 hits. Advertisers pay for each click on sponsored links posted on web portals, search engines, or affiliate sites. Providers may also offer design services which include animated flash graphics, keyword-rich content, interactive forms and surveys, and audio and video clips to promote a corporate brand or provide information. The key goal is to keep visitors so absorbed with the site that they not only spend time browsing, reading, and filling out surveys; but that they also linger long enough to view and purchase products. Some sites are so engaging that visitors return repeatedly to catch updates, post blogs, or spend money. Targeting specific niche markets can even create a sort of cult following when people of like mind and interest regularly log on, resulting in increased sales and net profits.

In order to encourage browsers to become regular visitors to advertiser sites, Internet marketing professionals may utilize search engine optimization tools, keyword optimization software, and permission-based email marketing. By writing keyword rich content, advertisers can gain a better placement on search engine results pages. For instance, a visitor may conduct a search for sites offering gourmet kitchen tools. When the user types the phrase "gourmet kitchen tools" into an online query; search engines access vast databases of websites containing those three words or key phrases. Advertisers that have paid for sponsored links on web portals and contain those words will appear in a results page. Visitors simply click onto the sponsored link, banner, or blog to access the advertiser's home page. Smart advertisers pay to have postings on several major search engines in order to increase targeted website traffic and boost revenues. The more accessible the site, the more visitors will be able to locate it and log on.

Keyword optimization software helps Internet marketing professionals and their clients interject enough important words or phrases into a site to attract search engines and to increase the chances of higher search engine rankings on results pages. Those sites which are successful in attracting search engines usually appear near the top of a results page on the computer screen. Ecommerce consumers are like the average publication reader: they simply don't like to read and are not going to spend much time clicking on page after page of sponsored links, unless there is an overwhelming interest in a particular topic. Therefore, it behooves advertisers to strive to get top rankings on page 1, and not page 12 of a results query.

When it comes to online promotion, Internet marketing professionals are not just creative geniuses, but also experts at generating leads and getting results. The goal of a successful marketing program is to target, tantalize, and train consumers to regularly buy products and services from a specific advertiser. Information technology lead generation provides a starting point for ecommerce entrepreneurs who may not know where to begin approaching potential customers with promotional advertising. IT lead generation companies provide Internet marketing professionals with a target-specific audience based on consumer preferences, income, age, and buying patterns. Lists of potential customers are emailed to advertisers on a regular basis, eliminating the need to track down people who may or may not be interested in buying, or make cold calls which end up being rejected. The effectiveness of web-based lead generation versus cold calling or buying mailing lists is incomparable. Providers guarantee solid leads from consumers who have been pre-screened and matched to Internet merchants selling products and services which appeal to a select target group. Marketers can conduct opt-in email campaigns, sending bulk messages to listed consumers; or follow up with a multimedia mix of direct mail, product brochures, or websites with audio and visual content. No matter which medium or method marketers choose to employ, they should rely on the services of professionals who are adept and experienced at targeting consumers, monitoring traffic and ensuring that advertisers get the most exposure for the money.

Web Promotion Specialist

For today's businesses, an internet web site promotion is an essential component of a well-rounded marketing strategy. Even very small and brand new companies benefit from establishing a presence on the internet to promote products and services. In fact, many entrepreneurs are doing all their business through online stores and finding that this is a great way to make a profit while avoiding the overhead expenses of a physical location. But there's much more to opening an online store than simply registering a domain name and waiting for visitors to drop by and start clicking. The online store needs to be advertised in a carefully crafted marketing campaign especially designed to attract interested visitors to the site who will, hopefully, become customers. And not just one-time shoppers, but customers who will come back to the site and make additional purchases. Though the business owner or entrepreneur can don the advertising hat, it may be one hat too many, especially for a sole proprietorship or partnership. The owner needs to determine what aspects of the business require his personal attention and which ones should be outsourced to professionals. For many, this will become a balance of time and money -- the entrepreneur operating on a shoestring may have no choice but to take on the marketing tasks himself. But he needs to consider the value of his time. Retaining the services of a web promotion specialist who has the skills and training to expeditiously design and implement a promotional strategy that attracts potential customers may be more cost-effective for the entrepreneur than trying to do the same thing on his own.

Even so, the business owner should know the basics of internet web site promotion. Any effective marketing campaign is an ongoing process. The owner needs to educate herself enough to understand why certain strategies and promotions work for her business and the target market she is trying to reach. The savvy business owner will want to work closely with the web promotion specialist to plan creative ideas for bringing back past customers and reaching out to new ones. By knowing the basics, the entrepreneur also protects herself from scam artists who make all kinds of outlandish promises that can't be kept. Business owners do themselves a favor by learning enough about marketing that they can select a trustworthy and competent web promotion specialist with whom a long-term relationship can be established. With careful selection, the specialist becomes a valuable member, along with other professionals such as an attorney and accountant, of the company's professional team. The savvy entrepreneur knows that: "Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out" (Proverbs 20:5). These specially trained and educated persons can make or break a business and should be chosen with great care based on trusted recommendations from others and an objective set of criteria.

In designing an internet web site promotion, the marketing team needs patience; getting listed in directories and search engines can take several weeks or even several months. However, the expertise of a web promotion specialist can keep amateur mistakes from slowing down the process even more. Directories especially take time because the submissions are evaluated by editors who accept or reject the submission based on whether the application specifications are met. The submission rules need to be followed to the letter when completing an application. To increase the likelihood of being accepted on the first attempt, the applicant should pay special attention to certain items. For example, the applicant should keep in mind that directories list sites, not the individual pages within a site. Choosing the appropriate category or subcategory is important for ensuring that, once listed, potential visitors will be directed to the site. Finding out after acceptance that the wrong choice was made is frustrating and it can be a long and arduous procedure to get the site changed to the accurate category or subcategory. Making the wrong choice in the initial application may cause an incalculable amount of opportunities to wow potential customers, not to mention lost sales

Identifying relevant keywords should be a priority in designing the internet web site promotion. These keywords will be utilized for all kinds of advertising purposes and need to be selected with careful consideration so that they reflect the products and services being offered by the company. Directory applications require a title and a description. The title, consisting of only a few words, should include the most important and relevant keyword. The description needs to be an accurate and objective summary of the website. Keywords need to be woven seamlessly into the summary so that it reads well. Editors will most likely reject a description that seems to be nothing more than a string of keywords. The services of a skilled writer or marketing professional may be needed to come up with an effective, and acceptable, title and description.

A site that is listed in one or more of the predominating directories may eventually get higher rankings by the major search engines. Mysterious search engine algorithms are used to determine rankings, but a few of the factors are keywords, meta-tags, and link popularity. Search engines include web pages in the search results in addition to web sites so the pages need to be well-designed to take advantage of these known factors. Following the advice of a web promotion specialist can increase a company's rankings in the search results and may be a worthwhile expense for the entrepreneur or company marketing team as part of an overall internet web site promotion strategy.

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