Beauty Supply Store

A beauty supply store is the source for most hair care products sold by retail hair spas across the country. The scissors, hair dryers, curling irons, steam setters, flat irons that are used in salons across the country are heavier and more durable than those sold for home use, and are only available from suppliers of professional equipment. Larger cities have at least one of these vendors to take care of immediate needs for the various salons around town. In many cases the public cannot buy in these supply houses. The often reduced rate for many of the popular shampoos and hair gels that are sold for retail in the salon can be purchased at wholesale price or lower from these suppliers. Allowing the public to buy at the salon prices would endanger many businesses efforts to make a profit.

A person wishing to open a hair styling business that will use a beauty supply store will usually have been an employee at another salon before opening one on his or her own. To become a cosmetologist or esthetician, the newest moniker for this occupation, most states require a license to cut hair, a license that is awarded after certain courses are passed. A cosmetologist is a broad term referring to anyone that assists the public in the enhancement of appearance. In most cases, a person is not called a cosmetologist until he or she has passed the state examination for licensing. The requirements for getting into cosmetology school are varied from school to school with the majority of schools requiring a high school diploma. Some schools only require an eighth grade education.

It's not difficult to understand why states would want to license estheticians. For one thing, they are dealing with tools that can easily cut people, and not a leg or arm, but around the head, one of the most copious places on the body for blood vessels and extremely important organs such as eyes, ears and brain. Estheticians are also dealing with chemicals such as bleaches and dyes that go on the scalp, some of the many products purchased at a beauty supply store. Additionally, many who work in expanded salon/spas work with nails, including cutting and shaping them. Most people would appreciate knowing that their fingers are in the hands of a trained clinician. There is a great deal of emphasis in America on beauty and outward appearance, yet God has no interest in how a person looks, but the rather the condition of the person's spiritual condition. "...for the Lord seeth not as a man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart." (1 Samuel 16:7)

In most cases, courses to a actually learn how to cut and style hair usually last about six months, but there are certain salons that feature particular patented styling techniques that will take longer to master. Many of those who attend cosmetology school study to be certified in more than one area of the business. A beauty supply store will not just stock hair care products and tools, but will also supply the supplies needed for other services that so many modern salon/spas offer. These services include skin care services, make up application and nail services. Some salons are moving into the area of massage therapy, aroma therapy and even acupuncture. Of course, the clinicians performing these services must be licensed far beyond the cosmetology licensure. And more and more beauty supply store vendors that wish to service these expanding spa and salons will add to their inventory to service these modern spas.

For the person who believes that he or she might be a good candidate to own and run a beauty supply store, it will take more than a license in cosmetology or being an esthetician. Like many mechanics who want to run their own garage or dog groomers who want their own business, they soon learn that running a business is a whole lot different than just being one of the employees. Right here and now, the truth might as well be said as clearly as possible: it is advisable to any person longing to own their own salon or beauty supply store to recognize before ever becoming an owner or manager that being the owner of a business has its own set of issues unrelated entirely to cutting hair or cutting nails. There are inventory and tax issues, employee relations and customer relations and both of those can be plenty exasperating. if a haircut is messed up, at least the hair will grow out in a few weeks and the customer will eventually get happy again, but is a tax code is violated or an employee's rights are violated, these issues don't go away after four weeks.

If you are the manager now of a large salon spa or a small stylist service, there is no doubt you have gotten to know the manger of your nearby beauty supply store. There are plenty of suppliers online where a person can buy supplies perhaps even cheaper than at that corner supply store a few miles away. But if one of the employees drops the last box of henna at five o'clock on a Saturday afternoon, that relationship that has been developed with that beauty supply vendor over the years can certainly pay off handsomely. Especially if she is willing to stay open a few minutes past closing in order for you to come and new case of henna.

Acne Skin Care Products

Acne skin care products have come a long way since the days of doctors telling patients to use Lava soap as a cure. Are you kidding me? Lava soap on acne would take one's skin down to capillary level, but that was the best that could be offered even as late as the nineteen sixties. There are plenty of home remedies that are touted as cures for this dermatology problem. Cooked oatmeal daily on the face for fifteen minutes, a combination of lemon and rose water left on the face for half an hour, twenty days in a row, and my favorite, garlic cloves rubbed all over the pimples and black heads three times a day. If you rub garlic on your face three times a day, who cares if you have pimples , no one will want to be around you anyway.

Pimples and blackheads, the scourge of so many teenagers, can also flare up when someone is forty or even sixty and the result can often be a hasty trip to the drug store for dermatological care products. The old wisdom used to say that eating chocolate caused pimples, but not so. Dirty hair and not washing your face doesn't cause pimples either, but please don't stop washing. If both of one's parents had pimples and blackheads you will probably get it if the condition hasn't presented its unwelcome self already. On the other hand, if you have it but a sister or brother doesn't have the condition, there are other causes such as stress, sun exposure seasonal changes and climate that can bring about an outbreak of pimples. So can certain types of makeup and birth control medications. Some physicians think that food that has iodine in it causes breakouts to occur and while one helping of these kinds of food may not cause a breakout, but long term ingestion can certainly do so, at least according to some doctors.

When it comes to acne skin care products that granny didn't know about forty years ago, the one product that has gotten the most media play and ad coverage in recent years is called Proactive. This particular product uses plenty of well known celebrities to tout its pimple reducing or elimination abilities. This particular product contains benzoyl peroxide plus botanicals such as allantoin, panthenol, aloe and chamomile. This product appears to have many supporters and fans, but there are also many who say that this particular choice among the many acne skin care products available did not work for them. But there are many other choices that a person might be able to try, and each one makes the grand and glorious claim that it's combination of ingredients will be the answer for health, wealth and the clearing of what the teens used to call crater face. For the person with acne, there isn't much else in life that is more important than finding a cure. But God says other things are so much more important: "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." (Hebrews 9:27)

Many women have found the product called Diane 35 to be one of the helpful acne skin care products that has been shown to clear up acne for some who have used the product. It is a contraceptive that blocks androgen receptors which then causes the skin to produce less oil. Less oily skin can then reduce the possibility of new acne formation. There may be some concern in a teen using a contraceptive as an acne medicine so getting as much information as possible would be advisable. Other acne skin care products include a product called Exposed. This particular treatment doesn't get the press that proactive does, but appears to have plenty of fans. This product does come with a full year money back guarantee.

Acnezine is another of the acne skin care products on the market that seems to be a fairly popular choice among many consumers. This particular item is one of the acne skin care products that fights acne by going after free radicals in the body through a number of anti-oxidants. The makeup of this treatment protects essential fatty acids which are converted into anti-inflammatory hormones which reduce oil production in the skin. And of course, less oil means less pimples. Some reviews say that the company selling this product is tough to deal with when trying to get back your money before the ninety days are up.

When the issue of pimples and blackheads gets so difficult that medical helps is needed, the first stop should always be a dermatologist. These medical doctors specialize in the care of normal skin and the treatment of skin care conditions including cancers. For many parents who have teenagers that are suffering from such a socially debilitating condition as pimples and their accompanying other issues, and we all know the skin condition truly is a social disaster for many kids, the more important it is to have a medical doctor make an initial diagnosis and propose a treatment plan. An issue will be the evaluation of how severe the condition is and the proper treatment. The reality is that a person could spend much more on over the counter acne skin care products that are all iffy in their ability to help every case of acne than what a person might spend getting help from a professional. The bottom line all this discussion about skin care products is to do one's home work first and don't be fooled or swayed by slick media ads.

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