Free Christian Marriage Counseling

Free Christian marriage counseling is a convenient way to save time and money while still getting the quality of help required for building a strong marriage. Searching online will lead to a plethora of sites offering services that meet these needs. Thoroughly examining their purpose and belief foundation will aid in narrowing choices down. Some churches offer Christian premarital counseling to their members as well as continued counsel after marriage. In addition, sometimes regular bible studies are available and provide a network of people possibly enduring the same issues. Each spouse needs to be willing to participate when attending any sort of marriage analysis focused group. Of course disagreement of why each is there or even where the marriage is going may occur and is possibly why counsel has been sought. Whether a couple finds advice in books, study groups, one-on-one counsel, or a video series, taking the first step is crucial to creating a more enjoyable situation. Likewise, a sincere interest in improving the quality of the marriage is detrimental to success. Lots of prayer and effort toward learning new techniques and life application skills will aid in making overall life better thus creating a solid ground for building up a marriage.

Reasons for seeking counsel is not always because there are problems, but rather it is important to always work on a marriage in order to strengthen, grow, and deepen the bond between man and woman. In many cases free Christian marriage counseling is not sought until after a major problem is evident. Though help can be found in this situation too, emergencies should not be the only reason. If a couple does not belong to a church then finding counsel online may be appropriate. To ensure quality check references, fine print, and certainly their belief platform. A large number of people can offer great advice and produce great successes, but if the belief structure does not match then time is wasted on false hopes and shallow solutions. Online Christian premarital counseling resources can provide emailed newsletters, immediate help around the clock, and information to read at any time. This opens the door for convenient study, but may lack the personal attention a person or couple needs. Phone conversations or emails may not provide enough intimacy needed to solve some marital problems. On the other hand, if there are problems in getting a couple together to attend free Christian marriage counseling, then online resources may be a place to start.

Research into the variety of resources available will aid in making the right choice. There are many factors that play into making this decision. A variety of free Christian marriage counseling resources are available in order to reach out to as many different couples as possible. Some key decisions to make before overwhelming oneself with the amount of resources are realistic timeframes, problems to be addressed, compliance of each partner, and type of learner each person is. Some people learn better while listening and others from reading. Some people comprehend more at night while others do better in the morning. Finding the best situation for both people will greatly increase the rate of success for whatever method is chosen. In addition, keep in mind any homework that will help apply principles taught. If the concepts cannot be followed up then learning them is probably a waste of time. Dedication of each partner as well as actual time available will help realistically set any restrictions. In addition, understanding that problems are not truly solved quickly, but rather take hard work and continuous application can ensure a better rate of success. Finding a couple that has gone through Christian premarital counseling may offer insight of a realistic outcome to expect. Anyone can claim to have the answers and sincerely believe in them, but each marriage is unique thus a unique approach to even the most successful method must be attempted for the best results. But do thou for me, O GOD the Lord, for thy name's sake: because thy mercy [is] good, deliver thou me. (Psalm 109:21)

Understanding why a couple might seek this sort of help may further determine if a real need is present. Individual or combined feelings of depression, confusion of purpose, anger toward spouse or God, frustration with children, or simply wanting to improve marital life are all reasons a person or couple might seek free Christian marriage counseling. Successful efforts may result in answers to long-term problems, improved relationships will all people, forgiveness, and a closer relationship with God. All of these outcomes may sound great, but the bottom line is that if both people are not willing to participate and do not truly desire even one of the above-mentioned goals then success will be minimal. If someone has an unwilling spouse, then constant sincere prayer is needed to help them see the bigger picture and to gain a trust that God will provide if they ask. Keep in mind that the best way to create long-term significant effects of Christian premarital counseling is to focus on making changes in oneself, not trying to change the other person. These changes might include concentration on positive comments, home organization, organized bill paying, and careful management of the children. In addition, a person or family can surround themselves with Christian influences such as radio, music, people, and events. These actions can aid in the elimination of negative and destructive thoughts and actions. Even when one or more family members are reluctant or outright defiant to these changes they will see good in the overall changes in the household.

Christian Premarital Counseling

The need for Christian premarital counseling is perhaps best illustrated by the staggering divorce statistics that are seen among secular couples as well as couples of faith. Marriage can be extremely challenging under the best of circumstances. When couples come together, they bring with them a number of expectations and viewpoints on marriage that were modeled for them by their own parents. No two people are going to have identical points of view when it comes to relationships. The help of an objective professional can be key when it comes to making sure that expectations are realistic and that everyone is on the same page. The addition of Biblical truth and a strong spiritual component will bring so much more to the advice and counsel that is provided to couples of faith. Before the vows are said, obtaining wise Christian premarital counseling can mean the difference between success and failure for many couples. Homes that are based on Biblical truths and priorities will have a far greater chance of remaining intact. Learning about what the Bible has to say about marriage is vital. But a faith based marital counselor will also generally address such issues as conflict resolution, healthy finances and money management, having children, and communication skills. In fact, the Bible itself has much to say about all of these areas of concern.

With over half of first marriages ending in divorce, effective Christian premarital counseling can help a couple to beat the odds and remain married for years to come. Marriage itself is such an important step, to not make adequate preparations beforehand can be foolish and costly, both emotionally and financially. Premarital counseling is frequently offered by local churches and will often be free of charge or will come as part of the an over all package when a couple selects the church as a wedding location. A number of para church organizations will also offer Christian premarital counseling. In some cases this counseling will be offered free of charge and in others, there may be a fee for such services. It can be assumed that couples who share a strong faith will take their marriage vows very seriously. When the say these couples words till death do us part, they really mean it. But making the intent of those words a reality can be much more difficult than it might at first appear. By examining Christian principles and what the Bible has to say about marriage beforehand, a couple is far better prepared to stick it out and make the marriage work over the long haul.

Both secular and faith based counselors will generally have some kind of training to train them for the work of preparing a couple for marriage. In some cases, the counselor will be a minister or pastor. Or, in other instances, the professional counselor might be someone who is trained in psychology. But the primary difference between Christian premarital counseling and secular counseling is the adherence to Biblical truths. Couples receiving Biblical council will often examine specific scripture verses and how these truths apply to practical life issues. The Bible itself is seen as the final authority rather than clinical or psychological principles. With the scriptures as the final authority and foundation, couples of faith can prepare for marriage in a way that coincides with and reinforces personal faith.

That is not so say that Christian premarital counseling will not also utilize an understanding of basic clinical psychology. A solid background in the field of clinical psychology can be a very valuable asset for a counselor. But if there is a conflict between the secular and the Biblical, the Biblical will have final authority. Even the best prepared couples will most likely continue to need advice after the vows have been said. Obtaining wise counsel in a timely manner can be very important. Problems that are buried, ignored, or allowed to grow unchecked can wreck havoc on even the most committed marriages. Among the topics that many married couples find themselves dealing with are a lack of communication, feeling distant from each other or lacking in intimacy, anger, distrust, nagging, and a number of other difficult issues.

In addition to Christian premarital counseling, there are a number of other resources and helps that a couple can take advantage of as the marriage progresses. Many organizations offer workshops and classes that can aid married couples in avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes. Churches may also offer faith based classes and workshops on the topic of marriage. With divorce rates skyrocketing, taking advantage of Biblically based advice and counseling can make a major difference for most couples. Churches are often looking for effective resources that can provide effective Christian premarital counseling as well as on going support for married couples. By taking advantage of the many helpful resources that are available, spiritual advisors can help keep Christian couples together and their marriages strong. But such resources can be very costly. With church budgets stretched tightly, finding resources that offer information that covers the needs of couples that are preparing for marriage as well as established couples that are interested in marriage enrichment can be very important. The importance of making God the top priority in the home is a truth that is frequently expressed in the Bible. "Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain." (Psalm 127:1)

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