Christian Car Rental Agencies

The history of Christian car rental agencies dates back to only a decade or so after the Model T was introduced in 1908. The young industry, with roots in Chicago, experienced some difficult years during the time of Prohibition. Most respectable people, it seems, associated rented cars with bank robbers, bootleggers, and other unsavory professions. When the 18th Amendment, which had banned alcoholic beverages, was repealed in 1933 by passage of the 21st Amendment, the car rental industry's reputation began to improve. In the 1930s, several railroads systems, from Chicago to New Orleans, joined together to provide automobiles for their passengers. To encourage the burgeoning practice, the railroads gave free advertising to the car rental agencies and free telegraphing services so that passengers could reserve automobiles at their destination. But the industry really took off after World War II when air travel became more common. In today's modern world, about a half-century later, finding an airport without a car rental agency would be almost as difficult as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. One of today's most well-known car-renting companies traces its history back to 1918 and the first Chicago dealership.

With the proliferation of online reservation travel sites, reserving a vehicle is as quick as one's typing speed and as easy as clicking a computer mouse. Each of the major car rental agencies has its own website and is affiliated with other travel websites. Travelers are often able to reserve airline tickets, hotel nights, and ground transportation all at the same site. Discounts are usually given as an incentive to bundle the purchase into one travel package. All kinds of travel websites offer this one-stop convenience and reservations can be confirmed with a credit card or debit card. Most people are aware of the discount travel websites that offer low prices on airplane tickets and hotel rooms. Consumers can also reserve an automobile on these sites. At least one major airline provides an option on its website for adding hotel and automobile reservations. Taking care of all these elements on one website is convenient and quick, especially if the consumer already has an account or membership with the site. Then the personal and payment information either needs to be entered only once or is already saved in the system. By offering these kinds of services, the travel websites or individual companies build consumer loyalty to their brands.

Of course, it isn't only the leisure market that utilizes the services of car rental agencies. Business travelers are another large market segment for the industry. Corporations and small business can make renting a vehicle more convenient for their employees by signing up with programs offered by some of the major companies. Frequent business travelers can have their preferences kept on file with the car rental agencies that they use. For example, the traveler can indicate a preference for a midsize vehicle that has been designated as nonsmoking. With a membership in the agency's program, the traveler may receive preferential treatment at the car rental counter, perhaps even avoiding long lines or lengthy check-in type procedures. Here again, consumer loyalty is rewarded. Frequent business travelers may earn points that can be redeemed for future rentals. Frequent flier miles and points given for renting vehicles from a certain company almost always stay with the individual traveler even if his company paid for the plane tickets and the vehicle rental expenses. The rewards programs are considered an extra bonus for traveling employees and can be redeemed for personal and vacation use.

Sometimes a person finds herself researching the options at car rental agencies when she hadn't planned on it. For example, some insurance policies make provisions for a vehicle rental after an automobile accident. The insurance policyholder may pay an additional fee for this type of coverage. Depending on the policy, there will probably be limitations on the number of days or the total amount that will be reimbursed for renting a car while the insured's personal vehicle is being repaired. The policy may only be a percentage of each day's rental fee. The best time to find out the details of a policy's rental car coverage is before the information is needed. The policyholder needs to decide if the extra fees are worth the coverage that is being provided. A passage in the Old Testament book of Job says: No mention shall be made of coral, or of pearls: for the price of wisdom is above rubies" (Job 28:18). When financial wisdom is applied to even such details as fees on insurance policies, an individual's economic foundation is strengthened.

A current trend in this industry is that the gas-guzzlers are remaining on the lots of the car rental agencies while the popularity of the compact and economy vehicles is on a meteoric rise. Many consumers no longer view an SUV as a coveted upgrade, preferring instead to opt for a smaller vehicle that gets higher gas mileage. This trend is having an interesting affect on agencies across the country. According to recent news coverage, the agencies are having trouble selling the gas guzzlers in their fleets and also are having difficulty acquiring enough smaller automobiles to meet consumer demand. But the industry will adapt to this current crisis. It's a safe bet that car rental agencies will be around, serving the needs of vacationers, business travelers, and accident victims for a long time to come.

Christian Rental Car Companies

Rental car companies are ideal for those who are in need of private transportation for a short duration of time. Commonly, vehicles are rented by those who are traveling and require transportation once arriving at a destination via airplane, train or bus. Most rental services offer a wide selection of makes and models of vehicles, offering potential clients a diverse selection to choose from based on individual wants and needs. Such a service is convenient for those who travel or perhaps in need of a vehicle while the one they own is worked on. Those who choose to rent a vehicle should be responsible and keep the Scripture in mind which states that "the borrower is servant to the lender" (Proverbs 22:7). Regardless of what the need might be, a rental service can help to provide a solution.

Most often, those who travel are familiar with the ins and outs of transportation details, and for those who perhaps lack some practical knowledge there is abundant information available to them. In a day and age where technology is common place, most hotels have websites which link future patrons with the best rental car companies within proximity to the hotel or establishment. For people who are traveling for fun such as a vacation, travel packages are available in which one can book a flight, hotel, and rental car all from the convenience of a single web site. Many sites offer future clients the convenience of reserving a vehicle electronically, meaning that the transaction can occur via the Internet taking care of that part of planning which allows the customer peace of mind that they will have a pre-selected vehicle ready and waiting for the time of arrival. There are also options for the electronic cancellation of previously held vehicles if the need were to arise.

There are hundreds of rental car companies as the market is expanding and competitive. Competition can be fierce so those who are in the need of such services would be wise to do research to see what the best deals and packages might be available to them. Every customer is different, some might prefer a relatively cheap vehicle and opt for one with less frills, simply as a means of getting around. Others however, might want to take advantage of the opportunity and rent a vehicle which is perhaps a little more on the sporty side. Whatever a customer's style may be, they should consider how long they require the vehicle and how many miles will need to be covered. Price quotes are available via the Internet, as are price comparisons between various vehicles and occasionally other companies as well.

Several websites offer tools that are especially helpful for travelers, such as information on the areas traveled to which help to build a working knowledge of the area for ease of getting around, local weather reports so travelers will know what sort of elements to expect, links to hotel information and more. Rental car companies can help to alleviate some of the stress that traveling inevitably brings. Customer service is the most important aspect of any business that depends on the patrons who require the services a company has to offer.

Many rental businesses know that consumers like to have choices and appreciate feedback, which is why most offer patrons the convenience of reserving a vehicle online or over the phone. The market is a competitive one, and many rental car companies are taking advantage of technological advances. In addition to claiming to have the best rates, many services offer vehicles with built in GPS devices which can prove to be instruments of importance for travelers who might not necessarily be familiar with an area or able to read maps while driving safely. A GPS device can prove to be a device that ultimately saves a customer time and confusion.

Savvy travelers can benefit from cheaper rates by, if possible, choosing to travel in an off season. Rates are obviously going to be higher when there is a higher demand for rented vehicles, however, people should also pay attention to sales or promotions that rental car companies offer. For those who like to have a lot of options, choosing a car rental company need not be difficult. The act of finding a vehicle that is both enjoyable and affordable is possible for those who are willing to put in the effort of comparing rates and price quotes form a number of different businesses before settling. There are many aspects to consider, however that should not bog those down who simply desire to rent a vehicle solely for business or efficiency as most companies due all that is possible to make the process easy.

The act of deciding upon one of hundreds of Christian rental car companies depends on a variety of factors. First of all, a potential customer must take into account the area in which travel is necessary, and then the cost of fuel and other expenses. All services offer a wide variety of vehicles to choose from that range anywhere from a basic car to more expensive sport models or trucks. The rates one can expect to encounter are dependent on the sort of vehicle rented, meaning that a speedy red sport car will cost more than a practical, fuel efficient minivan. Ultimately, a customer will pay more if the desire to travel in style, while those who are more cost conscious can decided to go a more practical route. Whatever a traveler's needs and wherever the destination, rental car companies have travel needs covered.

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