Military Surplus Store

A military surplus store offers civilians the opportunity to buy old and obsolete equipment used by the military, plus new merchandise that has been made to look military in design. Many of these stores also handle police equipment and perhaps some fire fighter needs. When the government buys equipment for the armed services, their natural inclination is to buy more than they really need. In fact, since world events can dictate swift changes in the armed forces size, much more must be bought and placed into storage. Of course, from time to time that surplus equipment will be updated with more modern gear and then the government sells off the surplus to civilian vendors. The lure of this merchandise is that the gear is made to US government armed forces specifications. The clothing, sleeping bags, backpacks and survival gear are nothing like the same type of item bought at Wal-Mart or Target.

There are no firearms sold at these stores, but they do like to talk about knives. One of the most famous of the military knives is the K-Bar which is a copyright name. This knife has been a part of military lore since World War Two. Brand new K-bars can be purchased at most surplus stores, but there are plenty of other types of bayonet knives that can be bought at a military surplus store. Original old bayonets from wars gone by are available, but sadly the stories behind the knife do not accompany them. No doubt many of them would have amazing tales of bravery and sadness if they could somehow talk. Since a military surplus store often has the Army-Navy moniker, there may be Ontario knives used by the Navy and Marines.

For hunters, there is plenty of camouflage clothing available, and while much of it is not military in origin, it still looks very much the same. At a military surplus store, coveralls, rain gear, T-shirts and caps are all available in camouflage. And hunters pay close attention because ghillie suits are available from many stores. This suit has been seen on many movies where soldiers can hide in a forest or on the ground in an open field and not be seen at all. A picture from an online military surplus store with a guy standing in the suit looks like a blob of moss holding a rifle. This suit can be awesome for deer hunters as well as others who need to get close to their prey. Also, the idea of a pretty cool adult Halloween costume is coming to mind with this thing.

Tents are often an items sought by many who visit a military surplus store and want the higher quality military spec tent rather than those sold in regular sporting good and department stores. These tents, at least some of them, can withstand 55 mile an hour winds, will not pool water and can take a snow load of ten pounds per square foot. Try and get those specifications out of the tents bought at your neighborhood department store. United States citizens take for granted the protection and safety offered us by the brave men and women of the Armed Forces. But Christians have an even greater appreciation of where their protection comes from: "Some trust in chariots and some in horses; but we will remember the name of the Lord our God." (Psalm 20:7)

One of the most intriguing sites online that represents a military surplus store is located in Tel Aviv. At this online store merchandise such as shirts worn by Israeli bodyguards can be purchased. Body armor, anti-terrorist vests and bullet proof vests from women are available. Buy the book of Psalms in Hebrews, carried by the Israeli soldier or by the actual beret caps worn by various members of their armed forces. In fact, Americans can buy used Kevlar helmets worn by our soldiers in Iraq which have been refurbished, sold by surplus stores here in the states. And how about buying an Army cargo truck still painted on camo?

Some people get a kick out of buying old ordnance from these military vendors. Of course, all of these rounds or items have been decommissioned, so to speak, with no firepower left in them. Consider a 155MM Howitzer shell to store stuff in or an 81MM Mortar bomb casing for that romantic gift of a lifetime? There are old navy practice rounds that are made from wood or for the person who wants a real conversation piece; a propaganda bomb which dropped leaflets from high altitudes is available for purchase at some surplus stores. And of course, everyone wants a grenade to set on the coffee table in the living room.

Going into a military surplus store isn't for everyone because of the high emotions it can stir. Some former soldiers probably want to put as many miles between themselves and this equipment as possible. For others, there may be an anti-military sentiment that prevents a visit, and for still others, the weapons of killing such as knives and decommissioned ordnance are just too stark to face. But a trip to these vendors is cold reminder that war is costly, is life threatening and is not a game or a Hollywood movie. We cannot ever take what our brave men and women soldiers do for us, and perhaps a trip to military surplus outlet once in a while would really be good for all civilians to take.

Army Navy Surplus Store

An Army Navy surplus store can be a good place to find bargains on a vast variety of unique items as well as basic supplies for the outdoorsman. The inventory that is available at these businesses can range from leftover U. S. government supplies and scrap material to clothing and camping supplies. There are multitudes of military surplus stores in just about every area of the country. However, not all inventories will represent genuine military overflow. In some cases, after market products may be offered or even reproductions of sought after military items. Collectors of memorabilia may find these stores to be a valuable resource. Most businesses of this nature will feature a wide variety of products in addition to military merchandise. Proprietors of these businesses will often take pride in offering a wide array of merchandise to customers. And because this inventory was purchased at discounted costs, the prices that are offered to the customer will often be quite reasonable. A well run Army Navy surplus store will also offer clothing, shoes and boots in sizes to fit just about every customer. Many of these stores also offer online outlets that allow consumers from anywhere in the country to order merchandise and have it delivered to their home.

Some merchants report that obtaining merchandise is more difficult than in times past. Excess United States government inventory was at one time more plentiful than it is now. This merchandise was once distributed regularly through military bases around the country. A skilled merchant who runs a successful Army Navy surplus store can still find plenty of resources for inventory, but the amount of superfluous government merchandise can be more difficult to attain than it once was. This may be due to the fact that liquidation of excess government supplies is offered over the Internet on a web base auction site and is not as readily available as in times past. In some cases, an Army Navy surplus store owner will need to supplement their inventory with foreign made merchandise. Some business owners saw the cut back in supply coming and began to stockpile military surplus in order to keep quality inventory at high levels. Collectors of military goods such as Vietnam War artifacts are often willing to pay top dollar for such rare items. Merchandise that is manufactured by private companies to government specifications may also be widely available at an these stores. The Bible tells believers to never hesitate to give their burdens to God and to trust Him to uphold them. "Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved." (Psalm 55:22)

Outdoorsmen can find many useful items at an Army Navy surplus store. Some of these items may include shoulder bags, backpacks, rucksacks, and hydration packs. Flashlights, pepper spray, laundry bags, duffel bags, and flight bags may also be available. These stores can also be great places to purchase survival gear and items for emergency preparedness. This category may include tents for camping, propane stoves, first aid kits, military knives, and outdoor showers. Survival blankets and signal mirrors are also frequently available.

Hunters and sportsmen may find a wide array of camouflage clothing and accessories at an Army Navy surplus store. New military uniforms are usually in stock at most of these stores as well as vintage uniforms that were manufactured by the government. These uniforms are usually available in olive, khaki, or camouflage. Fatigue pants, jackets, shirts, and other field gear can usually be purchased through government surplus vendors. Military flight jackets are very popular items. These jackets are available for both men and women and may come in a variety of materials including leather and lightweight natural fabrics. Knife collectors can find an assortment of military and tactical knives including bayonets, pocket knives, machetes, boot knives, and combination tool knives. Supplies and tools for police officers, security personnel, and firefighters are frequently sold through these vendors. Items such as handcuffs, riot gear, window punches, expandable batons, and shoulder holsters may fall under this category. Anyone wishing to make a fashion statement with more non traditional camouflage wear can usually find such items at businesses of this nature. Pajamas, shorts, t shirts, capri pants, purses, and caps would fall under this category.

Footwear is very popular at an Army Navy surplus store. Military boots and bunny boots are two items that are frequently sought out. Even camouflage socks are available. Some inventory is kept on hand purely for fun. These items may include paint ball supplies and water balloon slingshots. Various insignia of the different branches of the military including the Air Force, the Army, the Marines, and the Navy can usually be found at businesses of this nature. Specialty clothing with a military theme that is sized for children may be available as well.

Among the many novelty items that are sold at an Army Navy surplus store are military flags, bobble head dolls, jewelry, decals, key rings, and dog tags. For campers there are sleeping bags, mosquito netting, cots, and jungle hammocks. Gun collectors may also find a wide array of interesting inventory including ammo cans, dummy grenades, artillery netting, dry boxes and dummy ammo. Pistol belts, ammo pouches, and holsters might also be popular choices for marksmen. With such a wide array of inventory, it is easy to see why these stores are so popular with consumers.

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