Computer Virus Protection Software

Investing in quality computer virus protection software is more than just a safety measure; it is a necessity. Only the most careless PC owner would attempt to operate an unprotected system. The level of harm that can result from a malware attack is staggering. Most PC owners value the files and media that are stored on their system. To neglect to defend these valuable assets would be as foolhardy as leaving a home unlocked. With the wide variety of anti virus protection software that is currently available on the marketplace, consumers will find that there is a program that will meet the needs of any computer user. With each new day comes a new malicious program in search of a system to infect. In addition to viruses, unprotected systems are also vulnerable to various computer worms, phishing attacks, and Trojan horse programs that can greatly damage or even destroy a system. Thankfully, there are many available applications that can not only protect a system, but also help a user restore a PC that has suffered an attack.

As a consumer considers which type of computer virus protection software to choose, an understanding of the problem can be helpful. Computer viruses are programs that are somewhat small in size, yet can pack a wallop when it comes to destroying an unprotected system. These programs have been created to be transmitted from one PC to another and wreak havoc by interfering with how a system operates. Left to their own devices, these applications might even erase an entire hard drive. These malicious programs are masters of disguise. They can impersonate anything from friendly e-mail greetings to funny media files, but they are far from harmless. Some of these viruses are metamorphic and can transform themselves into other things once they have infected a system. Obviously, defending a system from these harmful programs through anti virus protection software is a must. The Bible talks about the protection that can be found in God. "The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence." (2 Samuel 22:3)

There are many doorways through which these viruses could attempt to enter a computer or network. Some will attach themselves to messages that arrive via an instant message program; some will attempt entry through an innocent looking e-mail. For this reason, it is never a good idea to open an e-mail attachment from an unknown recipient. Other means of travel could include transmission over the internet or from one PC to another in the same network. Additional sources could include CDs, floppy disks, or USB drives. In addition to defense against viruses, anti virus protection software can also shield systems from other attacks such as worms or Trojan horse programs. Two categories of these malicious programs are nonresident and resident viruses. Nonresident applications have two components, the replication module and the finder module. The jobs of these components are somewhat self explanatory. The finder seeks out files that is can infect and the replication module infects it. Resident viruses do not need a finder component, but will replicate whenever a file is executed.

The job of computer virus protection software is to locate and eradicate these malicious programs. While most of the programs are identified as "antivirus" applications, this title has more to do with how the software originated than the functions that these programs currently perform. When these programs were originally created, viruses were the main target. Since then, these applications have been modified to also defend a system against other threats as well such as worms or Trojan horse programs. The jobs that anti virus software typically perform are to scan the files of a system in search of any viruses that are known about. Since new malicious threats are being created everyday, protection software will also look out for any odd behavior that could be going on with a computer program. If signs of an infection are seen, corrective measures will be taken or suggested to the user. These programs require regular updates so that the system is constantly protected from any new threats that have been created.

Installing anti virus protection software is an important step in providing solid system protection. The wise consumer will purchase one of these applications from established companies with good reputations in the industry. Every time that a system is booted up, these protective programs will automatically start as well, checking for viruses whenever a PC opens an executable file. Trojan horse programs masquerade as other applications. Effective computer virus protection software will provide protection from these kinds of threats as well. However, since these imposters are harder to detect than standard the standard virus, computer owners should take precautionary measures such as taking extra care when opening certain files or e-mails. If a system is exhibiting odd behavior, it is not necessarily a result of a viral attack, but should be investigated. Most antivirus programs will remain alert to this suspicious activity and will automatically check it out.

In spite of the presence of anti virus protection software, sometimes a malicious program finds its way into a system. When this happens there are steps that can be taken to restore the system or network and eradicate the problem. Once the source of the attack has been removed, most operating systems have a systems restore function that will reinstate files to a point in the past before the infection. At times, operating systems have to be reinstalled. For this reason, the consumer should always perform regular system back ups.

Free Anti Virus Software

There is free antivirus software available for downloading off of the Internet today, and this may be the only option for many who are on tight budgets. A variety of protection programs for viruses can be accessed online and some of these programs are offered at no cost, giving computer owners an economic choice in protecting their technology hardware. Antvirus programs can scan computer files for existing viruses and some may alert users to looming problems. But, there is always a question of quality when utilizing programs that are acquired at no cost. Those who download the various protection programs from services online will want to get an education in how to take defensive action against harmful bugs and viruses that can destroy files and make computing very difficult. Every computer, whether a business's systems, laptops, or desk tops need some type of protection in today's unfortunate climate of hackers and virus breeders.

Many computer owners who must work within a tight budget are asking questions about free anti virus software that is available from several different sources online. Users may have concerns about quality and back up support, fearing that a free antivirus program could leave them with little protection and worse problems in the long run. Most programs that can be loaded for no charge offer to detect and deter threatening attachments from emails. Some will have within their features the ability to schedule scans, but don't scan the incoming and outgoing real time messages in email. Other free antivirus software may include updates and ongoing email scans, but not the scheduled overall scanning. The feature rich programs that offer the most complete services will be programs that are available for a cost. However, the basic objective of securing an email account, which is where most infections are introduced to a computer, can be accomplished with the free anti virus software protection programs online.

Because email is becoming a widely used form of communication today, it is important that a security service be installed in every computer. Email is the largest method for passing a virus from one source to another, and often viruses are targeted through sites and interactions that are appealing to teens and students. But, even businesses can be targets, as all employees utilize inter-office memos through email. Sales departments can also become victims as they receive hundreds of questions through electronic mail concerning the products and the shipping thereof. The bottom line on the need for protection is that security software, whether free antivirus software or software that is paid for is a must for all computer usage. With free anti virus software available, there is not reason to not take advantage.

With the devastation that has been inflicted on many computers and companies, one would assume that the general public would understand the need for computer protection at this point. However, there are still thousands of computers that are not utilizing the latest upgrades which are introduced to the public. Upgrading is a necessary part of using free anti virus software. As the diseases that float through cyberspace, looking for computers to infect, become more advanced and savvy, so must the systems that protect computers. Users need to keep up technically. And, not only is a free antivirus software protection program with update capability protecting individual computers, but by having a constant monitoring system on the computer, users are protecting the files and programs of thousands of others. Every time the latest onslaught of damaging viruses is leashed, thousands, if not millions, of computers, programs, and financial documents are at risk.

It is most unfortunate that we live in a world where people create technology that does nothing more than lead to troubles and heartache; frustration at the least. It is sometimes hard for Christians to understand the motives of those who want to inflict pain and difficulties on others. However, Christ spoke of the times when mankind would experience extreme difficulties in all areas of life, indicating even more precisely the need for His saving love. "And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows." (Mark 14:7-8) It is good to know that God truly has all things under His control.

To find free antivirus software, browse the different manufacturers offering it online. These manufacturers are experiencing a strong competitive market, so many offer programs at no charge, hoping that they can sell updates and additional features to their existing clientele. It may be wise to look for programs that offer tech support, but at the least a tutorial with the program. This is a good time to take advantage of the competition, and solid and secure programs can easily be downloaded for no charge.

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