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An online marketing consultant is a key player in the attempt to gain name and product recognition and its accompanying opportunity to increase profits. Such an advisor can become a real help to a small business that may need to increase its visibility on the World Wide Web. Just getting a website up and getting recognition on the Web is like asking the police to find a '94 Honda Accord on the Embarcadero at 5:15 from a helicopter. Not going to happen. For the spy in the sky police, they'll have to wait until traffic thins out, but the way to thin traffic on the Internet is to make that Honda look like a Ringling Brothers circus wagon. Getting a website noticed is the main job responsibility of the online marketing consultant.

Finding the right online marketing consultant is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the small business owner because in most cases, it will be about the money. And anyone, repeat anyone can hang a sign outside and declare himself an Internet advertising guru of the fourth dimension. However, reality says that a kitten living in a bread box does not make it a sourdough roll. So beginning at the point of researching a possible candidate as a consultant, certain checks should be made. The first would be experience that can be documented by business references. But don't just look at the references, call them and ask hard questions about results and whether or not this particular consultant would be hired again. Ask about the various techniques the consultant used to promote their business and how successful each one was.

With one Web advisor, you may get someone who has expertise in a particular area, but it is the very rare bird that can do it all. Think of all the areas regarding marketing that go into the mix: lead generation, search engine optimization, positioning, affiliate promotion and management and branding and a few more ingredients. Find out about each of these pieces of Internet promotion and discuss with the online marketing consultant just how he will accomplish these tasks. Perhaps some of the most powerful verses in the Bible on social responsibility come from the lips of Jesus. "But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you. Love your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil." (Luke 6:27, 35)

Let's see if a little light can be shed on these various issues you may be discussing with an online marketing consultant in the near future. One of the most important and pressing needs that a small business has is lead generation, or the securing of names of people who might want to buy sometime in the future. A discussion at an initial meeting with an Internet advertising advisor ought to include methods by which new leads can be found through the use of the World Wide Web. B2b marketing has a bit of a different flavor than consumer promotion and the online marketing consultant ought to be able to clearly define how each technique is different in its unfolding. However there is more to talk about with the Web advisor.

The idea of getting one's website on the first page of a search engine's results in this day and age is a dream that most business owners would love to see come to fruition. This result doesn't come as a luck of the draw, but rather through what is called search engine optimization. This kind of stuff is very high tech and not just everyone can make this happen. Search engines use complex algorithmic formulas that are kept a secret to rank websites and a number of factors go into mix such as how many hits the site as had over a period of time and where it has been ranked recently. But there are a number of tweaks and outright changes that a qualified online marketing consultant can make to improve results standings.

One of the 'go to" promotional techniques that an online marketing consultant will discuss with a small business owner is the strength of affiliate marketing. This method of website promotion is not a magic bullet to slay the dragon of unprofitability, but the concept and it practice can present the website owner with some income, but the strength of the plan is getting the branding of the company raised to a new level of recognition. Affiliate marketing is much the same as a truck stop owner who rents out space on his property for a motel five miles down the road to advertise. The same is done not with land but with website space in affiliate marketing. Sometimes a network made up of hundreds of websites agrees to post ads for other companies, for a financial agreement of course.

One final agenda item ought to be discussed in an initial meeting with a potential online marketing specialist, and that is the power of blogging. Coupled with a strong email campaign, and that's another whole conversation in and of itself, the blog, which is a service oriented marketing tool can act as a form of viral marketing for the small business company website. A blog isn't a selling tool, but it can contain invitations to visit the company blog. Rather, the blog is a service in which the company owner or an employee can share wisdom and knowledge about a particular subject. Talk to the advisor for more information.

Online Marketing Consulting

An online marketing consulting specialist can provide valuable guidance and technical strategies that will build a new Internet venture or improve an existing one for real ecommerce success. The need for quality web marketing consultation is growing as more and more entrepreneurs are finding hidden treasure through their Internet businesses. From affiliate web sites to full service malls, ecommerce sites are growing in number around the globe and many owners are finding the need for an online marketing company to add professional expertise to their new commercial ventures. Internet marketing strategies have evolved over the past several years and continue to change as technology develops. Finding a quality service to handle the marketing interests of any business is getting to be more critical to success in the competitive world of virtual commerce.

As with any area of expertise, there are both excellent and poor quality companies that offer advertising services for ecommerce owners. Owners that are relatively new to the virtual marketplace should carefully choose an online marketing consulting firm or individual. There have been problems in recent years with less than professional consultants who hang their virtual shingles out with no real experience or expertise to back up their claims. This has cost many ecommerce owners money and time, only to have to start all over again after having learned a hard lesson. "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." (James 1:5) For those who are interested in hiring a professional online marketing company to oversee a commercial project, there are several things to look for in those who claim to be professional consultants.

Those who are expert Internet marketers are careful to stay on top of the constantly changing protocols for search engine optimization, various methods of online advertising, lead generation tools, web site optimization and content mastery that includes writing and editorial skills. Before hiring the services of any online marketing company, make sure that he or she is current on all the recent advances in Internet advertising. Consultants that have attended workshops and received certification five years ago, but have not continued to stay up-dated throughout that time, will not be able to provide the best plan for success. Carefully question any online marketing consulting professional as to the last workshop, seminar or educational course he or she attended. Also, ask a prospective Internet marketer to explain the most recent events or technological advancements that are used within the field.

A good Internet marketer will be able to provide professional, clear information regarding trends, technological developments and outdated methods that have been discarded. Another way to make sure that an online marketing company is worth the fees is to request a client testimonial list for the past 5 years. Call a few clients to see if they are satisfied with the performance of the company. There is generally no better way to determine if an Internet marketer is a good choice other than personally interviewing some past clients. The longer the history of a business is, the better the chances are that skill is the calling card of the enterprise. Cost is another issue when choosing an Internet advertising firm. Generally, Internet marketers are hired in the initial stages of an ecommerce project and will need to review the success or failure a few months into the business.

Firms that provide a firm, itemization of upfront costs as well as any possible additional requirements are the best companies to hire. Those that provide nebulous charges, surprise add-ons and hidden fees can prove to cost more than they are worth as well as frustrate an ecommerce owner that has set aside a budget for marketing. In order to filter out any less-than-desirable, always require specific information regarding fees and services. While it may be necessary to carefully consider who is hired, an online marketing consulting specialist can actually save money and time in misspent activities by novice entrepreneurs. An Internet marketer can oversee the development of a commercial web site so that specific niche traffic will find the site through search engines. Through well written content within web pages, a consultant can provide full search engine optimization through HTML knowledge and keyword skills.

Professional consultants can also provide oversight regarding lay out, navigation features and visual appeal for commercial web sites. Other important services such as analysis, research and strategy adjustments are also provided by an online marketing company. Internet marketers can spend hours in researching consumer interests and advertising strategies. Ongoing analysis is valuable as consumer sales are tracked throughout the early period of a new ecommerce enterprise. Any adjustments that need to be made to increase search engine optimization and consumer appeal can then be implemented. While many new Internet business owners may be hesitant to hire the services of an online marketing consulting specialist, those who have found early success in ecommerce can attribute much of it to their decision to hire an experienced and skilled Internet marketer.

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