Christian Residential Drug Treatment

Families who turn to Christian residential drug treatment centers can find hope and recovery for the addict as well as the loved ones who have been impacted by substance abuse. There are a number of benefits offered by facilities that provide treatment to patients in residence. For recovering addicts, the ability to get well in an environment that is completely separated from everyday life can have a huge impact on eventual success. The types of substance abuse facilities that are available can vary greatly. Some centers welcome adults in a co ed setting, while other will cater to a specific gender. There are also Christian residential drug treatment centers that are geared specifically toward youth. One feature that most of these facilities have in common is an outreach to the loved ones and families of patients. This extended circle can be very important in an addict's successful recovery. However, there can be a number of issues that family members and loved ones may also need to deal with. Healing for the entire family is generally always part of a successful recovery program. This is particularly true for those who have been part of a co dependency situation. With the help of professional counselors, both the patient an family can break free from the bondage of addiction. Christian centers will also feature the important added benefit of a faith based approach that directs the patient and their families toward a reconciliation with and reliance upon God.

If a Christian residential drug treatment center is geared toward the needs of young people, boarding school options may be available. This can be very important for youth since the time that they spend in rehabilitation does not need to interfere with their education. An emphasis on faith and scriptural principles is very important for families of faith. Helping youth to learn to depend on the power of God in difficult situations can yield lifelong benefits. As with Christian residential drug treatment centers that work with adults, most youth facilities will offer both group therapy and individual counseling. Recreational activities that appeal to youth will often be available as well. If a period of detoxification is called for, this can be handled in a way that is sensitive to the special needs of younger addicts. Learning life skills and the benefits of nutrition and healthy lifestyles may also be part of a rehabilitation program.

Parents may decide to turn to a Christian residential drug treatment center because they feel more comfortable with a program that will honor a family's personal beliefs. If a mother or father is concerned that a child has a problem with drugs, there are a number of signs to look out for. A sudden change in personality or a withdrawal from the rest of the family may be an indicator of a problem. A drop in grades, stealing or lying, lack of control of emotions, and manipulative tendencies may also be signs of substance abuse. These signs may not indicate a drug related issue, but certainly can serve as important warning signs.

There are a number of Christian residential drug treatment centers that cater to the needs of women. Facilities that allow only female patients may offer a level of comfort and privacy that co ed programs may lack.. Often, women will feel a greater willingness to open up and share when there are only other women in attendance. Many of these facilities will also employ only female staff to help ensure a non threatening environment for female addicts. As with other Christian residential drug treatment programs, features such as group therapy, counseling on an individual basis, Bible study, organized prayer groups, educational opportunities, and family therapy will usually be offered. Programs that supply a more personal approach may be preferred by female patients. For this reason, a more intimate setting may be more effective in terms of comfort and success. Facilities that give a more home like setting when it comes to living accommodations can also be very important for women in need of addiction treatment. Each patient will be different of course, and will have a variety or preferences and needs. Successful treatments will often hinge an an accurate understanding of the typical as well as the individual needs of each addict. The Bible encourages believers to wait patiently for God for help and strength. "Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord." (Psalm 27:14)

Weekend family visits are generally encouraged at a Christian residential drug treatment centers. Such visits may be limited to immediate family members only. At faith based facilities, the pastors of the individual patients may be welcome on weekends or throughout the week. By focusing on the patient's relationship with Jesus Christ, the goal of recovery will involve both physical and spiritual healing. Activities that are geared toward building faith will generally be part of a resident's daily routine. These activities could include prayer, chapel programs, morning devotions, Bible study along with various service opportunities. Physical fitness is also an important part of a recovery program. Many centers will offer gyms and workout facilities that include weights and other exercise equipment. Opportunities for hiking or jogging may also be available. Most residents will be required to adhere to a schedule that has been laid out by rehabilitation professionals. When patients and loved ones are committed to recovery, faith based programs can be very successful in helping a recovering individuals get their lives back on track.

A Christian drug treatment program provides spiritual reflection with faith-based rehabilitation by using Biblical principles in helping the patient overcome drug and alcohol addition. These programs use scriptural teachings to center in on healing, where healing of the mind, body, and spirit is the concept. Family counseling is also provided through these programs because the effects of a chemical addiction rebound upon the entire family unit when one family member is suffering. Scripture teaching through a Christian drug treatment center can work to bring hope and healing for a bad situation.

Some counselors offer professional skills that have helped others overcome addictive powers. With proven and tried methods that have brought relief to others suffering from addictions, participating in a Christian drug treatment program is a good decision. A Christian drug treatment center provides education in chemical dependency and takes the patient through a step-by-step program that will bring empowerment. Group activities can enhance faith-based teachings, while the patient learns of the experiences of others within the group.

These treatment centers are often located in peaceful surroundings. With the belief that a peaceful environment will help in bringing peacefulness to a troubled situation, the Christian drug treatment center will focus on the element of nature to help bring an end to chaos through chemical addiction. At the same time, the Christian drug treatment program counselors and ministers can provide teachings from Genesis on the creation of the world and nature to develop a patients faith in God, as Creator of the universe and Savior of the world.

Organizations that practice healing of addictions through God will combine the teachings from faith-based scripture, relying on the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer to minister to each patient. Each patient goes through a step-by-step process, showing positive results before proceeding through to the next step. With individualized attention, each patient is given the attention necessary to successfully complete the Christian drug treatment program. The involvement of the family unit in the Christian drug treatment center provides further encouragement to the patient to put forth necessary effort to bring about liberation from chemical addiction. Through Christ-centered therapy, one will be reminded of, "How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him." (Acts 10:38). Faith in God and trust in His healing power are very powerful and should not be forgotten by those who have been healed from addictions, diseases, and other problems.

Christian Drug Counseling

The help of a Christian drug counseling facility can make a life saving difference for anyone who is struggling with the serious challenges of addiction. Both faith based and secular facilities share the same goals of helping an individual who is addicted to drugs to find recovery and leave painful and dangerous addictions behind. But the Biblical emphasis and spiritual components that faith based organizations bring to the table can add a whole new dimension for patients and their families. The belief that there is both hope and strength to be found in Jesus Christ is something that counselors share with those who are seeking treatment. A faith in God that is combined with sound clinical practices can bring the best of both worlds to individuals of faith who are struggling with a addiction. The programs that a Christian drug counseling facility features will offer a combination of scriptural foundation as well as information on healthy lifestyles, life skills, and dealing with issues such as depression and addictive behaviors. With an approach that looks at the whole person, many facilities are able to offer programs that deal with emotional and spiritual components as well as mental and physical ones. Recovering from an addiction is all about healing and changing destructive patterns. By offering counseling and therapy that holds the Bible as the final authority, Christian programs add a dimension of faith to the recovery process.

Often a Christian drug counseling program will incorporate the characteristics of the traditional twelve step programs. The difference between a secular twelve step program and a more faith based approach will center on the Biblical background that is applied to each step. For example, if step one of the program stresses the fact that the individual is powerless to change without help, Bible verses that direct the addict to God Himself as the ultimate source of help and deliverance will be applied. Having acknowledged God as the source of help, the patient will then be shown Biblical passages that explain the need to turn life over to God. Other steps such as taking an accounting of life and making amends to those who the addict has hurt are also based in Biblical truth. After recovery, a pattern of continually taking a moral accounting and making things right with those who have been offended will be usually be stressed as well. Continually seeking the help of God through prayer and study of the scriptures is also important. Once an addict is recovered and has regained a sense of strength, most Christian drug counseling programs will recommend that the recovered addict reach out to others who are struggling with addictions.

Many Christian drug counseling facilities and services will also offer consultation services for the family and loved ones of addicted individuals. One of the first steps that an addict will usually need to undergo is the detox process. Drugs that have built up in the body need to work be dealt with under skilled professional care. A cold turkey detox that is attempted independently and without trained medical help can be very painful and difficult. Withdrawal symptoms can even be dangerous and life threatening. For this reason, detox should generally not be attempted without medical supervision. Most recovering addicts will also benefit from both group and individual counseling. Many Christian drug counseling facilities will offer both out patient and residential treatment options. These programs may encompass group therapy, life skills classes, and health education. Anger management and parenting classes may be available as well, Once a patient has completed treatment, various aftercare options can help the patient to stay on the right track and avoid the pitfalls that could lead a return to their previous lifestyle. The Bible encourages all believers to give their heavy burdens to God and to trust Him for the strength to survive and thrive. "Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved." (Psalm 55:22)

The family and loved ones of addicts are not forgotten at most Christian drug counseling facilities. In many cases, a loved one may have taken on a codependent role with an addict. If this is the case, help and counsel will be needed for the family members and close friends of the patient. When a loved one finds that they have basically given up their own life to meet the needs of the individual who is dependent on drugs, they are usually part of a codependency pattern. Some of the signs of codependency may include doing things for another person that the addict should be completely capable of doing for themselves, making excuses for the addict or being willing to give money to the addicted individual when they know that this is not wise.

Codependency can be a particular problem for Christian families. Many wives, husbands, parents, and siblings may believe that their faith requires that they always support the addict out of a sense of unconditional love. A Christian drug counseling professional can help families to recognize these destructive patterns. Choosing to set real boundaries and stick to them can be very difficult when a beloved family member is suffering. Counselors can help families not only find the strength, but the motivation to make the tough choices that may be required when dealing with an addict. The support of professionals in this field can help individuals leave addictive behavior behind and begin a new life.

Christian in-patient drug treatment offers medical, psychological, and spiritual therapy for individuals suffering from chemical dependency. This is an opportunity to focus directly on an addiction to drugs or other substances, while spending both day and night in a facility. Patients in Christian residential drug treatment programs will receive around-the-clock care. They will also have access to ministers and Christian workers who will provide spiritual guidance. Unlike conventional programs offered through hospitals and other rehabilitation centers, spiritual health and well-being are often the main focus for patients, and they are taught about salvation and healing through the Bible and Jesus Christ.

Finding the right program for someone suffering from substance abuse is necessary. For someone who is a Christian and attends church, finding a program within their denomination may be important. The type of substance the individual abuses may also be a point of consideration because some Christian in-patient drug treatment programs may only provide care for certain substances. The individual will also need to think about the length of stay they want to undertake with Christian residential drug treatment. Different treatment centers will offer different options when it comes to the amount of time the program is offered.

Finding treatment can often start by conducting a search on one of the any search engines online. Christian residential drug treatment programs may be hard to find, especially in a local area, but the Internet can provide many opportunities and options for the individual in need of this service. A local hospital may also be able to help in this matter, providing information on local Christian in-patient drug treatment facilities or other counseling programs. Seeking advice from ministers, community centers, or a family doctor may also offer some assistance on where to go to receive care and help with this problem.

More than anything, individuals suffering from addictions must go to the Lord with this decision. He will help anyone find the best Christian residential drug treatment, but also give them the strength to take the first step. It can be hard for someone to admit they need counseling through a Christian in-patient drug treatment program, but they must be willing to take that step and seek help from experienced and educated professionals. God has created His children to work together and solve problems, making it very important for those suffering from substance abuse to find the program that will best work with their needs. "And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." (2 Corinthians 12:9)

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