All Natural Skin Care Products

Many women are looking for all natural skin care products that will provide the results they desire without harsh chemicals that may have long term negative effects on their skin. Few daytime shows can go more than an hour with at least one commercial for products that promise to maintain youthful appearances, and many infomercials run all night long on many TV stations with one dermatological "discovery" after another. Before the advent of television and movies, the desire for younger looking skin was not deemed important nor even thought of as being important. Today, the quest for the fountain of youth is a multibillion dollar a year industry, with all natural skin care products leading the way. The desire for having a younger looking appearance with less wrinkles and blemishes seems to pick up pace once the age of about thirty five is reached, and even women into their sixties and seventies have become interested in looking as ageless as possible and many of them certainly do, thanks to the many products on the market today.

Before looking at all natural skin care products, consider some of the all natural remedies for a younger looking appearance, including mashed bananas on the face for five or ten minutes. But be careful, you may get a craving for ice cream and chocolate sauce while wearing this particular remedy! Oatmeal has always been a natural remedy for many things, but this cereal is great when mixed with honey and egg and a touch of glycerin as a facial mask for about twenty minutes at a time. And if one's appearance is oily, try some pureed tomatoes on the face for fifteen minutes or one part cider vinegar and two parts water as another alternative. And if a face mask is desired, try an apple stewed in milk for twenty minutes, then pureed and applied as a mask until cool. But a lot of people don't want this much fuss and mess, and that is certainly understandable. The question of whether these remedies work can only be answered by the trial and error system so check out other natural treatments such as facial masks from carrots, peaches, strawberries, and banana bread.

When a person enters in the phrase all natural skin care products, one will be ushered into a world of dozens of manufacturers making the claim that their merchandise is the best and most effective at providing smooth and supple appearances. Take Burt's Bees for example, a company offering dozens of products such as garden tomato complexion soap, wild lettuce complexion soap, peach and willow bark deep pore scrub and beeswax moisturizing day cream and don't forget their marshmallow vanishing cream. Saffron Rouge, another company that supplies all natural skin care products to the world offers a hydrating gel using New Zealand flax. The company also markets a mask for acne that contains Halloysite clay and Manuka oils and Totara extract for anti-oxidant treatment. In the same vein, a company called Aubrey organics offers such products as a night creme made with alpha lipoic acid, a naturally occurring antioxidant, vitamin liposomes and organic Rosa Mosqueta, evening primrose and Shea butter.

The estimates from some sources says that Americans use as many as ten different skin care products each day and that women ingest as many as four pounds of lipstick in a lifetime. The skin is like a sponge as it allows surface contaminants to seep into the blood stream and if the ingredients of some skin care products are harmful, the result could be harmful to one's health. Almost ninety percent of the over ten thousand facial appearance care products and cosmetics have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The European Union has actually banned many more products than the United States, fearing for the harsh effects some merchandise might have on the human body. As these facts have become better known in recent years, more and more consumers are looking for merchandise of all natural skin care merchandise.

When the term all natural skin care products is used, it may not mean that all the ingredients are non chemical in makeup. That term is not regulated and consequently the product can be anything but all organic. A person can go to to get a rating of popular cosmetics and appearance care merchandise that have hazards to the health of the user. Federal law does not require companies to share the many possibly toxic chemicals use to produce fragrances. The best advice in regards in lotions and creams that have not been evaluated as being truly natural is to stay away from anything that has fragrance. All natural skin care products that have a fruit base to them are the best choice for a healthy lifestyle.

The timeless longing for many people has been to find the secret to stopping the aging process. Many all natural skin care products may seductively suggest such a promise, but the fact is all of us will one day die. God has ordained this aging process as a result of our sin. "It is appointed unto man once to die but after this the judgment." (Hebrews 9:27) Choosing to go natural with food or cosmetics, skin care or other pursuits takes time and effort because of the study and research that is needed. The easiest thing to do is to just walk into a store and pick up what looks good and smells good pay the cashier and walk out. But the extra time in choosing natural merchandise can pay off with a longer and healthier life for many consumers.

Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Anti aging skin care products have become big business for a generation of Americans running from the inevitable. One guy said recently, I am at the age where if you flattened out all my wrinkles I'd be seven feet tall. Ya gotta' laugh, right? Aging is not acceptable in the United States and older people are usually treated with more contempt than respect. Rumors about the government decreasing health care costs by denying treatment to the oldest abound and it is another reminder that no persone wants to grow old and be told they no longer have relevance. So the mad search is on to find anti aging products that can at least slow down the freight train. Yes, it's coming for all of us.

When a person enters the phrase anti aging skin care products, he or she will be astounded at the page upon page of listings of companies offering their wares. This is one of the booming industries of the twenty first century without a doubt. Claim after claim is made and when the reviews are read on products, there is good news and bad news: each one works well on some but the bad news is that each one doesn't work for others. Perhaps some of the problem is in the expectation level of some consumers. While there is some interest in the male population for finding the fountain of youth for the face, by far the greatest expectant audience is women who want to roll back the clock of time. Most of these products are fairly expensive, at least when compared with drug store aisle creams and lotions. So perhaps the panning of many of these products comes when Roseanne Barr wants to look like Jennifer Anniston after spending two hundred dollars for exotic anti aging skin care products.

There are certain ingredients that are found in most of these product lines although not all of them in each one. It is important that the consumer know what these common ingredients are so that decisions can be made about their safety. For example, alpha hydroxy acids are in many of the lotions and creams for wrinkles and fine lines. These acids come from fruits and milk sugars and can increase a person's sensitivity to the sun, so if they are used, make sure to use a strong sun block. Alpha lipoic acid, a help to many diabetic patients who suffer from peripheral neuropathy is also a potent anti oxidant which can help smooth wrinkles also. This acid is naturally produced in our own bodies and is deemed safe. As much as we all want to avoid the inevitable death that envelopes all of us, we must face its reality and what the Bible says is next: "It is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment." (Hebrews 9:27)

One of the most promising ingredients in anti aging skin care products is copper peptide that was developed in the beginning for wound healing. The substance shows a strong affinity for smoothing wrinkles and may have positive effects on the appearance of scars. But there is one warning in regards to this ingredient and that is that more is not better. There is some concern that overuse of this ingredient can cause metalloproteinases which can actually cause a sagging of skin. So the advice is not to over use any anti aging skin care products with copper peptides. Another of the ingredients found in many anti aging products hydroquinone which is high recommended as a skin lightener for treating brown spots caused by aging as well as hyper pigmentation.

There are many people that espouse the use of natural anti aging skin care products rather than use ones that have chemicals in them. This is certainly true for those who have sensitive skin and may react adversely to the chemicals in many anti aging skin care products. The race to find an alternative to Botox, the inject able cosmetic that seems to be the rave of so many women and men, has brought the natural skin care product industry to use a combination of anti oxidants, organic oils, amino acids and Vitamins C and E. Looking for skin rejuvenation, many consumers have discovered the benefits of such natural ingredients as green and white tea, chamomile, soy oil, pomegranate extract and South African Rooibos. How effective all of these natural products are is really a matter of personal experience. One of the bottom lines of all this information is that a person should seek a dermatologist before using anything on the skin with ingredients that seep into the body through the dermas.

Most dermatologists will probably want their patients to think twice about most using most anti aging skin care products, unless he or she is a Botox dispenser. But the truth of the first chapter of the dermatologist bible states that limiting sun exposure and keeping the skin hydrated is the most important steps in limiting the formation of wrinkles. Individuals wanting to keep down wrinkles as they grow older should faithfully wear sun block and probably a wide brim hat in the summer. Drinking plenty of water can also help hydrate the skin and reduce the possibility of dryness. There are plenty of recipes online for natural facials using eggs, honey olive oil, cucumbers and witch hazel. These may have the same kinds of effects that more expensive products have. Just don't walk through the house with those foods on your face; someone that is hungry is liable to attack you!

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