Discount Digital Camcorders

The young father knew the discount digital camcorders he had seen on a trip to the big box shop was exactly what was needed as the man held the first child and daughter into the man's tiny family. Mom was beaming and the nurse stood by soaking in the moment, because no matter how many times the medical staff participated in this type of family togetherness the feeling never got to be pass. The father was a rather studious person and wanted to read some hdd camcorder reviews online before making a decision, but it was clear that the budget was tight. So while business might have to be done at the less expensive digital camcorders section of the store, the man also vowed to have done all the homework necessary for a wise purchase. Soon the moment of bliss ended when the baby started screaming to be fed, so the father bade the little brood goodbye and headed for the big box store at the mall.

The man first stopped by the local library and began looking at hdd camcorder reviews online. The father had decided that a decision to combine a love of computers and a real interest in film making and editing would be a great fit. So this became the man's line of reasoning in choosing the type of camcorder for which the young father was looking. In the past, video recorders had used the big VHS format tapes that would fit in VCRs and consequently quality was poor and editing could be a nightmare for the average hobbyist at home. With the advent of the digital age, images a camera picked up would no longer be stored on film, which could be flawed in many ways, but could now be stored as binary numbers in the camera's memory, with none of the extraneous disadvantages that film processing could often bring. And with the digital age came ways to make the picture on television and in cameras even sharper and more life-like and presto, high definition was born. Discount digital camcorders could record these digital pictures on small disks that could be played on DVD players or directly onto computer monitors.

However, there were still some drawbacks regarding the ease of editing these images in this format using disks. So enter the hdd camcorder which stands for hard drive digital video recorder. Just as information can be stored on a hard drive of a computer, these video capturers save pictures to an internal hard drive in the camcorder and can easily be transferred as a file to the computer where editing becomes almost a breeze. With the right editing software, meek and mild day workers can become movie moguls by night, with the ability to produce fully completed films that can be shown to friends, families, and even downloaded to the social networking websites for everyone to ridicule. "Bless the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God, thou art very great; thou are clothed with honour and majesty." (Psalm 104:1)

There were a few things of concern to the young father as exploration for the right hdd camera began. Earlier hdd camcorder reviews had told the man that most camcorders did not perform in low light environments, and unless the filming device had circuitry to combat this flaw, many inside film segments could be very disappointing. This became an issue immediately because the baby would be spending most of her time indoors in the first year, a time that could not be missed in terms of poor camera performance. Already the goal of getting one of the discount digital camcorders seemed to be fading. Additionally, research said to the young father that the number of CCD chips in the camera was critical. Often, cheaper video recorders had only a single CCD chip, leading to a much poorer picture quality, while the three CCD chip devices had much crisper picture with more color definition, but were, of course, more expensive. The goal of getting one of the discount digital camcorders the husband had wished for had just sprouted wings.

Finally, the father learned that the bigger the LCD viewfinder and playback screen, the more opportunities there are to capture all the details the operator wants to get in the final film version, so the die was cast. The camera could not be one of the discount digital camcorders that were originally in the picture, pardon the pun. So the only option was one of the best HD video recorders he could afford with the capabilities the man desired. The goal was to purchase a device for under one thousand dollars, putting to rest the earlier desire for a camera under five hundred dollars. But nothing was too much for the father's first child.

The husband and father of a new baby looked hard at the to find one of the hdd camcorder reviews he had seen earlier, but knew that time was growing short: soon the baby would be asleep for three or four house and the father was itching to get some film time in. He finally made the decision to buy a fourteen hundred professional grade hdd camcorder that had many of the features that were so important to him. Most important was the low light circuitry so more filming could take place indoors. When a story is told like this, the natural inclination is to throw in some words of wisdom. This writer wishes to tell the young father that it is far more important to make memories than to record them.

Best HD Camcorder

The hunt for the best HD camcorder was on in earnest by the owner of a large auto dealership in Florida. The man had a weekly Saturday morning drive by show where thirty new and used vehicles were displayed in an almost continual parade on a local television station at seven thirty in the morning. If it was a good show, the dealership could have a swamp full of potential customers roaming the four acres of cars and trucks. But the show was produced by the same television station that ran the program and production costs were eating into the monthly profit to the tune of four thousand dollars. For the owner, that was four thousand dollars that could be going in a college fund for his four children, all in high school and set to graduate the next four years in a row. Local cable promised the same time slot for three hundred dollars a week if the owner would produce the show in house. The guy built his business on taking risks and challenges, and producing the dealership's own show meant the first priority was to find one of the best professional high definition camcorders the budget would allow.

No one can be an expert in everything and this guy was a prime example of that truth. The owner didn't know a tripod from a tricycle and a camcorder from a tape recorder. But the weekend show was a very simple format. Set up a camera on a tripod, show the car rumbling up to the host who would tell a little bit about the car and then mark the car down dramatically on air. People eating their French toast would sit on the edge of their chairs at home to see what the real bargains would be for that week.

The dealer thought that it couldn't be too hard to find a deal on the best camcorder. But then the hot shot cyclist thought a jaunt over the Snake River Canyon would be a breeze also. Of course, the owner's first idea was to find the cheapest and best HD camcorder, but frankly, those two words, cheapest and best don't go together when a person is talking about high end electronics. But let the man go ahead and try to jump the canyon. The worst that can happen is everyone on the show will be the same color as the giant on the front of the can of peas.

The dealer began on a Monday morning talking to his buddy at the TV station that the man was about to leave for a cable station. He asked him some questions about video equipment and about where to buy the best HD camcorders. The friend stopped the dealer in mid sentence with a palm up signal and said that there were only two words the dealer needed to remember: broadcast quality. End of lesson, class is over and leave my office. Buying the best HD camcorder at one of the big box stores would be a horrible decision and would be regretted. So why doesn't the friend tell the dealer how he really feels? But our dealer still drove over to the big box store for a lesson in reality.

The dealer found out that the best HD camcorder available from Electronic Heaven was not what the man needed. The car dealer asked the young man in the red shirt if the best camcorder sold under the store's roof was broadcast quality. The young man asked what that meant. I smell trouble. Armed with a number of questions given by his TV station friend, the dealer unloaded. "How many frames a second can it record, what are its aspect ratios, can the display modes be selected manually, does it have shot transition and lag and image burn elimination, does the camera have zebra, gain, white balance and full shutter control, and does it have focus assist?" Remember that our hero doesn't have a clue what these mean, but those things plus a whole lot more adds up to making broadcast quality professional high definition camcorders.

By the time the dealer was finished, the young man had the shoulder shrug down pretty well. If a salesperson didn't know what those things were, then a trip back to the dealer's friend where the station employee would help the dealer pick one of the right professional high definition camcorders was in order. The friend helped the dealer pick out a very fine camera that would cost the dealer about two months of television production time with the local television station or about nine thousand dollars. To seal the deal, the auto dealer offered the friend a job on Saturday mornings producing the show, starting with giving lessons on how to run the camera. The friend needed the money and the dealer needed all the help available.

The bottom line of all this is that if a person needs the best HD camcorder for filming the Little League game, the big box stores have the perfect product. A person can easily get such a camera for under a thousand dollars, even less for one of the mini models. Picking out one of the many professional high definition camcorders that shoots video that forty thousand people will see on a Saturday morning is a whole different kettle of fish because cameras are not the same, even if they have the same name. This writer has often imagined that standing in the grocery line is a whole lot different than standing in front of Almighty God will be some day because standing is not always the same as standing. "For whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved." (Romans 10:10)

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