Online Car Shopping

The new focus on online car shopping can help a consumer find the automobile they really want, pay the least for it, and become more satisfied with the overall purchase. The traditional car selling process focuses on the emotions of a person. An individual who walks onto a car lot has already been targeted and pegged by the salesperson. The salesperson will judge the type and style of car a person should have based on a few factors: 1) What type of car, that person "rolled up" in, 2) What the person is wearing, 3) How easy-going the person is, 4) Whether or not they think they can talk the person into buying a car that pays the salesperson the most commission. Obviously, none of these things have anything to do with the car the individual may be interested in buying. By and large, this traditional system of sales is intimidating and stressful for car buyers. They often leave the lot happy but soon experience buyer's remorse. Because people do have an idea of the type and style of vehicle desired, and often a budget limit, the tendency is to be sad that their own plan didn't work. There are feelings that the salesperson took advantage of them. Online car shopping eliminates that whole scenario. Consumers are put in, both, the figurative and literal driving seats.

"Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month." (Joel 2:23) Although there are a number of websites that display the actual automobiles that are for sale, there are also sites that just give information. Often dealerships set up a website for online car shopping that allows a person to look and find out what is available. When a person is ready to make such a purchase, going to research sites can help them make a conscientious, well thought out decision; instead of an emotional one. Before research on the make, model, and year begins, a financial assessment should be made about the how the automobile will be paid for. Preparedness is the key to a successful consumer transaction. This fact does not detract from the actual sale, though. Normally, a person will still have to walk into the dealership. What makes the process different, with online car shopping, is that every aspect of the sale can be done before a person sets foot on the dealership lot.

When shopping online, there a number of factors to keep in mind. Although the auto may be available in Ontario, California, the dealership in Ogden, Utah may not carry it. So therefore, location is very important. Though an auto can easily be shipped to a location, paying that expense is unnecessary. When one goes online car shopping, there is a better selection of vehicles. In a general area, the same auto may be available, but different dealerships carry different stock. There is one midnight blue sedan at "Location A" (which is 100 miles away), three silver blue sedans at "Location B" (which is 55 miles away), and one royal blue coupe (which is 1.5 miles away). Depending upon how important the color is and whether a person would frequently use the back seat of the automobile, they could choose a vehicle at either of these locations. Often, dealerships are not very forthcoming about the stock of their competitor; because money is the bottom line. If the dealer can convince a person that a trip to another dealer is a waste of their time, perhaps they can garner the sale for themselves.

After having an online car shopping experience and a person walks into the dealership with check in hand, typically a desired purchase is made. When a person must go through the financing process with the dealer, the process may not go so smoothly. Dealers actually has a sales technique that most people are not familiar with. It is called the 4-square. The technique is actually a distraction. The 4-square focuses the person's attention on the payment and not the overall total cost of the vehicle. A person is pounded with the question, "How much do you want to pay?" What the consumer wants to know is the overall costs. What the salesperson keeps giving them is the monthly payment. Only with great persistence from the consumer will a manager finally come in and give the person the bottom line costs. This process can be very frustrating. In comes online car shopping and voil; the person arrives with check in hand. There is no financial discussion with the dealer. The person just drives away with the car of their choice.

Say for example, a person is looking to purchase a 2010, Ford Explorer. The person goes to the research websites first. Information about costs, details on colors and features, and reviews can be taken in at a person's leisure. After the individual is satisfied with every aspect of the auto, financing is the next step. Instead of taking the deal that the dealership is offering, the person can get the approval, and sometimes even the check before hand. Though there is a movement toward online car shopping, the dealership is not extinct; yet. Dealers are still needed to house the vehicles. Plus, auto salespeople still need to make money. The game has changed; though. What technology does is put the consumer at an advantage. For the purchase of vehicles, this option can save dollars, heartbreak and headache.

Online Car Auctions

Online car auctions allow both amateur buyers and experts to sit in the comfort of home or office and bid for cars that are used for investment and collecting purposes. Additionally these auctions can be used to fill the lots of used auto dealers that need new inventory. No one knows for sure how many cars there are in America and estimates run from forty million to two hundred and fifty million. There is no logical reason why there is such a disparity, but the truth is that the auto is a very big deal to Americans. Just two decades ago, someone wanting to sell a car basically was limited to putting the vehicle in the local papers and maybe in the local trading post type weekly rag. Today, the guy in Philadelphia can view that '73 Barracuda in Los Angeles and make a bid or even an offer to buy.

Here are some tips on buying a car at any auction, but they apply to online car auctions as well. Okay, here is the first and the most important piece of advice a person will ever get buying an auctioned off car: get a vehicle history report before buying! If the reader is an auto buying pro or a certified mechanic, maybe, just maybe this advice can be passed over, but for the rest of us chuckleheads who know only that the engine is running, get a history of the auto. It may have water damage, may have been in a wreck or may have been to the moon and back, who knows? Make sure all VIN numbers on the door jams, hood and trunk match (some vehicles have over a dozen VIN stamps on them) and friend, do not buy an auto whose title is not with the vehicle. People can wait months and months and spend a great deal of money trying to run down a title.

One online car auctions expert at buying and selling used cars warns that everybody lies in the car auction business. Ouch! Skirting laws and making people sign AS IS documents are all part of the way money is made. So what is a person to do in order not to get scammed? Remember that there are no used car lemon laws and it absolutely is caveat emptor: buyer beware. Something else to consider when buying an auto on the EBay online car auctions: sellers can get other people to lie and help get their rating up or can actually have people falsely bid the car up. It's a jungle isn't it?

Now a real important part of the process in buying any auto any where is not to fall in love with the thing. If that happens, a person can very easily pay more than the vehicle is worth. One of the real temptations is to think that there isn't another auto like this anywhere else. Okay, there are some very rare beauties, but most of us are dealing with getting a vehicle that gets us around town or to grandma's house. Never say to oneself, "This is the only vehicle for me." There are twenty more just like the one you are drooling over on an online car auctions website probably within one hundred miles of your residence right now. Remember the gazillion cars on the road?

Now here is the deal about buying a vehicle at one of the online car auctions at eBay or Yahoo or several other smaller businesses that auction vehicles on the Internet. If a person can't buy the vehicle cheaper than buying the thing out for the paper or from a private seller, why go through the hassle? Remember that if the vehicle is far away, a person will have to hire a mechanic to go and look at it; of course, if someone likes playing Russian roulette, just ignore this expense. And then you'll have to factor in the expense of going to get it and bringing the vehicle home, so if you simply must have this auto, you're in danger of over bidding and paying more than it's worth. Oh yes, by the way, bidding for a car at eBay online car auctions is not like getting engaged where a person can just break off the deal if it isn't working out. If your bid wins at the stroke of midnight, you are contractually obligated to buy the vehicle and no whining or crying will negate that fact. Jesus described a place of weeping that will one comprise all of those who have rejected Him as Savior and Lord of their lives: "But he shall say, I tell you I know you not whence ye are; depart from me all ye workers of iniquity...there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth..." (Luke 13:34, 35a)

There is a great deal to know and master before going to the computer and participating in one of the several online car auctions that are going on even as you read this article. The best place to begin to figure out how much an auto is worth is to go to the Kelly Blue Book web site and find out exactly how much the machine is worth wholesale. Here at this site, the exact model and every option that is on that target vehicle will need to be entered, from mileage to transmission to engine size and type of sound system, and each option will up the value of the auto slightly. So you've done all your homework, everything about the car is known that can possibly be known, the mechanic has looked the vehicle over and pronounced the machine in good shape and the owner has faxed you a copy of the title so everything is taken care of and no the bids can be made without fear.

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