Digital Photo Picture Frames

Digital photo picture frames, available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, are certainly the best photograph technology since digital cameras. No more does a family have to stare at the same old boring photo day in and day out; with an LCD digital picture frame, a whole album of pictures can parade across the screen all day long, evoking laughs and smiles and nostalgic sighs for days long gone but not forgotten. Ranging in price from $45 to $600, there are many different options and features to choose from, from key chains to clock frames to MP3 player supported displays. Frames generally come in black, white, silver, and various wood shades, and range from screens of seven inches to twenty-two inches. Many even come with interchangeable screens to please the easily bored customer or to coordinate with the decor of multiple rooms, so there is sure to be a perfect option for everyone.

An LCD digital picture frame is the most popular, and uses the same display technology as televisions and laptops. LCD stands for liquid crystal display, a fine, flat display device that uses small amounts of electric power, making it perfect for cameras and similar items. LCD technology is ideal because it produces clear, crisp images with high resolution, allowing pictures to look their very best for home or office viewing pleasure. Whether a person wants to show off pictures of her grandchildren to coworkers or relive fun summer events with her family at home, this is an excellent way for her to do so without keeping albums full of pictures around. Fun, efficient, and attractive, digital photo picture frames are sure to add the perfect personal touch to any room, filling it with lots of colors, smiling faces, and wonderful memories.

These picture frames can usually hold 500 to 1000 images and buyers can insert the memory card from a digital camera directly into the device for instant photograph exhibition. Some offer unique display options, allowing pictures to change in different ways, such as vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Pictures can also be viewed in thumbnail version in case a person wants to browse through many pictures at a time or search for a certain special photo. Perhaps one of the most inventive features available for this item is MP3 support, which provides musical accompaniment for one's picture viewing and listening pleasure. One idea for this item to is to present a special slide show presentation at a social gathering by using a large LCD digital picture frame with music to match the slideshow occasion, perhaps a rowdy rock song for a youth group summer camp presentation or classical tunes at a wedding, with pictures of the bride and groom flowing across the screen.

What are photo albums after all, but human attempts to capture the beautiful, meaningful moments of life with the family members and friends who also remember them? People gather and collect photographs, binding them in scrapbooks and hanging them proudly from walls and mantels to remember and to honor the people and events that have made life worthwhile for them. Having pictures of friends around is a wonderful way to cheer up a room, reminding their owner of people who have been faithful and true, which is one of the greatest blessings in life. The Bible is full of stories and wisdom about friendship; one famous proverbs says, "A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." (Proverbs 18:24) Digital photo picture frames allow a person to see the faces of those friends every day, and each picture holds a special memory and a little bit of hope.

A wireless LCD digital picture frame will give the buyer the most freedom in decoration, as it can be placed anywhere in a room and won't have cords dangling from it. This product comes in two kinds: rechargeable and battery-powered, with the rechargeable one being the most practical and environmentally friendly. Wireless frames are nice because they can be hung on the wall or placed on a table and moved about with ease whenever the buyer needs a change of scene. They also make excellent gifts for family and friends--instead of making Grandpa a big, bulky photo album, why not give him a digital photo frame that will allow him to see the people he loves with convenience and regularity? An excellent idea for a Mother's or Father's Day present is to make Mom or Dad a slideshow of family pictures with their favorite music running through an MP3 player.

Some digital photo picture frames even provide video and audio playback, allowing buyers to stream their camera's video clips onto the screen for everyone's viewing pleasure. Another popular feature is an included remote control, which allows the buyer to scan through the pictures from anywhere in the room, to select videos, and to arrange picture presentations. One neat feature on some frames is picture playback, which comes in handy when a person sees a picture she likes and needs to go back a few slides to find it. Some products are touch sensitive, so that various features can be controlled by touching the screen. Depending on how much the buyer wants to pay, there are endless add-ons and options for an LCD digital picture frame; it can be a simple home decor accent or a multi-media extravaganza sure to impress family and friends and provide warm, meaningful entertainment for all.

Digital Photo Keychain

A portable digital photo album makes the perfect gift for just about anyone--Mom can carry it in her purse, Dad can put it in his briefcase for business trips, a trendy little sister can toss it in her backpack to show off at school. What better way to have access to favorite pictures, sneak peeks at beloved faces, and show off photos to family and friends! The days of carrying faded old pictures in overstuffed wallets are long gone, and picture lovers will be glad to know about the newest offering in portable picture technology: the digital photo keychain, available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. For picture takers who love to show off their newest shots or grandparents who like to show every single person they meet a picture of their newest grandchild, this is the perfect gift or personal purchase. Plus, these are handy items to have around when one is stuck in a long wait at the doctor's office or stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire and two young children in tow--instant access to cheerful people and places to make the crisis at hand seem a little more bearable.

Generally, a portable digital photo album can hold up to 4000 pictures, which means that a buyer can fit every vacation and party and holiday into one album, saving lots of space and dusty old scrapbooks. Pictures can be viewed singly as still shots or in a slideshow, and most items have playback modes that include zoom and thumbnail options. Screens vary in size, with 7" being a good choice for average needs; some even come with picture frames so that the buyer can turn her portable album into a home decor accent in an instant. Most options feature an LCD screen and a rechargeable battery; some have a longer battery life than others, so the buyer should keep this in mind when choosing a purchase. Prices vary dramatically, but on average shoppers should expect to pay between $45 and $100, depending on how many features they want.

Most of these products include the ability to connect to a television, which is a perfect feature for watching a slideshow with family members and friends. A family just back from vacation can continue bonding by gathering around the tube to see all the pictures from their fun trip--remembering funny events and beautiful locations, laughing at silly faces and bad shots, and bragging about how good they look in scuba gear. Family reunions, high school or college graduations, weddings, and funerals are also excellent times to show slideshows of baby pictures, the tee-ball years, the hideous prom dress and the prom date with the silly 80's style hair. A portable digital photo album is just full of possibilities, and because of its small size and portability, pictures can be shared all over the world with anyone who will agree to see them.

Although its file capacity is smaller and its special features fewer, the digital photo keychain is nonetheless an excellent option for people on the go. This album can be hooked to the car keys, stuck in the pocket or purse, and taken anywhere, providing entertainment and cheer whenever someone is bored or lonely. Generally, buyers can expect to pay between $10 and $30 for this item, but occasionally online stores offer cheaper prices; keychains usually hold 50 to 60 pictures, which can be displayed in still mode or slideshow. One plus is that there are more fun options for a keychain than an album as far as shape and decoration go, and buyers will find hearts and circles and squares of many different colors and designs to suit persons of any taste and personality. Pictures usually need to be uploaded directly from a computer, so a USB adapter is provided; also, buyers should expect this item to be powered by rechargeable batteries.

Men will appreciate a 2.4" portable digital photo album in a leather cover, which fits nicely into a pocket or briefcase and can provide the comfort of familiar faces on a long trip. Other good options for men who don't want to carry a digital photo keychain are a money clip photo album or a watch with an LCD face--each time he glances down at his watch to see the hour or pulls out his money clip to pay for coffee he can spot the smiling mug of his little boy or favorite pet, which is sure to provide encouragement and cheer in his busy, stressful day. Pictures are one way to remember the special people who make life better and more meaningful and to be grateful for them. The Bible teaches that faithful friends are of great worth and are true gifts from God, for which to be thankful: "We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers." (1 Thessalonians 1:2) Having the faces of family, friends, and loved ones before one's eyes is a reminder not only of the blessings they are, but of one's responsibility to love and pray for them.

Whether pink, silver, heart-shaped or square, a digital photo keychain can be a wonderful fashion statement as well as a little treasure box of memories. Because of its low price and easy-to-use technology, this item is an excellent gift for a child or teenager, who will wear it proudly on keys or purse or backpack. Adult women will also love this item, treasuring its contents and the ease with which they can show off pictures to friends and coworkers. A great gift for any person and any occasion, this is one purchase that is sure to be greeted with surprise and delight.

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