Anti Spam Email Software

Anti spam email software may not be high on the "I want it" list for those who have few visits everyday from the email stork, but if half or more of your inbox is filled with deliveries of little unwanted and annoying mail from people that are complete strangers or offers for car loans and exotic vacations that just clog your ISP memory, the idea can be very intriguing. And if the budget is not very friendly towards another software purchase, there is plenty of free spam blocking software available to at least slow the spam deluge down to a drip. Getting web mail from names of people that are obvious pseudonyms can drive a user crazy because the effort to get the user to open the web mail is nothing shy of blatant. Of course offers from car loan companies are almost as annoying, especially if you don't own a car! So if some computer program can end many of the intrusions onto our computer monitor each day, the effort to secure anti spam email software will be worth the energy and perhaps small expense.

One company that touts its scram spam product reminds potential clients that all anti spam email software fails at times to block unwanted Internet mailings. The approach this particular company takes is to analyze the customer's already constructed address book of Internet mailing addresses and uses that list as the beginning of the sorting out process. This particular program calls itself a permission based blocker which means that the customer creates the kinds of rules that will be used to rule out unwanted junk mail. This anti spam email software then actually sends an Internet diplomat, so to speak, in the form of a query to each originator of questionable emails and asks the business and purpose of the sent web mail. Legit senders answer the query and the fakes do not, or so say the creators. "Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered." (Psalm: 32:1)

Free spam blocking software is out there also to help in the fight against unwanted web mail. While not mentioning any program names, the following are excerpts of comments from one expert on a number of free spam blocking software programs. "Very good program but gets heavy upon memory and cpu load if trained on a lot of mail. Effortless and effective but relies on forwarding and requires two web mail accounts. Effective but cannot remotely administer or teach the program. Overwhelming with a multitude of options and very little help. Gets rid of junk email precisely and effortlessly. Wonderfully easy to use but only works with POP lists and cannot be used remotely. A tad clumsy to use and may crash now and then." It appears that the free programs are wonderfully effective in most cases, but a potential use would want to carefully read reviews to see which free software programs are the best for their situation.

There are a few terms that you might need to know when looking at anti spam email software. The first is POP 2 or POP3 which stand for Post Office Protocol. There are two types of protocol that web mail can have, one being POP. POP is one way of retrieving web mail that has been sent to the recipient. The second protocol is called IMAP, which stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. This newer form of message retrieval allows a person to type in keywords in the email to discover whether or not the email is worth opening or not. This can be done while the mail is still on the mail server and before it is logged in to the user's system so experts advise having a person's email program configured to take both POP and IMAP type emails. Finally, the term SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and is a protocol that is used to send messages between servers.

While many of the retail anti spam software packages handle both POP and IMAP account type email, not all the free spam blocking software programs do. As the popularity of being able to actually analyze email by keywords before even leaving the email server increases, so will the desire by users to be able to block both types of access protocols if desired. But here are some features that can be found on both the free and retail junk blockers. First is what is known as bounce which sends unwanted emails back to the sender giving the impression that your email address is not longer active, thus giving the sender great incentive to take your web mail address off their mail list. That's sneaky and lets all do it! The second feature on many retail and free spam blocking software is what is called Bayesian spam filtering which is a set of clever algorithms to actually be able to learn what is junk for the user based on opened and unopened email.

If a person has fifty emails waiting in the morning to be sorted through, this kind of software, either free or retail would have to be a relief. Frankly, it can be a real headache in many cases to open promising web mail only to find it a Trojan horse. Consider using this software to make your computer experience a little more pleasing and not so much of a burden. Consider also God's help to assist in filtering out a lot of the stuff that is harmful to all of us every day. Whether on the Net, on the airwaves, or in our thoughts, it's not just spam, but also the lies our Enemy feeds us that need filtering.

Anti-Spam Software

Anti-spam software is a great tool to add to a computer for the individual with a desire to protect email from spam and junk mail. Using a spam-blocker offers many helpful items including specialized filters by subject, words, and domains. This can add extra protection for email accounts and other Internet-related programs. Purchasing a spam-blocker can be accomplished through many avenues. The program can be purchased online or in retail stores, and may accompany other security or protection programs. Plus, protection programs can often be downloaded at no cost to the consumer. When choosing anti spam software, there are many things to consider. Most importantly, individuals need to be aware of the programs that will be running the blocker in order to purchase compatible products.

Spam-blocking programs can be very helpful in stopping this problem that plagues most people who use the Internet. Most importantly, this blocker will offer filters to protect email accounts from junk mail and spam mail that is unsolicited. This can be used for home or office computers. An important thing to remember is the need for the program to work with the computers applications and the individuals email accounts. Most anti-spam software will be able to work with many different programs and most of the programs that are needed to be protected from spam for the consumer. Most programs even offer the opportunity for some customization by the individual. A good anti-spam software program will allow the individual to get added protection in many email accounts and will offer filters by subjects, words, and domains. Having the ability to increase protection can be a good reason to purchase products that will keep spam from reaching the inbox of an email account.

Purchasing a spam-blocker can be done in a variety of ways. It's possible to purchase a program or software that offers spam protection and filters at just about any store that offers software and computer programs. Many major retailers and technology stores both online and locally will offer products for purchase. The cost is usually relatively low for the amount of protection that is received with the anti spam software. Often, these features will be included with the purchase of a security program. Many security programs, software, and companies include free products to add further protection for the computer. This is very helpful for the individual who is looking for security and protection while surfing the Internet. If the consumer does not own or want to purchase a security program with junk mail protection, or if they do not have a desire to spend money for the software alone, many companies and websites offer free downloads of the anti-spam software. This can be a very inexpensive and good way to add protection and security to email accounts. Sometimes downloads are provided only on a trial basis for the consumer. It will be the individuals responsibility to choose whether or not to purchase the software, let it expire, or find another program or protective product to use.

The compatibility of spam blockers is a common issue that many people have. It is very important to know what operating system, email formats, and settings are compatible with the program. Some blockers will not work with every program that individuals may have. It is very important to read all directions, information, facts, and frequently asked questions that accompany the product on a website or in a package at the retail store. This information will be very useful for the individual when it comes to installing the anti spam software. For the consumer that has several email accounts, having protection from spam on all of these accounts can be very important. This should be a major point of consideration when choosing to purchase or download an anti spam program.

Using spam-blocking programs can be very useful in adding more protection and security to home or office computers. The anti spam software will offer additional filters and items to keep junk mail from clogging the individuals inbox. This can be very helpful in keeping unwanted mail and viruses from appearing. Individuals have many options when it comes to getting these programs. Purchasing the blocker, purchasing virus protection and security programs, or downloading the program for free can be ways to receive additional spam protection. For consumers purchasing software or downloading, it is important to view all requirements and information before making the purchase or downloading the anti spam software. Understanding the compatibility is crucial because some programs will not be compatible with some blockers. Blocking junk mail from an email account can be very important and helpful in adding protection and security to an individuals computer. Protection is something that should be put to good use, especially to keep viruses and other negative issues from affecting the individuals computer. "He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler" (Psalm 91:4).

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