Natural Personal Care Products

More and more people turn to natural personal care products as the negative side effects of chemicals are made known. So many times our email inboxes are stuffed full of messages from friends and relatives who warn us of the latest danger, whether it aluminum in our deodorant or the carcinogens produced from cooking with plastic in the microwave. The long term effects of many of our skin care products that seep directly into our bloodstream may not be known, and while the FDA does check on many products, hundreds of cosmetic products have ingredients that are banned in other countries. The Environmental Working Group claims that ninety-eight percent of all merchandise that is considered personal care in nature have at least one ingredient never assessed as being safe for the public. The recent new millennium has give rise to a while new public interest in organic foods and natural personal care products that are free from chemical intrusion. This lens will discuss a number of organic ways to take care of the only body that we all get in a lifetime. After all each of us, on average, uses forty five pounds of shampoo, lotion, lipstick, cologne and soap a year.

The term natural or organic is as confusing as the term "serving" is to restaurant food. Have you seen the size of servings in restaurants? Their portion sizes are about three times what an actual serving should be. And many merchandise items get labeled organic when much of most of their ingredients are not. The NPA, the umbrella under which natural personal care products falls says that a product labeled natural or organic must have at least 95% organic ingredients which come from flora, fauna and mineral. It can be difficult finding which manufacturers that belong to this association but Burt's Bees, Aubrey organics, Badger Balm, California Baby, Farmaesthetics, Trilogy Fragrances and Weleda are among the advisors.

Let's talk first about one of the most controversial issues regarding manmade products, deodorant. Aluminum in antiperspirant brands have been linked to increased susceptibility to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. So there is much discussion on the Internet regarding the effectiveness of natural ingredient deodorants. Some of the loudest complaints regarding non-chemical deodorants is their ineffectiveness at blocking odor. With something as strong as body odor can be, one has to wonder if tea tree and lavender oils is going to do the job. The same goes for lavender, mint and lichen plant extract that go into so many natural personal care products, but perhaps the only way to know for sure is to try more than one of these products to see if the product works for you. Since each body is different and reacts in various manners, one may be able to find a deodorant that is non-chemical and safe, but if it doesn't, don't be offended if someone asks you to move further down the sofa.

Because the skin absorbs most everything that is placed on its surface, lotions and creams are certainly of interest and concern for their users. Trying to buy natural personal products while standing in a drug store aisle can be pretty daunting considering that so many labels have to be read. When a person takes the time to sit down and explore the many ingredients on line that so many of the natural personal care products have, he or she can have a much better idea of the ingredients. A company's 98.22% organic claim looks good for a sun block it sells, but it has some titanium diosice in it which helps in the protection of UV rays. How the body reacts to that specific chemical can be explored online to investigate its actual harm or no harm to the body. So much money and time is put into how we look and trying to fight the march of age upon us, but Jesus said: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness...therefore take no thought for the morrow for the morrow shall take thought of the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." (Matthew 6:33a and 34)

When a person thinks about the scalp being one of the most copious places on the body for blood vessels and being so near the brain, it's a bit odd that not more thought is given to what shampoo and conditioner we use. Some well known brands of shampoo contain MIT, which can cause neurological damage. So look at the ingredients of many of the natural personal care products that happen to be shampoos: orange peel green tea, tea tree oil, rosemary mint, and chamomile and so many other wonderful ingredients. No dangerous chemicals, but in most cases, you better get used to one thing, no foam or sudsing. And this can make a person feel like there is nothing going on up there. Just like everything else natural, a person will have to experiment to find the right product for him or her.

There is little doubt that if a person can go the natural way instead of using chemicals and harsh agents, it is a safer and less unpredictable path health wise. Natural personal care products smell good and they can make a person certainly feel good about using them. Many of the lotions and creams for skin care use are very effective and so are some of the cosmetics that are available. Hair dye is less predictable in terms of effectiveness, and natural products for hair loss are iffy at best. Shampoos seem to differ from person to person so it may take a little experimenting to find the one that suits you. Natural personal care products to clear acne can be the most difficult to find, so the advice again is begin patient experimentation, but consider taking Echinacea orally and find products with aloe vera and tea tree oil for topical application.

Online Health Food Store

An online health food store may be the answer to preparing healthy meals without paying the premium prices for organic foods that cost more in the neighborhood grocery stores. There are all natural and organic specialty stores that can be found in larger metropolitan areas, but most mid-sized cities and towns throughout America are subject to buying what ever the neighborhood grocer is selling. And those living in the Midwest are even more limited with little or no access to fresh sea-foods that are super nutritious. There are hundreds of gourmet, health and online seafood store businesses that offer these products and because it can be bought online, people from all over the country can now have access to a variety of good and healthy foods. These service businesses also offer a selection of products from around the world, and consumers can find exotic cheeses and delicious coffees that were once only available through fine dining. Now dinners that were once reserved for eating out can be served up at home for the whole family to enjoy.

Much of America dismissed the once outrageous thought of buying groceries online and having food items delivered to the door. But, with technology and a growing popularity of shopping for almost everything through the Internet, cyberspace food sales have now arrived. Wireless Internet has made Web browsing, research, and shopping easier than ever with no dial up hassles and minimum interruptions. Shopping fast and easy at an online health food store is appealing to the general population of tired, over worked Americans who are growing sick of fast foods. And sick of fast foods is not just an emotional state, it is a physical state, as well. The American diet is proving to be devastating on long-term health with processed and fatty foods leading to diabetes, heart disease and strokes. Perhaps one reason that natural food is becoming more popular, whether bought from an online seafood store and other types of natural food suppliers, is that people are truly becoming more health conscience.

Shopping through the Internet for specialty grocery items is actually a fun activity. An online seafood store may not only offer quality foods at reasonable prices, but they also offer nutritional facts about the foods for sale with ample information on how to serve the specific fish or shellfish. There are also recipes published on most sites with special features and cooking tips. When shopping online for food items, consumers receive a complete education, free of charge. And, the online health food store has even more options available. These quality food stores offer organic coffees, teas, and fresh spices from around the world. Grocery shoppers can learn as they select items, all from the comfort of a chair in their own homes. Chocolates from France, Coffees from Brazil, and cheeses from Switzerland all come with information about how the product is produced and the people that produce it. Patronizing these fun and exciting businesses is like having access to the different foods of world, without the price of customs!

Consumers have no need to worry about freshness when shopping online at meat and seafood suppliers. Most of the online seafood store businesses will ship overnight in special refrigerated packaging and trucks. Meat suppliers will do the same. Other products can be shipped via standard ground transportation or overnight, depending upon the needs of the customer. Delivery services will also include gift giving. Forget the flowers and buy a loved one a thoughtful picnic basket full of gourmet foods that are sure to be pleasing to the eye and the pallet. Many of the online health food store companies will put together custom baskets of goodies, including fruit baskets, international coffee samplings, gourmet and imported olives with pasta packages.

While most of the suppliers on the Internet are legitimate businesses, it will be well worth the time and heartache to check out any online health food store before purchasing products. If there is not enough history information available on the site, call customer service and ask questions. It may be a good idea to talk with customer service on the first order, getting suggestions on foods and getting familiar with the customer service. The Bible, God's Word, teaches that we are to be prudent in matters and not spend money foolishly. Taking time to discover the details of any company before conducting business with the company is making a wise choice. Also, talk with friends and family and get recommendations as to which foods services on the Internet offer a quality service. There are also web sites that will work as hosts for several companies and offer customer evaluations and recommendations. This may be the best place to begin searching for the perfect online seafood store to deal with. When shopping online, always proceed with caution, unfortunately, because the Internet is such a vast medium, scams and fraudulent businesses practices do occur.

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