Guitar Stores Online

Musicians and music lovers find guitar stores online a great option for price-comparison shopping and reviewing the many different makes and models available through cyberspace. While purchasing an instrument online may have its challenges, the number of people buying music products, including guitars, through the Internet continues to increase every year. Online CD stores are already established retailers in cyberspace, indicating that those who are interested in music find shopping on the Internet a great place to find bargains and broad selections. There are also rating companies that have web sites through the Internet and these companies provide evaluation services to the consumer. There are sites that work specifically with instruments and sites that rate customer services of music stores that offer a variety of products. Just like with any geographical location, there will be e-commerce businesses that will be a pleasure to deal with and there will also be some that will offer a less than pleasurable experience. So, there are precautions to be heeded when shopping for music products on the Internet.

Internet shopping is growing in popularity at increased speeds. With the ease of wireless connections, consumers are finding that logging on and spending hours browsing and price comparing is easier than it once was. What was once considered unheard of, such as buying a guitar site unseen, is now common practice with guitar stores online. Consumers are changing the way they think about purchases and the way that purchases are conducted. Most companies that operate through the Internet offer generous money back guarantees and return policies. The conveniences that are offered through the Internet simply cannot be matched by traditional retailers. Online CD stores have access to stock and selections that traditional music retailers may not be able to financially afford. And Internet music companies have the capabilities and technical staff to hunt down any specific instrument to meet individual specifications. The high tech method of conducting business is proving to appeal to many customers. However, there is still something to be said for getting a CD on the same day one wants that CD at the local music store and being able to try-out the instrument before buying. Traditional retailers have no need to feel threatened, yet.

There are a few tips and suggestions that can help make Internet music shopping as pleasant of an experience as possible. First, to keep from becoming overwhelmed by the large selection of online CD stores, consumers may want to stick with recognizable names in the retail music industry. Most major retailers now have web sites and offer products for online shoppers. There are also some companies that are strictly Web based and generally have the entire technical retail aspect down to a science, making all transactions much smoother than the companies that are attempting to do both. When shopping with a company that is strictly e-commerce, check around first. Does the website look professional? Well formatted web sites indicate that money and time was invested in setting up the e-commerce. Does the site offer security for personal information? Is the return policy clearly stated? It may also be wise to ask others who have shopped for CDs on the Internet about their experiences and get recommendations.

Buying an instrument online should also, and more importantly, be carefully considered. Fortunately, there are web sites that will actually locate guitar stores online for shoppers' conveniences. These agencies will even rate the stores listed, giving buyers a good idea of who can be trusted and what companies offer quality products. If looking for a specific guitar, the web rating agencies can even search the inventories of listed cyberspace music stores and reveal how many of the requested item each store has in stock. Buying doesn't get any easier than this. However, as stated earlier, there is nothing like trying an instrument on for size before buying. Guitars can vary in their sound, depending upon the wood used and other factors. To actually play a guitar before buying it is advised. But, most of these types of Internet dealers allow for returns without much fuss or hassles.

The key to making all Internet purchases great buys is to spend time learning more about the company that is being dealt with and to read the fine print on all terms. This is true with online CD stores and other types of retailers, including instrument sales and guitar stores online. Buyers may want to actually call and speak to a representative of the e-tailer first, getting any questions that he or she may have answered. Again, network and talk with friends and family members who are familiar with Internet trading and can guide buyers to stores that will offer great customer service and discount pricing. The Bible even encourages readers to seek counsel on many things, for this is the first step in obtaining wisdom. "Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning." (Proverbs 9:9) Have fun shopping from home and enjoy the conveniences that the high tech World Wide Web offers music lovers!

Christian Music Store

A Christian music store can be found in many big and small towns and cities across the country. For those who aren't familiar with this genre of music, it is a billion dollar a year industry and many persons that would not even call themselves Christian listen to this music because of its uplifting message of peace, hope and love. A strictly musical only store for this genre of songs and compositions will be difficult to find, however, as a Christian music store will probably be a part of a larger Christian merchandising store selling not only musical CDs but also books, Bibles and other Christian related merchandise. In most of these all encompassing stores, the CD department that encompasses CDs of popular albums as well as some printed musical pieces is an important but certainly not the only profitable part of the store. The large markup on Bibles and books also is a part of the profit strategy in making a retail Christian merchandising store a success.

The majority of customers going to a supplier of Christ centered merchandise are, admittedly, Christ-centered in their life philosophy. While many persons who are not followers of Jesus Christ cannot understand this motivation or taste in musical pieces, Christians who have had a radical life change truly have a metamorphosis in regards to what is listened to in terms of music and what is watched on TV and other media. This metamorphosis in thinking and in culture is not something that is a decision, but rather a response to a radical new way of looking at life. As a result, musical pieces that are sexist, sensual, violent and negative just naturally begin to rub the Christ follower the wrong way. As much as the rapper often naturally dislikes country musical compositions, or the classic musical composition lover often decries heavy metal, the Christ follower suddenly gains an aversion to musical pieces that have a message counter to the message of Christ. Thus the Christian music store or department becomes a haven for someone who has gone through this metamorphosis of thought and culture.

But make no mistake: lovers of heavy metal can find their genre of musical choice at a Christian music store. The words of much different, the message is totally changed, but the feedback, distortion and grunge guitar is still present. And just as true, Christian rappers have found their market within the community of Christ followers as well as those who like the steel guitar and banjo in country gospel musical choices. There are plenty of critics of modern Christ centered musical pieces who feel that anything other than an organ and piano are unsacred and so shall there always be critics. In reality, the great hymns of the 1700's often used the musical compositions of the beer gardens of the era in which to couch their powerful words. The critics howled then also. But others more supportive of the Christ centered musical pieces that are sold in a Christian music store hold tight to the philosophy that the methods for presenting the changeless message of God's love and grace are not sacred so long as they do not overshadow that message.

Going to a Christian music store or the department within a larger bookstore is a great experience to find out just exactly where the church is today in terms of worship. There are usually in one corner the top 10 in sellers for that week or month. Within the Christ centered recording industry are cross over artists such as Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant in the 90's and now artists like Sarah Masen, Bill Mallonee, Switchfoot, Sufjan Stevens and others who have had their Christ centered compositions played on the usually disdainful major radio stations around the country. Whether a person loves urban gospel, country, classical, southern gospel, pop or praise, these various styles can be found in a Christian music store. Oops, that's not quite true, because some independent store owners will limit the kinds of musical compositions they carry, basically because of a philosophical issue they might have with some forms of modern Christ centered musical songs. In the Bible there are principles and precepts, and with music in the church, there are no precepts or black and white rules written in stone. Instead, a principle rules and that one is this: "Whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God." (1 Corinthians 10:31)

If a person worshipping in a service hears a soloist get up and sing a song to a pre recorded piece of musical composition that has strings and other orchestral instruments on it, the chances are that soloist was in a Christian music store and found that song available on an accompaniment CD and purchased it. Oftentimes young couples who are seeking to have a Christ centered wedding with very explicit worship music that could be especially appropriate for a wedding ceremony go and spend hours listening to the section of these bookstores that carry just wedding music. Just try and find that category in a large secular bookstore; a person can look forever and not find just that genre of music even in the megastores that have sprouted up around the country. Christ centered music is unlike any other musical composition in the world. It speaks of the relationship that a human being can have with the God of the universe, the relationship not unlike a healthy parent-child relationship where the parent would lay down his or her life for the child.

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