Christian Credit Card Check

A Christian periodic credit card check needs to be done by a borrower in order to make sure that he has good financial history and that his loan statements are correct. Since a person will have to get credit card checks when he buys a house or a car, or applies for any sort of loan, he must make sure that the statements don't include any fraud and that his spending is under control. Many people have discovered mistakes on their statements when they went to apply for another type of loan, and then had to spend months correcting the problem before they could qualify for funding. The people who do financial research are those that use the information in rentals or leases. This way they can know if the borrower is a responsible person with a good financial history and therefore they can afford to sell or rent to the borrower.

For example, a company that rents an apartment will check a past loan status to make sure that the renter's past financial record is good. They also happen when a consumer signs up for a cell phone. If a borrower is considering one of these transaction, he may want to do a personal credit card check. Applicants can go to their bank to find out what services they provide. Most will provide credit card checks for a small fee. Armed with this information, the renter or consumer can confidently continue with his plan.

Companies use credit card checks because they want to be wise about making an investment in a borrower. If the borrower has a bad financial history, that person may want to alert the owner of the rental property or the cell phone company of the problem up front before the company looks at his past finances. Then the borrower can explain the circumstances around the bad statements and can negotiate a lease or purchase terms. A borrower who has bad financial information may find that he will be charged higher interest rates or even denied more funding.

Christians can show their integrity through credit card checks. A Christian who has good credit will show others that he takes his responsibilities seriously. Having good credit is way to honor the Lord in the decision to be responsible over finances. If a Christian does not have a good check up, then he can use that as an opportunity to go to the Lord, admit his weaknesses, and ask God to help him learn new financial habits. The psalmist writes, "Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver, thee, and thou shalt glorify me" (Psalm 50:15). Whether we find that our credit card check is good or if it lacks integrity, we need to rely on God to help us with our finances.

Credit card payments online are allowing consumers to pay for just about everything, bills included, with the convenience of entering numbers and clicking a button. Paying instantly for utility bills, payments on income tax, merchandise, holiday shopping, and many other things is available as well. By charging online, consumers can purchase, comparison shop, and access accounts, all from home. Technology is changing the way Americans conduct business transactions, and everyday, more and more people are taking advantage of the easy, cheap access to buying and paying online with credit card payments.

Merchants by the hundreds are looking into easy pay method programs. Consumers are beginning to use credit and debit for most purchases. Utilities and other community services are adding websites to the Internet for easy payment processes. And now a credit card payment is the way financial transactions are turning. Consumers are enjoying the ability to charge purchases online. Research is showing that daily, more Americans join the trend of a cashless financial connection by using a credit card payment online. The entire process of using a debit card can save on postage, time paying bills, and can even help with personal book keeping records.

There are, however, pitfalls associated with paying online. The temptation to not completely pay off the monthly credit card balance can prove to be great. Letting balances accumulate can lead to excessive debt problems and financial ruin. When charging to pay on a bill, consumers should pay off the entire amount on a monthly cycle. Debt is of a national concern for America, as more Americans than ever are carrying a household debt of seven thousand dollars or more. To address the debt crisis in American, credit cards are increasing the minimum payment due to help get these debts paid off quicker. Using credit card payments online will need to be disciplined and carefully monitored.

When consumers charge most of their bills and purchases, there can be rewards programs to encourage such use. Often creditors offer advantages for use. When a consumer is using a credit card payment system for their personal paying process, they can enjoy the promotional perks of the card company, if they balance is paid in full monthly. Consumers should research credit card payments online before charging large amounts and consumers should seek advise from financial experts about personal finances and debt. The Bible teaches us to seek the wisdom of others and to make wise choices. "He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool: but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered." (Proverbs 28:26)

Christian Cash Back Credit Card

The cash back credit card is the "in" promotional tool being used by just about every credit card company on the market, and while everyone likes to receive what appears to be "something for nothing," it does have a price. There seems to be a trend with cash back credit cards toward rewarding folks who use these accounts to buy groceries, medicines, and gasoline. The general offer is 5% for supermarkets, drug stores, and gas stations, and 1% on other purchases.

One company offers a refund check of $25.00 upon the accumulation of 2500 points. At the rate of one point per dollar spent, one would have to spend $2,500.00 to get $25.00 back. Most grocery stores now have the ability to accept this form of payment, which has caused a rise in grocery prices because of the expensive equipment and services that go along with it, so the cash back credit cards are appealing to those people who regularly charge their groceries anyway.

Offers provided through the various cash back credit card companies will differ, so it is important for the consumer to read all the contract terms carefully. For some offers through a cash back credit card company, only so many points can be accumulated in a year, and few of them give points for balance transfers or cash advances. Because of the high cost of the rewards programs to the companies, many of them charge an annual membership fee to help recover those costs. Some of these cash back credit cards offer merchandise for the points earned for the cost of shipping and handling. The rising cost of gasoline has made the companies that offer incentives for purchases more appealing.

On the surface, cash back credit cards may seem like helpful ways to save money, but upon reading the requirements they may not be so attractive. These programs are designed to give very little for a great deal of spending. The one cash back credit card company that does offer cash back on balance transfers does so on a minimum balance of $1,500 on each account transferred, and there are limits to how many of those will count. Another company allows so many points per year, and then the customer has to contact the company at an address or telephone number buried in the fine print of the contract to receive a refund check. Before signing up for a program like this, the consumer should read all fine print and understand the terms and conditions. On the surface it may sound like a great way to save money and gain rewards, but usually these offers are merely advertising schemes to attract consumers. A consumer must be sure to use discretion when making financial decisions. "Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee." (Proverbs 2:11)

Low interest credit cards are the best choice for a consumer who plans to spend a large amount on credit. Paying on these accounts will mean paying less interest and more principle each month. If one does not know the exact percentage on their presumably low interest rate credit cards, they should check their statements or call the customer service number on the back of the card. If the FICO score is 720 or higher and the debtor has steady income, they should not be paying higher than 10% on an account.

If a company offers a lower rate than the current rate, it is wise to make balance transfers to the new offer. A balance transfer involves moving the money owed on a card to low interest credit cards. Typically, new accounts have an introductory balance transfer rate of 0%-3% for a period of at least six months or a year. After the introductory low interest rate credit cards time period expires, the accounts will readjust to their regular rates.

Shopping around for better deals may not be wise for a person with a FICO score below 720. This is true because the consumer may not find the low interest rate credit cards they are looking for. Each time a potential creditor pulls an individuals financial report, the score drops by one point. Upon finding low interest credit cards, it is important to call a current creditor and tell them that a lower rate has been found with the option of a balance transfer. The consumer has the option to request them to lower the rate on the current account. Many creditors will do this before losing out on the interest charges altogether.

Christians, like all other consumers, have many options to consider when dealing with financial matters. When seeking better low interest rate credit cards, Christians should use the same methods as everyone else. However, they are encouraged to use credit as a way to establish a good credit history for the purpose of receiving lower interest rates on a mortgage, or lower costs on home and auto insurance and not to make purchases. A Christian should strive to be debt free. The Bible tells of being a slave to financial obligations. Using wisdom and understanding to remain financially free is the goal. "Through wisdom a house is builded; and by understanding it is established." (Proverbs 24:3)

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