Charity Fundraising Ideas

Charity fund raising is a great opportunity to raise support and awareness for charities and the causes they support. There are many non profit organizations throughout the country and the world that seek support through many different types of events. With the various types of charity fund raising events that are held throughout the year for different causes, it is very easy to choose a cause to support with monetary donations or by hands on assistance. The most popular ones include telethons and various types of sales or auctions with proceeds benefiting a particular organization or cause.

This unique way of raising money has been developed to assist in the growth and maintenance of the organizations that provide services and assistance to people in need. Charity fundraising allows many such organizations to provide medical assistance, job training, education, and a variety of other services to those in need. It is also a great opportunity to support operations and organizations that help promote a better quality of life for individuals in many situations.

Telethons are one of the most popular and well known forms of fund raising. Most large organizations hold telethon charity fund raising events so the money individuals pledge can be called into a certain phone number and they can then donate a certain amount of money for the cause that is being discussed. Telethons allow organizations to show what they are working to fight against, such as diseases or disasters. This is a great charity fundraising event because it gives the donor an idea of what the money will be used for.

Many different sales are held every year to benefit a variety of organizations. These sales can be held in the form of an auction, a bake sale, a community service program or whatever else the organization thinks of. Charity fundraising sales often involve donated products from businesses or philanthropists that work with the organization to raise financial assistance and public awareness of the charity's work.

These events allow a charity to raise monetary support for the organization. Many events are held throughout the world, almost daily, to promote awareness and receive funding to further the efforts of the organization. There are many events that can be used in charity fund raising, such as a telethon or auction, that provides financial assistance to organizations that attempt to make a difference in the world and the lives of the individuals involved with the charity. The idea for charity fundraising is strongly taught in the Bible. "Freely ye have received, freely give." (Matthew 10:8b)

Charity fund raising ideas start from the easiest to implement, such as selling candy or organizing a car wash, and go up to very extensive and involved ideas, such as organizing a fair or a community fun night. If unable to think of a charity fund raising idea that seems interesting, there are many, many thoughts for this online. Some of the suggestions will get the children involved in the process, which could be an added benefit. How the plan will be implemented will be determined by the amount of space, time and resources that are on hand. Almost anybody can perform a rock-a-thon, for example, but not everybody will be able to organize a football tournament.

These activities can range from the very inexpensive, such as a rummage sale, which requires donations and the use of a building, and go up to charity fund raising ideas that are a rather large investments considering the idea is to raise money, not spend money. An example of an expensive event would be a fair or a bazaar. The organization would have to invest a significant amount of money in tent rentals, food purchases, prize purchases, and possibly even ride rentals. All of this adds up to a large investment with the hope, but no guarantee, that it will generate enough traffic to not only pay off the investment, but also raise funds for the non-profit organization. "Every man shall give as he is able according to the blessing of the Lord thy God which He hath given thee." (Deuteronomy 16:17) If a small organization or club wants an inexpensive charity fund raising idea, a list of ideas can be found that involves very little up-front investment.

A good choice for the thrifty minded is to sell items. The reason for this is that the donor feels they are getting something for their money, but also it is easier to ask people to donate when the charity fund raising idea sells an item and keeps the profit. Also, it is easier to find volunteers who will sign up to help sell items than it would be to find volunteers willing to ask people for a cash donation. Another good charity fund raising idea is to offer services and apply all the donations for the services toward the organization trying to raise cash. Organizing something like this can create unity within an organization as people of all ages work toward the success of the event. If looking to raise funds for an organization, take advantage of the many charity fund raising ideas offered for free by searching online.

Starting A Charity

Starting a charity organization can be rewarding both personally and publicly, as help targeted to a specific need touches many lives. It takes a lot of commitment and support in beginning a non-profit and it is beneficial to understand the basics of beginning a charitable enterprise that is successful. There are many government regulations and requirements regarding beginning a non-profit. It may be best to check out the many online government sources that offer inclusive information about the legal aspects. Not-for-profit agencies and charitable enterprises carry different legal requirements and the specific purpose for starting a charity will determine which legal avenue to take in applying for organizational approval.

A philanthropic appeal to someone who has a heart for helping others in some specific area of need is how charities usually begins. However, desiring to meet a need does not guarantee success. Legitimacy through financial accountability and proper management of finances are very important aspects. State and federal regulations must be met when starting charities in order to assume non-profit status and tax exemption standing. Some companies starting a charity have opted to continue as for-profit entities in order to by-pass the heavy regulations imposed on organizations with non-profit status.

Those starting charities for non-profit standing must meet basic requirements of incorporation such as detailed goal documentation, development of a board of directors for oversight of the charitable enterprise and preparations for a yearly audit for some charitable agencies. There are many other requirements that apply to those beginning a non-profit that varies from state to state. Many of those launching charities wish to receive a 501c3, tax exempt status in order to extend tax credit to donors as well as by pass many tax requirements that for-profit organization are required to pay.

There are many details involved in applying for this type of tax-exempt status when starting charities. In order to be thorough when beginning a charitable enterprise, it can be advantageous to secure the services of companies that can apply for your non-profit status and guarantee legitimate approval of your application. Starting charities requires care and thoroughness from inception of any organization in order to avoid many legal pitfalls that can occur throughout the operations of any agency. There are many online sources that can assist you in properly beginning a non-profit. "Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things." (Psalm 72:18)

A non-profit charity organization provides programs and services to individuals in need with out making a financial profit from any project. There are organizations that assist victims of natural disasters who need help with relocation and the necessities of life. Some groups specialize in helping unmarried, pregnant women who need help with medical expenses, housing, and even counseling as to what they should do with their unborn child. Other groups provide asylum or assistance to families in war torn countries. Numerous non-profit charities around the world help many people in distress through the generous donations of kind donors who share their wealth with those less fortunate.

Charity groups are incorporated with the understanding that no one involved with the agency will receive any kind of profit from any activity. An organization can pay their employees and offer various types of benefits without jeopardizing their tax free status. Most non-profit organizations have applied to the IRS for tax-exempt status. The IRS will classify a non-profit charity as a public or private organization. Typically having a public status means that an organization is either a school or a church. These groups are incorporated as tax-exempt and have an easier time of receiving this status than groups that are classified as private.

When seeking out the services of or donating to a tax exempt group, it would be advisable for prospective donors to become educated about them. For those who are in need of some assistance, the first place to start is to schedule an appointment and talk with someone who represents the agency. Donors to non-profit charities should ask the agency for a mission statement, references, and/or speak to one of the agency's board members. If the IRS has awarded an agency tax-exempt privileges, it is also a good indication that the organization is reputable. Those donating to a non-profit charity should familiarize themselves with the programs offered and the local or national population that is served. In addition, donors may wish to find out what percentage of the donated money will be allocated toward the targeted project and what amount is funneled toward administrative costs.

There is no greater way to make use of an individual's or family's extra resources than to donate them to a charitable organization. Many people are not able to go overseas and work in an orphanage or tutor inner city children, but they do have the heart to consider donating to non-profit charities that can provide help to those who need it. God speaks often in the Bible about donating to the needy and how that act will not only bring blessings to this earth but it will also store up rewards in heaven for those who are generous. God instructs, "...provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth, neither moth corrupteth. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Luke 16:33-34) Remember that giving to charities is creating a reward in heaven that will never be taken away!

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