Professional Skin Care Products

For many women, using professional skin care products can fight the damage that time and the sun can do to the face along with changes that are brought about by the natural aging process. While a number of lotions, creams and cleansers can be purchased over the counter, dermatologists can prescribe or recommend specialized formulations that can take on some of the toughest complexion problems. Issues such as wrinkles, age spots, acne, and discoloration can be particularly challenging. In some cases, patients may be unwilling to approach a doctor over common skin issues, but the help of professionals can make a big difference for those with problem skin. Acne can strike at almost any age. No longer a problem that is associated with youth, adult acne can be particularly challenging as well as embarrassing. For some, serious scarring can be caused by out of control acne. Over the counter treatments may not be as effective in treating this skin condition as professional skin care products. However, some acne treatments should not be used by women who are either pregnant or are planning to have a baby in the near future. This is due to the fact that ingredients in some of these treatments may cause birth defects. A cosmetic dermatologist should be able to work with a patient to determine which treatment is best for them.

As a woman's complexion ages, natural oils may be depleted. Finding effective professional skin care products that can hydrate and bring new youth and life to an aging complexion can be very important. Some treatments take advantage of the properties of an ingredient called glycolic acid. While the word "acid" might indicate an unhealthy level of harshness that would damage the complexion, this is not necessarily the case. Glycolic acid allows the product to penetrate the skin and deal with issues such as acne and fine lines. Treatments such as exfoliating cleansers, moisturizers, and peels can be used to take years off the face. Another widely used ingredient that is found in professional skin care products is a plant based extract called kinetin. Consumers who use products that contain kinetin may see an improvement in such complexion issues as roughness, sun damage, and blotchiness. Some complexion treatments contain the antioxidant selenium. Selenium is very effective at treating dry skin issues. Large pores are another unsightly problem that many consumers are willing to pay extra to treat effectively. Lotions and cleansers that contain alpha hydroxy acid can take down the size of large pores as well as deal with wrinkles and fine lines. For many patients, finding cleansers, moisturizers and creams that deal with these issues without being hard on the skin is a major priority.

The advice of a cosmetic dermatologist can help patients find useful solutions as well as professional skin care products that best address the patients individual problems. Anti aging treatments are very popular and many of these products utilize copper to help produce needed collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans. These important elements of a healthy complexion aid the skin in repairing past damage and achieving a more healthy appearance. For over thirty years, retin-a has been used in professional skin care products to reduce the effect of sun damage and aging. The compound retin-a has long been touted as an effective treatment for wrinkles and adult acne. Many treatments will instruct users to follow a multi step regimen in the morning and in the evening. These regimens will generally involve cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and applying a sunscreen to prevent further damage. Finding the treatment that works best may require a little experimentation and a certain degree of trial and error. A cosmetic dermatologist may be able to help a patient narrow down the search while seeking out a product that will be the most effective. The Bible explains that believers who endure temptation will receive a reward from God in due time. "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him." (James 1:12)

There are a number of added benefits of professional skin care products when compared to creams, cleansers, and lotions that are available over the counter. The ingredients that are used in professional products tend to be more effective than less expensive regimens. Physician grade treatments may improve the appearance of a patients complexion in a more pronounced way and may also be more effectively in treating specific dermatological problems. In addition to prescribing a complexion care routine, there are a number of procedures that the cosmetic dermatologist can perform. However, careful and committed use of recommended treatments may eliminate the need for more drastic measures to restore a youthful appearance. Dermatologists may also be able to recommend treatments for problems such as dark circles under the eye.

In addition to recommending professional skin care products, there are a variety of procedures that a dermatologist may offer. A number of procedures may be administered in the doctors office and do not require a hospital stay. Laser skin tightening can generally be accomplished in office and is much less drastic than face lifts or cosmetic eye surgery. Blue light therapy may also be done in office and can effectively deal with serious acne issues. These treatments may eliminate acne while reducing scaring. Whatever options a patient might choose the advice of a physician and the dedicated use of appropriate products can make a big difference for anyone who is trying to improve the appearance of their complexion.

Professional Hair Products

There are professional hair products for every type of mane these days. In fact, products on the market are even geared towards the type of lifestyle a person leads, whether that is active, upscale, and funky or something else; there is a shampoo or conditioner to suit. Other types of products for the mane are curling irons, hair dryers, straighteners, wavers, dyes, pomades, mousses, shiners, and the list goes on and on. Some seem to think that the more society advances and modernizes, the more detailed even personal style products become. Sophistication in this industry has not always been at such a high level, nor have the products been as widely available as they are today. There is great emphasis on how a person looks today, but Jesus said not to be concerned about that but about something else: "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Mark 8: 36, 37).

In past decades, professional hair products for the mane had to be hand made from natural ingredients, which meant time and labor. Soaps for washing the body and the mane were made from lye, a caustic substance that was mixed with rendered fats from animals. While the end result was a harsh cleaning product, it got the job done. Early settlers were not concerned with beauty so much as they were with pragmatic uses. The same soap could be used to wash clothes, furniture, sheets and anything else that was dirty. Consequently, eventually hand creams came into existence due to the extremely dry skin that resulted from the use of harsh soaps. Imagine what this type of soap would make the mane feel like with daily use! Consequently, as the decades passed, people wanted soaps, shampoos and conditioners to help their skin feel more moisturized, but also to get their mane to look better too. Everyone wants a shiny manageable mane, and as society became more and more modernized, there was more time to devote to personal care. Therefore, the professional hair products industry grew.

At first, the modernized professional hair products were used mainly by those working in beauty salons and barber shops. Once these establishments realized that the market for these products was sitting in the chair in front of them, a captive audience, beauticians and barbers began recommending what mane care product would perform best on an individuals mane type. As sales jumped, so too did the industry. For example, if the gentleman getting a cut had an exceedingly thin mane hair but desired his mane to be thicker, then the barber would recommend a thickener. Should the man want to get rid of gray , the barber could suggest some dye perfectly matched to the customers own color, or even a different color altogether. Likewise, women do the same, but are by far the greatest consumers of professional hair products, because by default, women naturally pay more attention to the way they look for the benefit of those around them.

Women not only use shampoos and conditioners, but they will have their mane cut and styled in several different ways over a period of a few years. Also, they enjoy getting highlights put in, curls that last several months when the hairs are too straight for curlers to maintain the curl, shine products so that the mane looks healthy when laying on the shoulders or blowing in the wind. For women with curly hair, there are electric ceramic paddles that straighten using just the right amount of heat. Mousses are available to hold the style softly or to spike it up so straight that even a strong wind cant mess it up! People, especially teens calling themselves punkers enjoy using the gels and also brightly colored ones such as bright pink, brilliant green and even purple. For an extra special evening sparkle, glitter can be purchased to smooth into the mane on a temporary basis, and washed out later that night.

Consumers of professional hair products need to be astute buyers due to all the slick advertising that is evident everywhere from television, radio to billboards and newspapers. The commercials will say the professional hair products are excellent and will get the job done, but the best way to discover the truth about the advertising is to go out, purchase them and see for yourself. Some products will perform extremely well, while others will not do what the advertising purported would be done. A good rule of thumb, usually, is you get what you pay for and this holds true in the haircare industry as well. The store brand merchandise may be less costly, but the performance of the product may be poor also. Then there are shampoos that say the end result will be a clean shiny mane. Well, is the mane shiny because it is clean or shiny because there is a lot of wax filler in the product? Salons with good reputations will be able to counsel a client in which products are actually good for the hairs on one's head , and which ones have fillers that mimic a clean shiny look. You may be paying for a lot of wax in that costly product!

Not only could there be wax, but there are dyes in these shampoos that may be irritating to the scalp and skin. If allergies are a problem, look for professional hair products that are hypoallergenic. Shampoos and conditioners that are based on plant extracts may be easier to deal with than those manufactured from man-made chemicals. These days, however, it seems like the less that goes into a product, the more the consumer pays for it! This is done all in the name of earth friendly concerns, so you will pay for the privilege of using ingredients from the earth.

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