Christian Commercial Truck Finance

With the big rigs costing mega bucks, Christian commercial truck finance is the only way most private carrier truckers can ever afford to make their dream of an independent life on the road a reality. A brand new rig with a trailer can easily cost almost one hundred and fifty to two hundred thousand dollars, depending on the bells and whistles on the cab, and so few drivers are able to make it without a sizable loan to get started. Until recently, getting a load from a commercial truck finance company may not have been an awful thing because the men and women driving the big rigs actually made a pretty good living doing the six days out and home for two day adventure. Some private carriers made over one hundred thousand dollars a year working that kind of schedule.

Of course, when a person thinks about commercial truck finance, the immediate thought would be about the big rigs on the Interstates, but companies that exclusively deal with truck finance deal with many types of truck purchases, such as dump rigs, concrete rigs, excavators, flat bed trailers and tank trailers and practically any large, heavy commercial vehicle used to generate income. When thinking about going into debt for so much money in a very unstable economy, many first time buyers would opt for leasing a big rig vehicle, no matter what kind the rig may be. Leasing presents a real tasty option because the buyer is only renting a portion of the truck's life. Leasing plans may or may not ask for a huge out of pocket first payment, which means that the trucker leasing the vehicle has more money available for fuel and other daily expenses. Just as in car sales, many drivers can perhaps buy bigger and more comfortable rigs by leasing rather than buying.

Now what can a fuel crisis for the American trucker mean for commercial truck finance and related businesses? The cost of filling up a rig for the private carrier guys and gals is over one thousand dollars every couple of days now, when just a year ago the cost was seven hundred dollars and five years ago was a mere four hundred. For the commercial truck finance world, the crisis means having to work all the harder to find lower cost finance money from investors who know the trucking business is still a gold mine. Frankly, the entire country depends on two things to keep it running: CHEAP OIL AND THE BIG TRUCKS TO CARRY THE GOODS TO EVERY PART OF THE COUNTRY. By the year twenty fourteen, the American Trucking Association estimates that there will be a shortage of twenty thousand drivers across the country, and that figure could grow to a hundred thousand by twenty twenty.

The dream of many men and women is to answer the call of the open road and not be tied down to an eight hour shift day in and day out. The semis of the twenty first century offer all the amenities of home life, including air ride driver's seats, king sized beds in some rigs, satellite television, microwave ovens, Internet connections, bathrooms, a few have showers and many other unheard of luxuries just a few decades ago. For many adventurers, the call of the road means no responsibilities of home ownership, no supervisor breathing down a person's neck and the ability to stop and smell the roses anytime one desires. Of course, the smelling of the roses can hurt a deadline delivery and maybe the bottom line for the week, but the freedom is there. For many single men and women and for married couples with empty nests, truck driving is the answer to cabin fever. But commercial truck financing will be a major part of these dreams coming true for all but a few very fortunate drivers who can afford to buy the rigs outright. "So men ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself." (Ephesians 5:28)

But commercial truck finance needn't just be about new equipment with all the chrome intact. Many trucking finance experts are encouraging drivers to look at the used side of the market when it comes to buying equipment. There are two ways the used truck business is going today, and much of it depends on what part of the country a potential buyer is in. First, there is an overall steep decline in new truck sales everywhere. This means that fleets and private carriers are keeping the old equipment and just shoving in new parts. On the other hand, there are some very nice rigs for sales because many drivers are getting out of the business because of the high cost of fuel and may be willing to sell at fairly reasonable prices. Commercial truck finance for used vehicles may see a huge upturn as the fuel crisis deepens.

If a person can put himself or herself in the place of many people who really want to follow the call of the road, it is not hard to see how much these potential warriors of the road sweat out the commercial truck finance issues. But that is true about any large loan someone is waiting on. No doubt, millions of people have sat by their phones, if not literally than figuratively, waiting on the call from the bank with a yes or no on the loan for that dream house. People without a close relationship with God always view the company that they work for or the bank that provides the loan as the source of all good things. For Christians, getting to know God intimately means that He can be trusted for all needs being met even if the bank or the loan company says no way.

Christian Commercial Truck Loans

Commercial truck loans are a wise short term investment strategy for people who have the need to own or rent to own a substantial sized vehicle. Trucks come in many sizes, ranging anywhere from one just large enough to transport a table, to semi-trucks which are capable of moving enough furniture to fill a house. The possible needs for and uses of large and semi sized trucks are endless, and those who are in the market for one should understand that the act of purchasing such a large vehicle is ultimately the decision of taking part in a larger, long term investment. Businesses, organizations or individuals can all apply for a financing program that will eventually lead to private ownership.

There are leasing programs which can be found that cater to the specific needs of specific customers which is a common practice over the course of history, as the Scripture says, "... and shalt surely lend him sufficient for his need" (Deuteronomy 15:8). This means that ultimately a larger client base can be gained as the plans offer diverse payment plans and installment options that are intended to provide clients with the best service possible. Occasionally, a business or organization will require the use of a truck for either a short term or long term investment. Due to the vehicle's significant size and relative cost, many do not have the means to purchase outright or otherwise, the vehicle they require. This contributes to the many reasons for the plethora of companies which offer commercial truck loans by way of leasing to own or payment installment plans.

Not uncommonly a situation will arise where a business or organization has the need for a semi-sized truck and does not have the proper financial backing to purchase such a vehicle outright. There is a relatively simple solution to this problem. Commercial truck loans are ideal for those who wish to eventually purchase a truck on time after a set amount of payments. This is an intelligent choice for those individuals who desire a convenient payment method that is easy and secure. Many times people have negative feelings towards taking out a plan that will require them to pay a set amount of money on a scheduled basis. People who are in the market for such services should have a knowledge concerning the plans that are available to them and will be able to decide on a plan that is right for them.

There are different types of loans customers can choose to invest in, including a few in which the truck a person owns is the collateral for the loan. This means that a person is able to put their vehicle to use while simultaneously making payments that go towards the total payment or the requirements set by pre-existing guidelines. The steps towards owning the title to a large vehicle can be easy and hassle free, as long as one knows what needs they have and the means that are available for meeting those needs. People who are new to the idea of commercial truck loans should take the time to do necessary research so that they know the best course of action and type of loan that would best suit them. Potential customers who are familiar with the Internet can find a lot of helpful information that can go a long way towards gaining the necessary knowledge and start building a base of factual and practical tips. There are several websites that visitors can go to and actually get in contact with knowledgeable people and information pertaining to price quotes, payment plans and financing needs.

Several of the companies that offer commercial truck loans can ensure quality service that customers will find helpful and that make the loan process as easy as possible. Such business can boast of professional service as they have employees who are experienced and familiar with the field and all the many types of problems that can arise and many solutions that are intended to solve any and all problems. Many potential customers can benefit from simply talking through all the finer points of leasing services and occasionally find that there are many options available to them that they might not otherwise have paid attention to or focused on. The act of deciding on a leasing or financing program need not be a difficult one as there are many tools available to seek out and begin an effective financing plan for any vehicle and a wide array of financial planning.

Christian commercial truck loans can be easy to begin as there are number of websites on the Internet that require potential customers to fill out a simple, one page application form. Most application processes are simple and straightforward and often ensure that a potential customer will receive feedback in as little as two days. There are some key factors that anyone who is looking into a leasing program should keep in mind. Companies who apply for a loan are more apt to be approved if a business have been established for several years and have a relatively good credit history. A business, regardless of size, must keep accurate financial records and be of good standing to better the chance of approval for a substantial lease program, such as commercial truck loans.

Before a lease is signed or loan is issued, the one issuing the lease likes to see that the potential client has a credible pay history. The act of paying bills on time can greatly increase the likelihood of approval. Those who wish to apply should keep in mind that the more information and facts they can provide by way of financial information the better. Those who choose to invest in commercial truck loans should be aware that upon signing a lease they enter into a legally binding contract and must abide by the terms and conditions set in order to reap the full benefits and eventually arrive at the goal of private ownership.

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