Christian Hybrid Car Rental

Eco-conscious consumers may opt for a Christian hybrid car rental to test drive the latest environmentally friendly vehicles. Due to a flailing economy and the high price of gas, consumers are ditching those gas-guzzling SUVs for super compact and economical hybrid cars. Lower horse powered hybrids are engineered to run off of a combination of rechargeable battery power and smaller gas engines. A compact body and greater fuel efficiency add up to savings at the pump and fewer green gas emissions, which helps to promote a cleaner, greener environment. Green cars are environmentally responsible investments which can pay off huge dividends for the ecosystem while complying with a Biblical mandate: "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth." "And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it" (Genesis 1:26 and 1:15).

And while hybrids are environmentally friendly, they are also pricey, costing several thousands dollars above conventional models. Before spending cold hard cash, wise buyers may choose a hybrid car rental to assess gas savings and help make prudent decisions from a narrow selection of available models. Currently fewer than ten models are available in choices of two- or four- seater compacts and sports utility vehicles, most of them foreign made. New technology, even in the automotive industry, has a tendency to be initially pricier; and shoppers may not want to risk paying a high price now for vehicles which may cost less tomorrow. In addition, because models are so new, customers are waiting up to nine months for orders. Renting is a smart choice while the market for green vehicles stabilizes.

Popular models come in 255 to 450 horse power with just enough room for two or a family of five. Commuter cars with manual transmission are priced around $20,000, while fully loaded luxury models can exceed $60,000. But instead of spending top dollar for new models, smart shoppers can pay by the day, week or month for a hybrid car rental at very little risk. Consumers planning a weekend junket out of town can hop in a hybrid and get a firsthand look at potential gas savings and handling on the road. Coworkers may want to rent a four- or five-passenger sedan to save on gas and split the costs for even greater savings. Large and small corporations seeking ways to trim travel expenses can rent a fleet of green cars for outdoor sales personnel or executives before committing to a long term leasing arrangement. Green car enthusiasts may have to make concessions on storage space, since even larger models are short on trunk space due to the location of batteries; but the savings on gas may be well worth it. From college kids to cost-conscious commuters, hybrid car rental just makes perfect sense.

A hybrid car rental is just as simple as renting a conventional vehicle. Renters must be at least 18 years of age with a valid current driver's license and proof of insurance. Most car rental companies require a down payment secured with a major credit card. Rates for a day, week, or month vary according to the rental agent; however individuals can expect to pay rates based on the make, model and size of available cars and SUVs. Of course, long term rentals or leases are also options for individuals or groups who want to experiment with hybrid vehicles without incurring an exorbitant expense. Under a lease, buyers don't own the vehicles and cars are returned at the end of the term, along with any additional payments for damage. Long term hybrid car rental or leasing is cheaper than purchase payments because fees are assessed only on the value of the vehicle during the time it is driven, instead of the purchase price. The primary advantage to the lessee is the use of a green car over a longer period of time, rather than paying weekly or monthly rental fees. Business owners can lease green autos and claim all fees as corporate tax deductions, including mileage. At the end of one lease, businesses or individuals may opt to continue leasing another new vehicle instead of owning autos, for greater low-risk savings. Executives have long ago learned that leasing is the best way to avoid high monthly vehicle payments, while driving a new automobile each year that can be claimed as a legitimate business deduction.

A long term hybrid car rental or lease may require a first and last monthly payment, a security deposit, vehicle licensing and registration fees, applicable taxes, freight charges, and a nominal fee for processing the lease agreement. At the end of the green vehicle lease agreement, lessees may incur additional fees for exceeding mileage or for repairing excessive wear and tear. A short term hybrid car rental is usually covered under an individual's existing motor vehicle insurance; however long term leasing requires additional coverage. Short term rentals still provide the least buyer commitment and the greatest opportunity to test drive green cars and take an ample amount of time to decide on which make or model best suits individual tastes. Online comparison shopping can also help alleviate the mystery behind gas-saving, eco-friendly cars. Consumers can surf the web for the right combination of size, style, and gas mileage savings before visiting a local dealer for a test drive.

Short Term Christian Car Lease

A short term car lease is just the ticket for motorists who don't want to incur hefty termination fees or down payments. Lessees can assume existing rentals and ride in style for less. Many motorists opt to lease rather than purchase purely because of the savings and tax advantages. Purchasing a new car is an expensive proposition. The moment new owners sign on the dotted line and drive the car off the lot, its value depreciates significantly and high interest payments can stretch out over several years. By the time an owner finishes paying off a car loan, the vehicle is valued at a fourth of its purchase price and usually winds up costing two to three times the original sticker price! Savvy consumers are choosing to avoid plunking down cold hard cash and enduring years of agonizing monthly payments by simply assuming an existing short term car lease, usually for less than 12 months or up to two years.

The convenience and ease of terminating a short term car lease also appeals to individuals who may experience financial difficulties due to job loss or transfer, or any event which might negatively impact income. A busy executive may have enjoyed sporting a two-seater luxury coupe; but when the family starts to grow, it's time to terminate and think about more budget-friendly transportation. And with a lagging U.S. economy, other lessees committed to long term agreements are finding that car payments are a luxury that paycheck to paycheck living can't accommodate. Then there are those individuals for whom money is no problem, but keeping up appearances is a must. Successful business executives may want to terminate rentals early simply to trade up to newer models with more luxury appointments as they climb up the corporate ladder. Whatever the reason, short term leasing offers more cost savings and flexibility than purchasing or renting a vehicle for a longer period of time.

Standard long term agreements heavily penalize lessees who terminate agreements early. Financing companies may require immediate payment of remaining balances owed, which can amount to thousands of dollars, plus penalties and fees. Online lease assumption companies help lessees terminate longer agreements by posting advertisements for trades, assumptions, and exchanges on the Web. Interested parties can view makes and models, along with prices and terms from the comfort of a home or office PC. From luxury auto makers, such as Mercedes Benz, Lexus, and Lincoln, to family-friendly Fords, Toyotas, and Chevrolets, short term car lease websites offer a wide variety of vehicles priced just right for almost any budget. And the beauty of leasing for a shorter period of time is that the number of months left on the original agreement makes the payments amazingly affordable. Individuals who take over a short term car lease must agree to the same terms as the original maker, but are exempt from making a large down payment. Maintenance, mileage allowances, end-of-agreement buy-out options, and taxes still apply; and new lessees are required to purchase full coverage insurance. Just as those who assume leases take on the liability of the original owner, so did Jesus Christ willingly take on the liability of mankind's sin at Calvary's Cross. "But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, being now justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him" (Romans 5:8-9).

Who is likely to assume a short term car lease? Any adult with proof of employment who meets leasing agents' qualifications is a prime candidate. From college students who want some nice wheels to commute to class and busy executives who need to make a good impression on potential clients, to senior adults who simply don't want to splurge retirement funds to drive a late model luxury auto, short term leasing appeals to a myriad of individuals. And the greatest advantage is the tax break leasing assumptions or trades offer to individuals and business owners. Payments are 100% tax deductible because owners don't own the vehicle. Sole proprietors and corporate executives can write off payments and realize a savings over purchasing automobiles, which can only be depreciated. At the end of the rental agreement, individuals may opt to continue leasing another newer vehicle or buy out existing autos for an additional fee.

In order to assume or terminate a short term car lease, Christian consumers should browse the Internet for online agents specializing in transacting assumptions, transfers, or trades. Lessees should read the fine print in the original agreement to determine what penalties could possibly be incurred for early termination. Leasing exchange agencies will want to perform a vehicle inspection, calculate shipping and handling, and examine or arrange for extended service warranties. Online exchange agencies also offer financing services and prequalification for potential lessees. Motorists on the lookout for assumption opportunities can register and log onto websites to shop for vehicles from around the world. Lessees seeking to sell a short term car lease can find a ready market for buyers to help take the burden of remaining payments. Both parties can use online services to compare options, such as initial fees and payments required to assume; transfer or trade leases; mileage allowances; buy-out options; fees for damages and repairs in and out of warranty; and auto financing options. Once buyers and sellers find the right vehicle at the right price, arrangements can be made for shipment. The original lessee is free of obligation and the new lessee is free to ride in style, enjoying a late model vehicle with low to moderate payments.

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