Christian No Credit Check Computer Financing

Christian no credit check computer financing will put a pc in the hands of those who have low credit scores, and who may already be maxed out on other credit or charge accounts. In other words, a computer can be bought by those who may not really afford to buy one, but can have it through the "miracle" of no credit check computer financing. With the number of personal computers now well over a hundred million in the US alone and more than two billion total computers world-wide, there may not be a chicken in every pot but there might be an Apple in every kitchen. The pc has become so important to the American way of life that many have thrown the television under the bus and made the computer their only or primary source for news, entertainment and communication. In fact the cell phone and the pc have even become the massive one-two punch for politicos launching news flashes and announcements. Even companies doing regular commerce are adopting the same kind of communication strategy.

So everyone believes they need a pc, and for the truly debt challenged, no credit check computer financing puts a pc in the hands of those whose FICO scores don't matter one whit to certain pc providers. Now the whole thing about no credit checks stretches beyond the computer offers to pay check loans, some used cars, even some new car loans and businesses like furniture and carpet stores. Often the more independent a business is, the more likely it is to offer "we don't care what the FICO score is" financing for its products. And no credit check loans sound like a good deal, but in every case, the business willing to take higher default risks by fronting higher risk borrowers must cover its expenses with much higher finance costs. So the rule will always be, easy borrowing-higher interest, translating into higher monthly payments.

In the case of "no FICO too low" borrowing privileges, no matter the product purchased, one will need a working checking account so automatic deductions can be made, be it weekly or monthly. In the case of no credit check computer financing deals, the deduction will most likely be weekly. And again, while some companies are different, typically most payments occur each week for a twelve month period of time. So the question must be asked, "Can this new purchase actually be afforded right now?" The need may be great for a laptop or a desktop pc, but if a person is already in the bog of debt obligation, so heavy that late payments have occurred or all credit resources have been maxed out, couldn't there be another solution to one's need for a pc? Despite the hassle one would have to endure, most libraries will allow free Internet access for at least fifteen minutes at a time and that might be much wiser than adding another debt to one's already hungry obligation stable.

But if a person does decide that a no credit check computer financing deal is for him, then consider just a couple of other issues. First, companies offering these computers are often selling last year's models, bought for the manufacturers at very low prices and financing them to make three or four times their value in company profit. There is often very little choice in the machines that are sold, and one may buy too much machine or not enough and pay more for the decision either way. Finally, who will be responsible for fixing the machine when it has a problem? Computers are just like socks; both are continually trying their best to run away and hide from their responsibilities. At least when a pc is bought from a store in town there is a place to come and demand some attention when the thing is cantankerous. Try getting that from an online no credit checks computer financing company five hundred miles away.

Do you find yourself in a situation where a no credit check computer financing deal may be the only way to get a pc? Perhaps rather than making a purchase right now, a better and wiser thing would be to really look at the mindset which got one to this place. Living above one's income through the use of credit has probably been the culprit. Come on, be honest, this isn't the time to duck and hide. All across the country people are realizing that Americans have lived way beyond their actual income ability and now with tough times encroaching upon all, the simple life is going to be the mantra of most. Selling off possessions not really needed and putting the proceeds on existing debt is the most compelling strategy for surviving these difficult days ahead. The advice here is to stay away from the no credit check computer financing offers and save money for an outright purchase of the pc just right for your situation.

For many people, these tough economic times will mean a turn back to their spiritual roots for strength. For the Christian, the person who has trusted Christ as the only way to heaven, the words of the Bible are of great comfort. "Let your conversation be without covetousness and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, 'I will never leave you nor forsake you.'" (Hebrews 13:5) A no credit check computer financing offer may seem appealing but now is not the time to grab it. If memory serves, a piece of fruit offered in Eden was also quite glamorous to the eye, but deadly to the taste.

Christian No Credit Computer Financing

No credit computer financing can be an option for those who have poor credit, yet need the incredible power that a pc can bring into a person's life. For some, the real "need" is for emailing friends, sending pictures, keeping up with the gang on U Tube and playing video games but for others it becomes much more serious. For those who have started a home based business, the need is not for recreation for making a living. Almost any business could, if needed, be run from one's home living room or office. Even businesses that stretch around the globe can now be managed online, even down to the ability to be able to speak to others over webcams that operate in almost real time. Being able to watch the emotion and the energy from the person on the other end is a real asset, especially when trying to judge the prudence of certain decisions. In fact, the computer has become so important that many people have turned off their televisions in favor of the entertainment available on the Internet. No credit computer financing has become the only way some people can have the dream of owning a pc, but there are some downsides to the concept.

The whole idea of getting things without a borrowing history check is based on tapping into the growing market of those who have gotten themselves into the credit trap of overextended charge accounts, late payments, high card balances and not enough income to pay for monthly bills. An entire financial industry is ready and willing to provide this large segment of the country's population with even more credit, but at a much higher price. Finding willing participants has not been difficult, for paycheck loan lenders, lending companies willing to front up to fifteen hundred dollars without a FICO score appraisal, and buy here pay here used car dealers are doing a booming business adding more and more burden to an already drowning in debt population segment. And one can add the no credit computer financing pitch to that list of credit barracudas.

When a person's FICO or credit score is not needed for a loan, a person can expect a couple of things. The first is will be a very high cost for the money or the product bought. In fact, the product will be substantially higher than if paid for under normal conditions. Take for example the "Buy Here Pay Here" auto dealers that line America's streets. An extra thousand or fifteen hundred dollars is not unusual to be tacked on to the value of a car on that lot and when a person adds the higher interest rates the person must pay on the loan and one can end up still paying for a car that won't even qualify for a push, pull or drag sale. The same case goes for the no credit computer financing deals, except in a little different format. The second is a scant choice of product.

Those who tout their mantra that says FICO scores mean nothing to them are announcing to the world that their willingness to take a chance with a high risk borrower will be paid for by much higher prices on the product, including pcs and laptops. When a person buys a pc through one of the online services that offer no credit computer financing, the standard plan is for paying an amount every week, taken out of one's checking account by the product provider. In many cases, the contract is to be for twelve loooong months. And here is the disturbing thing: a consumer will end up paying as much as three or four times the cost of the machine and not have the quality computer that could be owned for half the price! The Bible speaks often about how important seeking wise counsel is before making decisions. "Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety." (Proverbs 11:14)

In many cases, the companies that offer pcs without FICO integrity are selling last year's machines bought from manufacturers that are happy to be rid of them. They are bought for as little as two hundred dollars by the online company, yet the consumer buying with no credit computer financing will pay fifteen hundred dollars or more for an outdated system. Additionally, there is little opportunity for the buyer to get a system that is really attuned to that user's needs. In many cases, the choices in the models of pcs from a no credit computer financing company are few. The truth is these deals are no good for the person interested in owning a pc.

If a Christian person is considering using no credit computer financing, stop and think about it all for a minute. If one has to pay thirty five dollars a week for a pc, why not just put thirty five dollars a way in a savings account for four months? That's five hundred and sixty dollars to take down to a real store and look around at all the possibilities that money will buy. And if one buys a pc from an online "we don't care about your credit score" place, who will fix it, because computers are like thoroughbred race horses, they can be very high maintenance. This is also a good time to ask why one got in this bad financial spot in the first place. Getting wise counsel from a financial advisor or a credit counseling expert is absolutely necessary to getting out of debt and having more money choices in life.

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