Digital Projector Bulbs

All digital project bulbs and digital projector lamps were intact before setting out for the first appointment of the day. This was an exciting business, but grueling and made the work day quite long, but as a sales person bent on success, the rewards were well worth the effort. Dangling incentives in front of Franks face was like anticipating that first bit of ice cold gelato in the summer absolutely delightful! The goal this time was that $10,000 bonus for landing the most accounts in one month, and Frank was well on the way to attaining that goal for the first time since coming to Landis and Forster Multi-Media five years ago. The career had been a long haul, but steadily, one account at a time, the goal was being attained. Now the goal was in sight, and Frank was determined not to let the opportunity slip out of hand. For efficiency, a checklist was created to make sure all equipment was loaded and ready to go each day, sometimes even the night before if the client was especially high-level in the entertainment business.

While digital projector bulbs do not seem to many to be something of importance, they have been this sales persons bread and butter. Frank enjoyed networking with professionals in the media and entertainment industry. Just working to provide them with outstanding equipment and service was Franks drive to success. Projector lamps were in high demand, and Frank had the knowledge to know who to seek out to get leads for another great sale. Today Frank was headed to Los Angeles to a multi-media producer. This big wig had a need for a large order of digital projector lamps and digital projector bulbs in preparation for an extended viewing event two months from now in Capri. The lead was obtained from a low-key individual who had good networking skills, and was able to hook Frank up with an introduction. The work is about to pay off! But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19 KJV).

Frank made a mental note to be sure to provide this professional gentleman with knowledge on the various types of projector bulbs and lamp components, in case an upgrade was needed in the not to distant future. Brochures would be left behind as well as reinforcement of product quality and availability. Frank prided himself on the ability for a quick turnaround on orders some orders were filled in as little as one day, and no one else in the projector bulb industry can do that as Frank can! Snapping shut the equipment case, Frank jumped into the six year old luxury car purchased just last year. Yes, the car was old, but was a high-end used automobile. Frank needed to project a certain image, even if that image was a bit aged. The new car would be purchased after that $10,000 bonus was earned. Already Frank was dreaming about driving around that new upper end car viewed so many times on the circuitous drive back home.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, a cab was hailed and the salesman was on the way to Plexus Entertainment situated in a well-to-do suburb on the north side of the city. The ride from the airport to the town took over 50 minutes, but that was not too bad considering the driver was fast and knew how to avoid heavy traffic. The purchase manager greeted Frank upon arrival, and was quickly escorted into a plush office on the top floor of the 10 story building. On the ride in the elevator to the office, the purchasing manager stated he needed 50 digital projector lamps for this office, and 25 digital projector bulbs for the office in Capri where the event was to be held. About half way through the meeting that day, the producer showed up to greet Frank and let the salesman know how appreciative they were of Franks ability to quickly provide the company with the equipment needed on such short notice. The salesman smiled and related that service was indeed no problem at all and would be on hand at a moments notice to provide information for the gentlemen if any was needed during the event. In appreciation for Franks availability, the producer offered the salesman the chance to accompany them to Capri, all expenses paid! Wow! Frank jumped at the chance, accepted, and was filled in on where the digital projector bulbs and digital projector lamps would need to be taken once all had arrived in Capri. Frank made notes in the notepad inside the brief case, closed the lid and then shook hands before departing back to the airport. The salesman even managed to negotiate a great price which was 20% higher than many other deals closed this past year. And there was a free vacation to boot!

Flying back home, Frank received a call from the boss congratulating the salesman on a great job. In fact, the boss was so pleased that right then and there, Frank was awarded the $10,000 bonus so long awaited! The announcement would go out to the entire company by the beginning of next week. All salespeople were invited to a sales luncheon in honor of Frank and the efforts put forth to seal such a great deal in Los Angeles. Frank was asked to put together a short speech and presentation to the sales group and provide pointers on how to make great sales calls and seal deals. By the end of the day, Frank had been given a promotion to regional sales director! All this made the sales persons efforts worth while, and that night Frank went out to purchase the new automobile. Yes, there was a lot of work still to do for the salesman of digital projector bulbs and digital projector lamps, but the next goal will be even more exciting, and Frank couldnt wait to get started.

Online Photo Storage

Online photo storage was just the answer for the young college woman whose laptop computer was absolutely and totally jam packed with photos! The young lady was addicted to her digital camera and took at least fifty pictures each day and every day. Students started ducking in behind dumpsters, benches, and cars and even grabbed a member of the opposite sex and pretended to be kissing with backs to her so she wouldn't take another picture! The problem was not only that she was annoying everyone with her incessant shutter bugging, but she hardly knew anyone she ever snapped. She didn't have any way to label the pictures because she had no personal connection to any of the subjects, the woman just like to take pictures and keep them in the laptop, which was now so jammed with indiscriminate photos of strangers that there was not even enough storage left to file a mildly large thesis.

But the pictures were so important to this young woman that they came before the thesis and now it was a big problem. But thank goodness, someone told her about online photo storing and then a roommate that was sick of looking into a camera lens told the student about portable digital photo storage. The girl's life was about to change drastically, but not for the students at the university, unfortunately. There are always some down sides to technological advances, aren't there? "And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall on the name of the Lord shall be saved." (Acts 2:21)If a person is in the circumstances of the young woman, needing photo storage but cannot afford flash drives or a bigger hard drive, online photo storing may be just the thing, and even more so because some of the services are free! That's right folks, step right up to the wonderful world on free online photo storage.

There are several free services out there, so just hunt for them and they will develop pictures from a traditional film camera and then store them online for you, or they will store digitized photos, both for free. These websites make money by allowing a person to order high resolution prints from the pictures your camera takes for a fair price. When viewing personal pictures online, the resolution will be of a medium quality, but prints will be high quality and on a choice of high gloss or other finishes.The online photo storing services offer some intriguing options for photos that the services turn into pictures that will sit in a fireplace mantel. For example, a person can have decorative designs around the edge of the photo. Black and white edging might be a choice, or add a seasonal border for that special time of the year. Even special effects like torn edging, or making the photos into particular shapes.

But there is another option the young woman has before her, and that is the possibility of portable digital photo storage. The devices allow a person to actually download photos from an over crammed computer hard drive and onto a device that can be carried from place to place allowing viewing of the pictures at any time. That means not having to carry around a heavy laptop from location to location. The fathers of the 1950's carried around a portable stand up screen and either an eight millimeter projector or the handy dandy slide projector. The good thing about those big objects was that you could see what the dad had in hand ahead of time and could run and play deathly sick to avoid two hours of sheer torture!

The portable digital photo storage units can also be called media players because they can also store videos as well as pictures. Some of these units can have one hundred megabyte storage capacity, enough to store tens of thousands of pictures. There is the possibility that we are now talking our student's language. Some of these units can add pictures on the fly with the ability to insert a compact flash or memory card. Some will play mp3 files and some allow the user to put together a slide show with background music or watch the show on a television. These portable digital storage units range in price from about one hundred and fifty dollars to five hundred dollars for the well known brand names.

Now the free online photo storage services do have downsides. They can often go out of business without warning, they can surround stored photos with all kinds of ads, there may be pressure to buy prints and visitors often have to register. There are a number of sites that, for about forty dollars or so a year, will store photos without the threats, named above, to occur. In addition, the pay for storage sites will often give your photos full screen attention and place them in themed galleries with specific borders for that theme.

There are always new ways to spend one's money, and both the online photo storing services and the portable digital photo storage units may be terrific options for some people, like our totally photographically addicted young lady. The woman had no money, so the choice was obvious: the free online photo storage service was her cupcake. It didn't bother the young woman at all that ads for hamburgers and mp3 players floated around the total strangers of her collection. But what was truly bizarre was that the woman abandoned the thesis, dropped out of school, and hiked across country taking more pictures of people not known. Three years later the book of the photos would win a Pulitzer! Go figure.

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