Pornography Addiction Treatment

Pornography addiction treatment is effective management of sexual desires and a change of concentration toward a more positive hobby. The initial introduction to images of this nature may start out innocently, but too easily become addictive and consume a persons life. A person doesnt usually seek pornography addiction help on his or her own, it is usually a suggestion of a loved one. Many other problems are associated with sexual addictions such as depression, drugs, and crime. Though men are generally the population that has this problem, some women are affected too. Support is available in churches, community centers, and with the help of friends and family. The road to recovery may take a long time, but the results will ensure a happier, more successful life.

The result of any effort to change a persons behavior may result in the loss of friendship without positive results in their behavior. Understand that sometimes people arent ready to accept help and therefore are unwilling to change. Keeping the relationship open on the helpers end may be the only option for pornography addiction help at that point. No one can force anyone to seek or accept pornography addiction treatment, but the doors can remain open for when they are ready. In the meantime, living by example is the best anyone can do. This is true whether a person accepts help or not. Understanding that short term results may not always occur will motivate a person toward hope and faith in believing a solution will eventually surface. Prayer and consistent (but not constant) invitation to experience more positive activities will most likely result in changed behavior at one level or another. Not boasting of things without [our] measure, [that is], of other men's labours; but having hope, when your faith is increased, that we shall be enlarged by you according to our rule abundantly, (2 Corinthians 10:15)

Differentiating between sexual and pornography addiction is important when deciding treatment options. When sex determines how a person conducts their life a person has a problem. Likewise, if images of other people alone or together are desired on a regular basis then pornography addiction treatment may be necessary. Outside assistance such as a friend or professional may be necessary to determine the actual problem. This is important when planning an effective route to recovery. Signs of a pornography problem may include withdrawal from a spouse who is willing to fulfill marital obligations. However, if a spouse is not interested or otherwise willing to fulfill these duties then sexual problems may also be present. In any event, immoral activities result and need to be addressed in a positive caring way. A Christian man will most likely understand that his feelings are wrong, but be too embarrassed to acknowledge their occurrence to other people in order to get proper pornography addiction help. The Internet is a wonderful tool for knowledge, but likewise attracts unwanted visitors or otherwise innocent sites. These predators target unsuspecting people with the appearance of innocent pictures. These images are usually free and lead to the payment of more revealing and morally destructive images. Not only is a person losing money, but exposing themselves to print material that may lead to physical actions.

Characteristics of people with this type of problem generally include seclusion from social activities, dating many different people over a short period of time, and general life dissatisfaction. In addition some destructive habits may occur such as smoking, alcohol use, and drug use. Weight loss, decreased appetite, and decline in physical appearance may also occur due to changes in their lifestyle. In most cases the person in question cannot identify a problem because the change happens gradually and is justified internally due to the need of self-acceptance. Pornography addiction treatment may include enlisting a friend to help distract a person from negative sexual behavior by replacing it with a new hobby or simply a friendship. While most people start out with innocent intentions such as finding friendship online or simply seeking advice online these actions quickly turn in a bad direction.

In general a man (or woman) with these problems will soon experience destructive behavior in other areas of life such as poor performance at the job due to distraction as well as marital problems. Other habits may form as well such as smoking and drugs, but this isnt always the case. Understanding the needs of this person sexually and socially will further aid in steering that person away from negative behavior. Pornography addiction help may even include balanced diet and exercise. These actions will release the appropriate hormones in the body to, at some level, satisfy a need as well as provide a healthy hobby. Again, the assistance of loved ones during this time is crucial for success. A spouse is not always the best form of help because sometimes the issues root deeper than sexual desire and may include the spouse. Of course addressing these issues with a professional counselor as additional therapy would assist in solving the problem. Many attempts may be necessary in order to find satisfaction outside of sexual images. Patience of the person as well as anyone willing to help is crucial. If there is a sense of doubt then worse actions may be attempted such as physical actions and more intense drug usage, which could be fatal. Catching this addiction early obviously creates a better platform for success enabling the patient to change their life long-term and possible help change the lives of others.

Internet Porn Addiction Treatment

Internet porn addiction treatment is available for those who have finally admitted to themselves and perhaps to a spouse or significant other that there is a major problem. Porn usually starts out innocently enough with an informal curiosity, but it never remains that way, particularly for the addictive personality. Most porn compulsion troubles men because they are wired in such a visual manner. Experts estimate that 70% of men between the ages of 18-34 visit a pornographic site each month. But those who offer Internet porn addiction treatment say the compulsion is not limited to men, because according to recent statistics, 1 out of every 6 women struggle with this kind of compulsion themselves. And shockingly, 34% of female readers to Today's Christian Woman's online newsletter admitted to occasionally accessing Internet porn and 1 of every six of these women struggles with a compulsion to pornography while over half of evangelical pastors admitted to viewing pornography last year.

But pornography is not innocent especially because of what pornography does to both the viewer and the ones he loves, particularly a spouse. Those who are involved in Internet porn addiction treatment say that pornography is like drinking saltwater-the more you drink the more you want and it takes harder and harder core stuff to even interest the addict as the addiction unfolds. In the meantime, if the man is married he is typically hiding his Internet addiction from his wife, but he is beginning to compare her with the women he is viewing on the monitor, and often times the spouse comes out the loser. Often he begins to make sexual demands of her that she may not be comfortable with and the marriage begins to slide and in many cases, the wife isn't sure why all of this unhappiness with her has suddenly occurred in her husband. Two thirds of the divorce attorneys who attended a recent meeting said that online pornography contributed to more than half of their divorce cases.

Internet porn addiction treatment experts also remind us that this addiction is much tougher to kick than cocaine is because cocaine can be flushed out of the system, but the images seen in pornography remain in the mind forever. More dangerous yet is the fact that when pornography is directly linked to masturbation, there is created a release of naturally occurring opioids in the body, the most addictive substance of all, even greater than heroin. Once an addiction has become fully realized, as much as four to six hours a day and four to six hundred dollars a week can be spent on average by an Internet pornography addict, so say experts on Internet porn addiction treatment. There is so much guilt that often accompanies the porn addict's life, and it is difficult for the person to ever forgive himself, especially when he understands that God views the act as adultery and sin. But there is the promise of both God's forgiveness and love. "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." (I John 1:9) "But God commendeth his love toward us in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8)

Internet porn addiction treatment cannot begin until the addict is willing to admit that he or she has a problem. Perhaps this realization came as a result for losing a job over downloading porn on a company computer at work or after being caught by a spouse. It may take a devastating divorce, and by the way, porn addiction is the main cause of many divorces, or it may take just having life close in around a person to actually have reality set in. But if a pornography addict, who usually lives a pretty secretive life suddenly reveals himself to a friend or family member, it is their responsibility to lovingly but firmly confront that person and urge them to get help immediately. But of course, it is not until that person truly admits the problem that help can truly come.

The basis for Internet porn addiction treatment comes through a number of approaches including the first one which is intervention. Someone has to confront the person with the addiction dangers. The second is educating the addict and the family on the treatment that will occur and giving the family members access to various help resources. The third part of Internet porn addiction treatment is to have the addict remove accessibility to any porn sites. This may mean getting rid of the Internet, putting in security software to restrict access to sites or even changing jobs if the temptation to the Net is too strong.

In most cases, individual psychotherapy will also be a part of the addict's treatment which is the counseling that seeks to help patients understand that their pattern of thinking cannot be blamed on other people or circumstances. This type of counseling seeks to have the client hold himself responsible for his reactions and their outcomes. Since many involved in pornography addiction are driven by a desire for intimacy, treatment programs will often offer marriage and family therapy to uncover the reasons for loneliness or lack of intimacy. Group therapy will also be a part of addiction treatment because listening and being accountable to addict peers is a powerful way to motivate change. Finally, many treatment programs will stress the need for the porn addict to seek spiritual development. Those with a strong belief in the power of prayer have a better chance of recovering.

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