Internet Web Site Marketing

Since Internet web site marketing is the way to advertise a business in today's computer-dominated world, it is important to have a website that is attractive and informative for would-be customers. There are many companies who are in the web design business, and the best place to find them is--where else?--on the web. A good page design should have the pertinent information about the business where it's easily accessible. If there is more space needed than one page, there should be clearly defined links to the rest of the information. Colorful pictures in the introduction make the page "friendly" to the visitor, so they should be included if possible.

Once the basic design for web Internet marketing is established, the business owner and the page designer have to work together to keep the page up to date with news items or the introduction of new products or services. It is important not to let the page become stale and boring by sameness. For the business that is selling products, the web site should also have a shopping cart link for ordering online. Many people who have little time for going to the store, or those who are homebound appreciate this convenience. A program that automatically figures taxes and shipping costs is essential with the shopping cart convenience. Customers should also be able to charge the purchase with a credit card, just as they would if they came to the store itself.

There are special events that can be posted as part of the Internet web site marketing as well. If the business decides to sponsor a raffle or a geo treasure hunt, the ads for it can appear on the website. Also, if there are items being given away at the store to new customers, there can be an invitation to new customers on the online site telling them about it. Once people are in the store, the salesmen can introduce them to the products with the hope of sales. Part of their job will be to ascertain how many of those new customers were there as a result of the web, and how many came because of other advertising that was going on at the same time. There is still value in TV, radio, newspaper and magazine advertising, so those methods shouldn't be overlooked. A survey of visitors will determine which method of advertising is most productive. There was no advertising outside of word-of-mouth in Bible times, but there is mention of the kind of merchandise that was sold. "And Solomon had horses brought out of Egypt, and linen yarn: the king's merchants received the linen yarn at a price." (2 Chronicles 1:16)

Every kind of business and civic entity has a website these days, and the positive results are measurable. Web Internet marketing is helpful to chambers of commerce for bringing tourists to a community. Many people looking for day or weekend trips to interesting places will look on the Internet for events taking place within driving distance. Every community has festivals, antique or craft fairs, holiday parades, etc., that are enjoyed by people from out of town. Pictures play a very important part of marketing of these events. Photos with descriptions of the celebrations the year before give the viewer an idea of what happens. Whether it's a store, a city, or a state park that is participating in web Internet marketing, the goal is the same, to bring in new people.

There are other kinds of businesses that use Internet web site marketing as well. Physicians of every stripe, dentists, hospitals, and charitable organizations find the Internet to be a good place to dispense information. New people to a community often check the web Internet marketing for the names of physicians and dentists they might see. Particularly in smaller communities, hospitals differ in their services, so it is important for its citizens to know what is available. Using the computer to get the information is as easy making a phone call.

Need a lawyer? Law firms use Internet web site marketing, and particularly if someone needs a specialist in a field of law, the Internet is a quick way to locate one. The prospective client can even get an online consultation, in some instances. More information can be found on a website than in a newspaper ad or the yellow pages, in most cases. Very large law firms that are able to buy a whole page in the yellow page directory might include as much information as an online page, but smaller firms with less to spend on advertising would not.

Catalog companies are using Internet web site marketing to sell their items, and once a person buys online, they will be sent any new catalogs that come out, along with special sales items. Companies that used to only sell door-to-door, are now including web Internet marketing in their repertoire of sales promotions. Sweepstakes entities that have heretofore relied on the postal service to distribute their material are now using the Internet. Encyclopedias that used to be staples in the homes of most school children haven't been totally replaced by information on the Internet, but they are less important to parents than they were a generation ago. It's safe to say that marketing by website is fact of modern life that is providing a very important service.

Network Marketing Online

Network marketing online is broadly defined as a business model that uses distributorships to create a sales network. Many of these businesses are multi-level marketing structures that build several tiers of income streams. Direct sales strategies are also part of on line marketing business structures which makes the entire definition of network marketing quite broad and flexible. This method of business currently employs over 40 million people around the globe and accounts for over 65 million dollars in worldwide sales. While MLM and some direct sales networking models have had their problems and criticisms due to unscrupulous people along the way, network business opportunities continue to grow and there is no end in sight. Viable opportunities abound for those who are out of work, want to stay at home while raising their families, wish to shift careers or merely want to add a second income to family earnings.

The Internet has caused a whole new meaning to evolve regarding business networking structures. With the lightening speed communications ability and the huge pool of potential customers, those involved in network marketing online businesses no longer have to rely on smaller spheres of influence to promote products, services and business opportunities to others. The basic premise of networking remains the same which is that a distributor must like the product in order to convincingly sell it to others. Encouraging others to jump on board the network train through personal conviction of the benefits of a certain product is still the heart of MLM and direct marketing strategies. Online potential has opened a Pandora's Box of broader opportunities for this strategy to succeed through the advanced technologies available through far reaching communication methods.

Building relationships is part of any successful MLM business structure and the Internet offers huge opportunities for those who want to broaden their networking base of people beyond their sphere of family, friends and acquaintances. Granted, doing business via the Internet has its own special brand of on line marketing techniques that must be accomplished through more than a hit or miss approach. However, the opportunities for almost anyone to have a network online business are strong and growing among the virtual world. There are several simple criteria to look for when considering becoming involved in any ecommerce networking business. As mentioned early, make sure that there is a product or service offered by a particular company that is highly beneficial to any prospective business owner. The best sales structures are built by marketers who are convinced of the advantages of what they are marketing.

Another thing to consider is the history of any company which will usually be a good indicator as to whether or not a good business opportunity exists. The oldest and best businesses have become giants of MLM and direct marketing through great products, uncompromising service and quality distributorship opportunities. For these companies, network marketing online is only an extension of their superior business structure that has been in place for years. Experts suggest that if a company has been in business for up to 10 years, it most likely has met all legal criteria as well as produced a lasting business structure that is based on ethics and quality. Although some newer on line marketing opportunities may certainly be viable, always thoroughly check out their products, support, testimonials and business structure before getting involved. "The integrity of the upright shall guide them..." (Proverbs 11:3a)

Anyone interested in becoming involved in a networking business should find one that does not require large amounts of money upfront to join. Any requirements that are based on large investments in products that are waiting to be sold should be avoided. Quality companies will require minimal initial investments and a structured on line marketing plan to help networkers make the most out of their business. While there are reputable network marketing online opportunities, there are also unscrupulous companies that prey on unwary victims of business schemes and taut quick money through little effort. As with any endeavor in life, a business opportunity will generally require hard work coupled with a reputable business structure. MLM and direct sales opportunities should always be based on building a good customer base rather than simply finding the next recruit for the multi-level structure. Good products and services will inevitably produce a good networking structure.

Always keep in mind that there is more to MLM and networking businesses than merely selling and recruiting. Many business owners get lost in the maze of dos and dont's suggested by network marketing online professionals. There is one, specific thing that can help bounce an on line marketing opportunity to success more than any other one aspect...relationships. Whether it is personal or business, relationships developed through advertising methods, personal contacts, or lead generation will foster a strong partnership with customers and down-line distributors alike. Those who have really made it in the network business field have fine-tuned this concept and generally care about the people they reach.

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