Consumer Electronics Store

The aisles of a consumer electronics store are usually filled in the evenings and on the weekend with men who absolutely love their gadgets. If it lights up and beeps, men drool and want it and the sorry thing is, once its home, there is soon something bigger and better and they will then want that one too. No doubt about it, just as the women of this country keep the fashion industry buzzing, the male demographic loves their electrically run toys. If it has a circuit board, mother board, digital inputs and outputs, and if the thing requires surround sound or extra speakers, the testosterone is going to howl. The fact is, everyone likes to stroll through a consumer electronics store and see the amazing advances that the microchip has created over the past twenty years. But in the back of everyone's mind is, "if I wait just a little longer, something better is going to come out." The pace of electronic advancement is astounding.

When entering one of these adult playhouses, there are certainly a number of departments that catch the eye. Turn right and head on over to the computers where every possible size, speed, price range and option is available. Within the giant mega consumer electronics store, someone will have the opportunity to walk from the cheapest to the grandest of computers. For ten years or more, pc users were stuck with a fifteen inch monitor, but walk the aisles of these amazing places today, and a twenty two inch monitor is almost standard equipment. And if a person wants a thirty inch monitor, no problem, just add a few hundred dollars to the computer's price and you can take the system home. The giant consumer electronics store at a mall near you knows that the typical American buyer wants it now, not tomorrow and certainly not two days from now. As a result, their inventory can often find DVD players, TVs, computers and printers stacked from floor to ceiling in the back rooms.

With the advent of digital television and the analog system biting the dust on June 12, 2009, the consumer electronics store have been pounding the need for a digital television update for all discriminating buyers. Of course, every husband has loved the FCC and their switch to digital, because it's the perfect lead in to get that high definition, forty inch and if the all the stars are in alignment, plasma beauty. And just like other electronic gear, digital television has fallen in price over the past five years. For instance, a plasma television that was over five thousand dollars just five years ago is now fewer than two thousand dollars and what sports loving guy doesn't want to be able to count the blades of grass in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium? That, my friend is possible with plasma television. Stroll the television department aisle of that consumer electronic store and you'll find guys weeping over the incredible picture that is available in their home with a high definition TV.

But the mega consumer electronics store also wisely knows that DVDs must be comfortably within reach when that new DVD player is purchased. Enter some of the most awesome movie selections this side of Net Flix a person has ever seen. Thousands of movie titles are available and what are even more fun are the hundreds of old TV series that can also be bought for trips back into nostalgia land. Want the entire Picket Fences series, or the Frazier or Everybody Loves Raymond series? More than likely, your neighborhood mega store will have the series and if not, they'll call and find out if the sister store ten miles away has it. Just stop and pick that thing up on the way home. Remember, we Americans don't like to wait for anything!

But your consumer electronics store doesn't just have stuff for the rec room, oh no. Try the kitchen and the laundry room, because electronics have now made those cooking and laundry jobs that much easier. Once a happily married couple enters this part of the store, the man falls asleep and the wife is quite alert, thank you very much. How about a refrigerator that has a built in television or one that looks like another of the kitchen cabinets? Or what about a stainless steel beauty or one that can begin to thaw a chicken breast at the touch of your cell phone? Look long and hard enough and you will find amazing products, like the washer/dryer combination where both the washing and drying take place in the same tub and if you want those clothes steam cleaned just push the button.

No doubt about it, we Americans live in an amazing time. If the credit is good or the wallet is full, we can drive to a stand alone consumer electronics store or in malls across the country and have devices to entertain us for hours on end. Our tasks can be shortened, the laughs, drama and adventure can come a mile a minute, yet for many of us, we are still unhappy. There is certainly nothing wrong with any beeping, whining, light up and turn on electronic gadget, especially if it is in our budget, but they don't do well as soul stuffers. Trying to stuff our souls with things has never been a prescription for happiness. But a relationship with Jesus Christ brings about joy, which is so much greater than happiness: " (Jesus) whom having not seen, ye love; in whom though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory." (I Peter1:8)

Home Electronics Store

High-tech home electronics stores are experiencing a revolution, in spite of a waning economy. Although consumer sales are down, companies that offer state-of-the-art devices for residential use have the potential to see increases as the economy recovers. Homeowners have become addicted to high-tech tools that offer access to global audio and video broadcasts. From handheld, laptop, and desktop computers; DVDs, CDs, and MP3s; and home theatres, consumers can't seem to get enough of today's digital gadgets. Home electronics stores that can weather the storms of economic upheaval can take advantage of the high demand for technology that is exploding off the charts. And when consumers get their hands on some extra cash, television, video and surveillance firms could cash in big because electronics will continue to big business.

In the late 1930s, no one could have guessed that lowly black and white television set thousands of viewers gathered around each evening would evolve into the sleek 52-inch flat panel models we have today. And no one knew that the humble radio that once entertained families that were lucky enough to afford one would become the forerunner of streaming audio broadcasts and MP3 players. Wireless technology has taken audio and video transmissions into a new world, creating in consumers an insatiable appetite for faster, more efficient, leaner, and more affordable digital devices. Home electronics stores have had to keep pace with consumer demand; and the pace has been furious. No sooner than buyers became aware of new products, like DVDs and TiVos, then portable cell phones evolved into handheld computers with capability of Internet viewing, email transmission and gaming.

Today's cyberspace consumers want it all! From handheld PCs, home theaters with surround sound, flat screen monitors and laptop computers; to low-cost digital cameras, pre-recorded MP3 players, and IP addressable surveillance; homeowners crave all that the Internet age has to offer. High-end home theaters have become the norm for consumers who have Internet access. Consumers can enjoy realistic cinematic sound and crystal-clear, high-definition visuals in the company of family and friends, rather than fight the crowds, the clutter, and the cost of going to a local cinema. Home electronics stores offer hardware and installation of complete theater systems. Although a well-designed theater can be expensive, consumers are looking at saving in the long run. The cost of movie tickets, Broadway shows, or even movie rentals can add up; but to some, the ability to download and view movies from the Internet and share files from a home or office PC is incentive enough to start drawing up plans for a residential theater.

Nationally-owned and privately-run home electronics stores may offer high-tech media centers that provide homeowners access to video, audio, and digital images without membership in expensive cable companies and movie rental clubs. Multimedia hubs are designed to play and record, stream, or share audio and video transmissions between several digital devices. Homeowners can not only enjoy an in-home theater, but also download streaming videos from the Worldwide Web from nearly any country; or view video stored on a PC through a flat panel television or theater screen. And because of the affordability of newer digital devices, it is not uncommon for families to have several state-of-the-art televisions, computers, and media centers in one residence.

Today's mobile families rely on digital devices, such as handheld PC phones, web cams, and computers not only to keep track of appointments and manage home-based businesses, but also to communicate with each other. "But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased. Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you" (Hebrews 13:16-17). Cell phones offer today's teens a world view unimaginable for youngsters just two decades ago. Teens can chat online with other adolescents around the block or around the globe; play computer games with gamers on another continent; or trade electronic messages with pals from far away lands. Web cams and membership on personal space portals enables youngsters to invite new friends into their world. And while there are perils involved with Internet messaging and videotaping, the possibilities for future generations are mind boggling. Home electronics stores that have a vision that reaches beyond domestic shores will be in a prime position to take advantage of emerging digital technologies when economic woes subside.

Many home electronics stores not only offer high-definition televisions, surround sound theaters, and high-tech media centers, but they also provide consumers with security and surveillance devices to help protect expensive equipment and personal possessions. IP-addressable cameras can be installed on a homeowner's property to detect intruders or to provide 24-hour monitoring from any remote location with Internet access. Monitoring is accessible by logging onto a unique Uniform Resource Locator, which enables viewers to see what the camera sees from anywhere in the world. Internet-addressable cameras are so inexpensive that consumers can place several in strategic positions at a residence or business and monitor properties while vacationing on land, air or sea. Families can use cameras to videotape prized possessions and create a visual record in case of loss, vandalism, or fires. While home electronics stores have struggled financially to keep pace with rapidly-changing technology and battle a woeful economy, the future looks brighter as consumers regain borrowing power and the nation's monetary system is restored.

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