Online Art Auction

An online art auction enables persons from all over the world to bid on art pieces viewable through the power of the Internet. Granted, the tension of an in-house auction may be lacking where almost everyone can get caught up in the excitement of an auction, particularly when a number of people are bidding. Few of us haven't witnessed an auction in a movie or a TV show and watched as the tension mounts as the various hands or paddles are raised to up the ante on the item being presented. There is great disappointment for some, shock and awe for others at the prices being presented, and joy for others who secure an item whose true value is known only to the buyer. The great auction houses of the country, Christies and Sotheby's have auctions that feature artistic objects worth millions and tens of millions of dollars and one can bid on them online if desired. But there are also auctions that happen on eBay and other websites for much more affordable pieces and they are the subject of this lens.

Go to any online artistic piece auction websites and one can view the many auctions going on even as you read this article. Each piece is portrayed on the screen with the name of the artist, the current bid, the estimate, and how much time is left before the bidding is over. On this page the view of the artistic piece is small, but there is a button to view it full screen. In most cases a person can view all the artistic work, or view just the artwork being sold by a particular artist or can browse what has been sold recently. Photography, prints, works on paper, sculpture and paintings are all offered on various online art auction websites.

How is artistic work valued? In other words, suppose a work of an artist from an unknown craftsman comes up for the first time at an online art auction and the bidding begin. Since the artist in unknown, he or she may not be able to feel comfortable setting a beginning price. Frankly, the bottom line for any artistic piece, unless it is being bought strictly for investment purposes, is what kind of emotion the piece evokes within the prospective buyer. Sometimes an entire collection of an artist's work raises such strong emotion in a buyer that all of an artist's work regarding a particular subject has to be purchased buy a buyer. Everyone can relate to just absolutely having to have a certain something, be it a car, a house, a piece of clothing, a golf club, etc. Jesus talked a about a man who so much wanted God (depicted as a great pearl) that he did something remarkable: "The kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man seeking goodly pearls who, when had found one pearl of great price, went out and sold all he had and bought it." (Matthew 13: 45, 46)

Many websites that offer an online art auction enables the buyer to look at a history works that have been sold by the artist and perhaps very similar works by other artists. Of course, many other things come into play in evaluating an art piece such as the condition of the piece. An online art auction site that doesn't disclose important details such as that shouldn't be considered legitimate. And there is a whole boatload of condition phraseology that is used to describe various physical condition of an art object and if those terms are used, one should understand the language used. Terms such as craquelure, foxing, patina, skinning and verso are all terms used to describe conditions of various art mediums.

Once a potential bidder has developed a financial profile with the website offering art pieces, he or she will be given an online name to keep their real name anonymous. Then the hunt for something that reaches that emotional touchstone can begin on an online art auction site. It is possible to begin the bidding with what is known as a maximum bid, which means the highest bid one is willing to pay. Then the website will automatically keep bidding on that buyer's behalf until that ceiling is reached. One of the pieces of information that an online art auction site will provide is an estimate range thought to be where bidding will be. Studying other pieces by the same artist and similar pieces by other artists can help to get an inkling of what your chosen piece might go for in terms of a bid.

While the more exclusive online art auction websites have fewer items on which to bid, eBay has over three hundred thousand articles for sale or auction. There are items of values under a dollar all the way to tens of thousands of dollars. Digital artistic work, folk artist's work and primitives, collages, textile artistic work and many other types of media are available on eBay under the heading of art. Fair or not, buying art pieces on eBay can be very dangerous for the uninitiated because claims made by buyers are not researched by eBay. The fact is, anything can be said and it is a caveat emptor situation. Therefore before bidding for anything, one should carefully read everything possible about bidding and buying art online and start with stuff really cheap, just to get an idea of how the process works.

Online Collectibles Stores

Online collectibles stores have a variety of fine collectibles for the person who loves to collect. Acquiring items may be for nostalgia or may provide memories of fond childhood moments. Some people have a special interest in particular items. One of the favorite items to collect is dolls. Many people invest in jewelry items. An online watch store might satisfy the connoisseur who wants to add a special watch of interest to treasured possessions. Other favorite items displayed through online collectibles stores include action figures, antiques, books, clocks, coins, figurines, magazines, music boxes, ornaments, sports items, stamps, and many others.

Baseball cards have been a favorite among collectors since the 1800's. Many people who collect baseball cards view acquisition as an investment. The value of baseball cards is often placed upon the successful career of a player. Many people that invest are looking to resell and make a profit later on. Other cards involving many types of sports are popular treasures. This is also true for other items that can be purchased through gift stores.

Many items included in investments increase in value over time. Coin collecting is another item that is considered as an investment by those who acquire them. The value of coins is usually based upon the year they were made and the number that was made. The fewer made the greater the value. Online collectibles stores provide a variety of coins for the consumer who is looking for that special prize to add to their priceless possessions.

If time were something that could be captured through a timepiece, an online watch store might be the place to shop. Though we can't capture or stop time we can admire it through clocks and watches that are purchased through online collectibles stores. Many people acquire clocks to display in their homes. Investors usually look for antique clocks. Some people like unusual pieces and others prefer noisy ones such as cuckoo clocks. Chimes may remind one of church bells ringing in the square. Is it time to go to church? Choosing to purchase priceless items that serve as a reminder of the Lord could be considered biblical. "Beware that thou forget not the LORD thy God, in not keeping his commandments, and his judgments, and his statutes, which I command thee this day" (Deuteronomy 8:11).

Searching for a unique timepiece through an online watch store will provide many choices to consider for purchase. Watches include a variety of faces and colors, including cartoon characters. Some people purchase watches through an online watch store to give as gifts. Others purchase them to actually wear them. There are expensive watches including ones with gemstones that are made out of gold or silver, among other things. Certain brand name watches are popular items. Do a search on the Internet and don't let time get away, check it out today.

There are many reasons why individuals begin acquiring alike items. Oftentimes items invested in remind us of special times or gifts that have been received from special people. Some collections are started because a gift was given to another because the item reminded them of that person. Remembering someone that is close might bring back memories of times spent with that person and remembering their love for a certain movie or a book. Some movies and books have items associated with them and can be purchased through online collectibles stores. The items might include action figures, bookmarks, comic books, jewelry, posters, and other paraphernalia. Giving to others brings joy to the giver. Do a search on the Internet for that special gift that will provide joy to the receiver and add to the quality of one's life for years to come.

Another popular item to acquire and add to one's library is books. Books have special meaning for book lovers. Some books are a joy to read over and over. Some people love books for their memorable quality. Reading a favorite childhood story brings back memories of a fantasy that was realized through a favorite character. Book collectors often have a variety of books and aren't usually limited to one certain kind or author. Book lovers usually cherish the books that they love to read. They love to read the stories that capture their heart and allow them to forget about the worries of the day. Some book lovers are very serious about acquiring special titles. Many people that love books will readily admit that their life is much richer because of them.

Having a desire to invest in an item can be very appealing. Those who consider collecting the same as investing will tell others that there is no way to lose. If the consumer sells an item and makes a profit that is great. However, if the sell doesn't happen it's fine because the item is cherished anyway. Do a search on the Internet and consider starting a collection today.

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