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An Internet marketing search engine specialist may be needed to help a company get its website up to optimum performance. Taking already existing websites and giving them a larger footprint in among the five billion pages of the Web can be the difference between a company making it and closing its doors, particularly in the 21st century. Almost all companies do have a website, even one person entrepreneurships, and so from some aspects, a small company can compete with the big guys if its website has had a tune up by an Internet marketing search engine specialist. That's pretty powerful stuff, considering that larger companies can afford the most prominent brick and mortar street address and perhaps advertising campaigns that seem overwhelming. But in the arena of the World Wide Web, it is possible, for David to share the same prime corner block advertising prominence as Goliath. Television, national print media and to some extent radio are still the domain of Goliaths, but the presence of the Internet is the equivalent of a slingshot in the back pocket of little David.

Many people may have never heard of the term search engine optimization or SEO, but they do see the effect of the process each time they use one of the more than six hundred "hunting" engines that are used to find answers on the World Wide Web. When a person goes looking for information using a key word phrase and gets the first page of results, that person is seeing the work of an Internet marketing search engine specialist. Consider the staggering statistic that 60% percent of all searchers never go beyond the first page of results to get the information or product desired. For any company the makes the Internet a prime part of its business plan, that reality can present a white knuckled wakeup call that some serious rethinking needs to take place. There are plenty of specialists on the Web that are ready to tackle the sometimes complex job of SEO and the job of the client is to find an expert with which one is comfortable. And there are lots of people who know how to write HTML code and use a number of keyword phrases, but don't have experience who can write for search engines and who stay on top of SEO changes and trends. Search engines keep their algorithmic formulas secret and while the general ideas about how they work are widely known, it can often take an Internet marketing search engine specialist to understand the continual tweaking that the search engine companies do to keep their ranking systems at a high level of secrecy.

Search engines work by doing three basic tasks: they allow searchers to look for words or combinations of words; the engines keep an index of the words found and where they are found and they search the Web looking for those words. The engines have spiders that crawl over websites building lists of words and creating an index, then saving that data for the searcher's use. An Internet marketing search engine specialist will know how to craft the website in such a way as to give the spiders the best of opportunity of including a website in their stored data. Included in all of this tweaking that an Internet marketing search engine specialist will do is make sure the website has three things. First will be the text itself, which means that the copy better be rich with keyword phrases that the surfer is looking for or using as a search key. The second is plenty of links to the site, which means that a website needs plenty of face space on other sites that the spider can spot and thirdly, the spider is going to measure how popular other sites are that link to yours. "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble; therefore we will not fear, though the earth be removed and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea." (Psalm 46:1-2)

Choosing the person to be one's Internet marketing search engine specialist can be a tough task unless some simple things are kept in mind. First, make sure that cost is not the only factor in picking an expert. While the adage, "You get what you pay for" is not always true, especially with service providers, choosing one's second cousin who has a website of his own isn't a great choice unless...his website has a first page search ranking on Google. Then, he may have something going on that you need. SEO doesn't come cheap, and it often takes someone with a lot of experience in different market settings to be able to understand what a company needs. So while cost may be an issue, perhaps finding a highly qualified expert can be found within the budget.

Secondly, remember to ask for references when searching for an SEO expert. Check with these customers and find out if they have been happy with the Internet marketing search engine specialist and his or her work. Ask these customers if they would use this pro's work again and whether or not the investment was worth the ROI. Check with the Better Business Bureau to ascertain if there are any complaints against this company or individual. Having complaints isn't necessarily a bad thing because there are some who never pleased or happy about anything! But do check into how the complaints were resolved; that is the more important issue.

Internet Marketing Specialists

Internet marketing specialists will be a person of interest for a small business owner needing to put some new life into a floundering Net business, or who may be starting up a business. No doubt about it, the World Wide Web is the place where a business, new or old can get lost real quickly. There are an estimated five billion pages on the World Wide Web and getting swallowed up is just the first concern. Once a searcher has found your business, it's a question of whether the website and your company are what the fishing expedition is looking for. Making a business website seen and heard around this vast body of information is the job of Internet marketing specialists. And while their fees might be high, the right consultant can make all the difference in the number of hits a business website has each month. Of course after the hits are made, it's up to the business to have the right stuff or all is in vain.

Choosing one the many Internet marketing specialists that are available online may appear to be a formidable task and admittedly, it will take some research and investigation, because anyone can profess to be an expert. Things like asking for referrals, checking for any complaints at the BBB and other details ought to be explored. Of course at the beginning of the process the asking for a written estimate of all fees to be incurred goes without saying. Asking also what factors might skew that estimate should be explored. As a customer, there should be no surprises in the final bill. And if there is the inclination to shop around among various Internet marketing specialists, make sure to compare the same services. Perhaps going in with a static list of desires might make things easier.

The first on the list of service that Internet marketing specialists might offer could be what is called search engine optimization for the website. If a company already has a website up and running, this optimization is the process by which the website is fully prepared to get as high a ranking on search engine result pages as possible. Since only 40% of searchers ever go beyond the first page, a high ranking is a prime concern of many businesses to be recognized and ranked on that first page of Google, Yahoo or other search engine. The search engines do sell company ads on the first page of result searches, but that option and its value needs to be discussed with one of the many Internet advertising specialists, perhaps even in an initial interview. Many people feel quite satisfied when contributing to a church, but Jesus honored a woman who gave the last two pennies she had and said these words about her: Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all: for all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God: but she of her penury (poverty) hath cast in all the living that she had." (Luke 21:24)

Secondly, the static list enabling the business owner to compare services to services might include the cost of getting into affiliate marketing. Consultants can help in detail explain how affiliate marketing works, but suffice it to say that it is much like offering to rent out your front yard for a billboard company to put up an ad for all to see. Websites that are bound together in a network agreement do offer their sites to advertise various companies, for a commission of sales from those ads. There are other ways that compensation can be structured and Internet marketing specialists can explain all those to the business owner. But going down the list that can be discussed from provider to provider would be the cost of putting together a strong email marketing campaign. While there is not enough time to discuss all of the intricacies of such a campaign, there is one overarching issue that can be discussed. The actual mailing list that Internet marketing specialists might want to use in a campaign ought to be one that at the minimum has one opt-in factor built into it but a double opt-in is even better. That means that on two occasions, recipients on an emailing list have agreed to receive emails from sources with which they are not familiar but trust. This is highly important because the emails sent will not be viewed as spam. Ask if the specialist has any guarantees attached to the list about mail being opened and if the lists also include discriminating caveats such as age, income, occupation, gender, hobbies and geographic location.

There are many other things that can be put on that list to carry from consultant to consultant. Ask about the cost of getting the website up on the social networking websites. Ask the various Internet marketing specialists about the power of viral marketing that these sites can bring to business. Explore with various consultants the power of a newsletter that can be offered as a free subscription in that email campaign and more importantly or just as importantly is the regular writing of a person blog as an advertising tool. Good Internet consultants will let the client know that a blog is not a place to sell, but a place to give away advice, personal thoughts and other helpful expertise to viewers. Ask the consultant all about the usefulness of a blog as an advertising technique.

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