Wireless Christian Credit Card Processing

Cyberspace shopping has made wireless Christian credit card processing the norm rather than the exception. The relative convenience of making financial transactions over the Internet is gradually moving merchants away from "Stone-Age" stationery terminals to digital paperless processing around the globe. Long gone are the days when cashiers could only process credit cards if they owned an onsite terminal. Today, smart ecommerce entrepreneurs can transact business anytime and from nearly anywhere in the world. Merchants can eliminate the expense of buying or leasing expensive terminals and process payments on the go. Service industries can boost their bottom line by using mobile merchant account technology to collect payment on the spot instead of waiting for the home office to process accounts. Not only is time important to business owners, but also to God, who would have all men to seek Him and so be saved. "And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light" (Romans 13:11-12).

Almost any mobile service provider has experienced problems with collecting customer payments onsite. Usually, repairmen or drivers write down customer charge account numbers and purchases on the receipt, and payments or orders are processed when drivers return to the office. But in some unfortunate cases, by the time office staff process customer payments, credit cards can be declined by the bank and the business owner is left holding the bag. The service has already been performed, or the customer has possession of the purchase; but the business owner is now faced with having to collect or lose thousands annually in bad debts. Not to mention the fact that the owner's merchant account is charged for each transaction by the merchant account provider, whether the owner gets paid or not! But with wireless credit card processing, transactions are seamless: charges are either approved or declined in seconds, and owners get paid in real time.

The relative speed at which transactions are processed is largely attributable to newer technologies. Today's wireless credit card processing uses a method similar to cell phone transmission to enable mobile merchants to transact business throughout a provider coverage area in real time. Traveling salespersons, delivery and service businesses, trade show vendors, computer techs, and flea marketers can all take advantage of the flexibility, convenience, and speed of wireless processing. To transact a mobile sale, vendors swipe the customer's credit card through a handheld machine, along with the purchase amount, or enter information manually in the event that the card or customer is not present. The information is then transmitted to a wireless tower via radio waves to the merchant account provider's processor. The account provider's server transmits the information to the customer's bank which issued the card, where information and account balances are validated. The issuing bank then sends a message to the wireless credit card processing machine either approving or declining the transaction. Upon approval, funds are withdrawn and credited to the vendor's account. Vendors access funds by completing a final process from the mobile wireless terminal; and the issuing bank deposits monies into the vendor's account, usually within 48 hours.

Studies have shown that onsite electronic payments can help boost sales; and customers tend to spend more money with plastic than with paper. Due to its speed, cost savings and convenience, wireless credit card processing is not only preferred by merchants but also by busy consumers. Customers can pay door-to-door salespersons, computer techs, appliance repairmen, pizza delivery drivers, or cable television installers from the comfort of home. Tradeshow and conference attendees don't have to worry about carrying along a lot of cash to venues out of the state or country; and purchases can be made on the spot. Heating and air technicians, carpet cleaners, contractors, insurance salespersons, freelance artists, and janitorial personnel can all collect payment in the field. Mobile techs and delivery personnel don't have to carry around large sums of cash; therefore the threat of being robbed is minimized.

Online credit card transactions are also safe, and security checks protect consumers' personal and private information. Unlike stationery terminals with paper receipts and carbons containing credit card information, which can easily fall into the wrong hands, wireless credit card processing is paperless and cashless. Customer charges and personal data are transmitted electronically and confidential information is processed via encryption technology, using secure servers with antivirus protection, 24-hour monitoring, and firewalls. The wireless merchant account provider manages and safeguards business owners' accounts, processes electronic payments, issues monthly statements and calculates discounts, and applies rates and merchant fees.

Merchants considering going wireless can find account providers online. Wireless credit card processing contracts should be compatible with business owners' wireless network provider capabilities. Owners should check with both agents to ensure compatibility and coverage area. Credit card processing systems require an average of two to three business days for installation; therefore owners should ensure that the system is up and running a couple of weeks before advertising mobile processing services to customers. Merchant account providers should also be advised as to the nature of the owner's business. Specific wireless credit card processing packages exist for retailers who handle a large volume of electronic payments and for sole proprietors and freelancers who have occasional mobile transactions. Service industries, such as heating and air conditioning and plumbing companies which do a large daily volume of business will require more expensive processing contracts. But no matter what size the enterprise, mobile charge account processing is a winner for today's busy owners and customers.

Online Christian Merchant Credit Card Processors

Online merchant credit card processors have provided a way for e-merchants to accept payments for an easy transaction of goods and services rendered. These businesses serve thousands of e-commerce sites throughout the Internet with effective accounting, payment, transfer and notification of funds that are transacted on a business site. They are third party online credit card processors that provide the best of payment processing for one's business needs.

If someone has an Internet business that sells information, services or items, there is no better way to do business with customers than giving them various payment options. Online merchant credit card processors do most of the work for business owners in getting financial transactions up and running within a few days, if not sooner. It is not popular to request mail-in orders over the Internet because most consumers who purchase online want to do business instantly if possible. Online credit card processors have found a niche that is driven by consumers who want to instantly purchase something and not have to pay with money order or check through the mail.

There are many reasons for businesses online to choose these payment services for their needs. Offering the services of online merchant credit processors makes a company look more professional when selling services or goods. Processors also offer a way for a company on the web to have secure transactions for consumers who are concerned about identity theft and credit card scams. Most online merchant credit card processors secure their services in order to provide coded processing that protects consumers and businesses from hackers and other thieves. Plus, many processing companies offer special programs and benefits to the businesses they work with in order to encourage this payment method, including low fees.

The instant professionalism that this payment method brings to one's site is a plus with most consumers. The trust factor is greater when they see the logos of trusted online merchant credit card processors. Processing is also very simple for companies through a third party. Many third parties provide the information for an order, process the order financially, provide security measures for the transaction and direct deposit to a designated account. Online credit card processors charge varying percentages for their transaction services, but in many instances, it is will worth the money for most merchants. "So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God." (Romans 10:17)

Electronic credit card processing will allow customers to purchase products or services in person, through the mail, by telephone, or on the Internet. Accepting credit cards for payment may result in increased sales. Customers recognize companies who accept credit payments are reputable businesses. Discount rates are fees charged to the merchant based upon electronic credit card sales. A monthly statement is provided to the merchant of all transactions. Some companies' that offer processing services provide detailed weekly statements for an additional fee.

A processor may include a terminal or software. Processing may be utilized through telephone, fax machine or a virtual terminal resulting in lower costs compared to a POS terminal. A virtual terminal allows the merchant to process transactions online. Through the network communication an authorization is given on the credit card and a hold is put on the transaction to secure the funds. The processor sends a request to the cardholder's bank to settle the amount of the transaction to the merchants account. Most companies servicing electronic credit card processing use security encryption methods to secure customer account information. Some fees may include a set-up fee and a monthly service fee.

The ability to process transactions over the phone allows the Christian merchant to input customer information online and notification is delivered immediately for approval. This is a very convenient service for both the consumer and the business. Other services for processing over the phone may include touchtone, fax machine, software, and batch processing. With many different avenues of accepting electronic credit card processing customers have many choices in purchasing services and products. One of the growing ways to increase sales in today's world is by accepting online sales. Selling directly from a web site reaches the customer who prefers shopping from their computer.

A business bank account is necessary in acquiring merchant services for electronic credit card processing. Completing an online application will initiate acquiring services for accepting credit cards from customers. Some merchant services online offer free accounts with low discount rates. Some offer free setup for a limited time. Other free services offered associated with this service may include terminal processing, recurring billing, telephone support, unlimited users, batch processing and daily batching. Customers prefer using credit cards to shop online because of the convenience and peace of mind. "The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace" (Psalm 29:11).

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